Founder of Unique Hub and next-gen woman entrepreneur Deepshikha shares her journey to become a fashion tycoon

Deepshikha Varyani - CEO & Founder at Deepshikha’s Unique Hub
Deepshikha Varyani - CEO & Founder at Deepshikha’s Unique Hub

Deepshikha Varyani - CEO & Founder at Deepshikha’s Unique Hub


The company’s mission is to provide the best products to global customers, lead the industry, enhance the quality of its products, and display top exhibitions worldwide. To make a difference through our branding to stay ahead of fashion trends, market changes, and the latest technology.


In order to achieve total customer satisfaction, we empower innovation and design to become a global leader in fashion-knit and fashion outerwear.

The company strives to be a caring and responsible corporate citizen to our business partners, customers, and employees.

How was your journey so far before establishing your business?

I worked as a teacher in an Apple global school since I got married, then I gave birth to a beautiful girl in 2009 and stopped teaching. My clothing business started from my home in 2011 with just Rs.5000.

After two years, I got a positive response, so I decided to reach out to customers and I established myself in Ahmedabad haat, a government-approved location.

I began my journey and continued to do government shows like the Handloom House, silk mela, and khadi bazaar, and after four years, I learned about private shows. After that, I developed my business and now people know Deepshikha’s unique hub as the premier designer studio.

Being considered as the most iconic personality in the apparel industry, how do you feel?

Well, no words can actually explain the feeling.! All I can say is that I am quite overwhelmed and feel gratitude that people have really loved my collections, be it in the store or at the exhibitions. I really thank my customers for supporting me and making me the familiar face that I am today.

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Could you tell me about your skills and what you value most in your business?

As a designer, I am self-motivated, hardworking, and creative, and I appreciate the opportunity to work on better designs to meet the expectations of my beautiful elite customers.

How do you spend your day as a Mompreneur?

As a mother and an entrepreneur, I have two superpowers that help me get through my days. A time-slicing strategy and a multitasking strategy. The two go hand in hand. It is indeed difficult for me to manage the day but I make sure that I don’t waste any time sitting idle.

For instance, I utilize my travel time while talking to clients or having a meeting with them over the phone. I keep brainstorming about plan ideas and communicating with my team while doing all of my mommy tasks. I do make a To-Do List in the morning and make sure to complete it before the day ends.

What are some of the challenges you encounter balancing work, and family?

The key to success is balance! Aren’t we all familiar with this phrase? As a strong woman, I handle all challenges with positivity. In the first place, you have to deal with stress. No matter how much stress you’re under, whether it’s at work, at home, or with the family. It’s important to stay calm when making decisions.

The second factor is society. It’s a tough one! Being judged by the orthodox thinking of society really hits hard. I deal with it by concentrating on my work and not paying attention to it. Sometimes I don’t have time for myself. In order to stay motivated and energized, I enrolled myself in Zumba classes.

What are your brand’s short-term and long-term goals?

As a short-term goal, I would like to open two more showrooms so we can reach our customers and meet their needs.

My long-term goal is to become one of the most reputable brands in this industry and to help unemployed and creative individuals.

How do you prioritize and manage your workload in a fast-paced environment?

My health and mental well-being are always my top priorities. Keeping myself focused on business tasks is made easier by exercising daily and eating well.

Identifying goals and arranging them according to importance is the process of prioritizing goals. The step always helps me stay focused and work at my best, which adds to customer satisfaction and makes me more confident about my work style for designs.

Enlighten us on a piece of advice you would like to offer to young entrepreneurs. Kindly share.

The first thing to keep in mind is that nobody is born an entrepreneur. We all learn by making mistakes. In order to keep your business competitive and moving forward, you need to accept constructive criticism and feedback and work diligently. As long as you persist, the rewards will always be worth it.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Deepshikha Varyani - CEO &amp; Founder at Deepshikha’s Unique Hub</p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Deepshikha Varyani - CEO &amp; Founder at Deepshikha’s Unique Hub</p></div>
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