Top Books in 2023 in India

A Literary Journey Unveiled
Top Books in 2023 in India

Top Books in 2023 in India

A Literary Journey Unveiled

In the ever-evolving world of literature, 2023 promises to be a year brimming with compelling stories that capture the imagination and intellect of readers.

Topping the list of anticipated releases and bestsellers are these remarkable works by talented authors, each offering a unique perspective on life, society, and the human experience. Below is the list of the top books in 2023 in India:

Breaking Barriers: The Story of a Dalit Chief Secretary

Author: Kaki Madhava Rao

"Breaking Barriers" by former IAS officer Kaki Madhava Rao addresses a knowledge gap about micro policies and governance while delving into the dynamics of the civil service on the ground. This insightful book sheds light on the challenges faced by a Dalit Chief Secretary, offering a unique perspective on bureaucracy and governance.

The Bandit Queens by Parini Shroff: A Celebration of Female Friendship

Author: Parini Shroff

With intelligence, wit, and magical irreverence, Parini Shroff portrays the intricacies of female friendship in "The Bandit Queens." This heartfelt and surprising narrative is filled with hilarious moments, offering readers a refreshing take on the complexities of relationships.

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Top Books in 2023 in World

Ratan Tata: A Life by Dr. Thomas Mathew: An Authorized Biography

Author: Dr. Thomas Mathew

For the first time, readers gain access to the authorised biography of one of the most influential businessmen in the world, Ratan Tata. Dr. Thomas Mathew's comprehensive biography provides insights into the life and legacy of Ratan Tata, offering a glimpse into the man behind the business titan.

Medical Maladies: Stories of Disease and Cure from Indian Languages

An Anthology of Short Stories

This groundbreaking anthology features 19 remarkable short stories from Indian languages, translated into English. "Medical Maladies" explores the diverse medical cultures in India, tackling themes such as personal and societal crises during epidemics, medical pluralism, patient care, medical paternalism, disease-mongering, medicalisation, and medical ethics.

Meru: The Alloy Era by S.B. Divya: An Epic Space Opera

Hugo and Nebula Award Finalist

S.B. Divya, a Hugo and Nebula Award finalist, presents "Meru: The Alloy Era," an epic space opera that explores themes of aspiration, compassion, and atonement. The narrative follows a woman and her pilot as they embark on a journey that has the potential to alter the course of their species.

Victory City by Salman Rushdie: A Fantastical Narrative

Author: Salman Rushdie

In "Victory City," Salman Rushdie weaves a fantastical tale narrated through a recently rediscovered epic poem written in Sanskrit. The story details the history of Bisnaga, a city founded with magical abilities. This fantasy promises a rich exploration of magic, history, and the founding of a mystical city.

History’s Angel by Anjum Hasan: A Darkly Humorous Tale

Author: Anjum Hasan

Anjum Hasan skillfully explores the life of Muslims in India and the consequences of remembering one's history under a system that seeks to forget it in "History’s Angel." This darkly humorous, astutely observed, and emotionally charged novel promises to offer a compelling perspective on the force of collective memory.

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Homeless: Growing Up Lesbian and Dyslexic in India

Author: Vaishali

"Homeless" is a poignant narrative that follows Vaishali, a young woman who confronts her challenges related to dyslexia and her realisation of being a lesbian at the age of 20.

The book provides insights into Vaishali's journey, exploring her truths and those shared by numerous young Indians navigating identity, love, and acceptance.

Assassin by K.R. Meera: A Quest for Justice

Release Date: July 2023

K.R. Meera, a renowned author, is set to mesmerise readers with her upcoming novel, "Assassin." This highly anticipated book revolves around Satyapriya, a woman on a quest for justice, identity, and equity in contemporary India.

The narrative, set to be published in July 2023, promises a thought-provoking exploration of the protagonist's journey through her troubled past and the complexities of present-day India.

The Nemesis by Manoranjan Byapari: A Saga of Trials

Sequel to The Runaway Boy

Following the success of "The Runaway Boy," Manoranjan Byapari presents the eagerly awaited sequel, "The Nemesis."

Translated from Bengali by V Ramaswamy, this continuation of the Chandal Jibon trilogy delves into Jibon's life, marked by trials and tribulations stemming from extreme poverty in the early 1970s. Byapari's vivid storytelling promises to keep readers captivated as Jibon navigates the challenges forced upon him.

As literary enthusiasts eagerly await the release of these captivating books, these top books in 2023 promise to be a year where readers can immerse themselves in a diverse range of narratives, exploring the complexities of human existence through the lens of these talented authors.

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