Contribution to the society is not a hard-edged decision for us; it’s a commitment to experience the impact of doing good: Kailash R. Lalpuria, Executive Director & CEO, Indo Count Industries Ltd.

Contribution to the society is not a hard-edged decision for us

Contribution to the society is not a hard-edged decision for us

it’s a commitment to experience the impact of doing good: Kailash R. Lalpuria, Executive Director & CEO, Indo Count Industries Ltd.

Contribution to the society is not a hard-edged decision for us; it's a commitment to experience the impact of doing good: Kailash R. Lalpuria, Executive Director & CEO, Indo Count Industries Ltd.

Amidst Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, in its certain pace, social life and the thrill of dreams, a man is captioning the ship of India's home to country's largest manufacturer and exporter of bed linen textiles manufacturer, Indo Count. He is among those who count on pushing boundaries and springing up with idealistic ways to progress their professional endeavours. And today they are well versed in how to keep their organisations fresh and exciting. As I approached the industry veteran over a telephonic conversation, it was no more than a 'mundane business interview'! His spoken words convey a sparkling aura and a smile which holds the power to enliven the whole conversation with him! Believe me, your mind dresses itself to the nines with inquisitiveness and a mixtape of surprises and astonishment! As it cannot deal with the merger of talking about 'that person' and finally talking to 'the person'. You freeze. Period. In his entrepreneurial journey, he has addressed a myriad of challenges – from growing the enterprise to stitching-in innovations and so on. He has tested the waters with his 'in the clouds' move, lurching from one trial-and-error, and earned the expertise and acumen, people and profit, along the way.

He is none other than Mr. Kailash R Lalpuria, Executive Director & CEO at Indo Count Industries Ltd (ICIL). When Mr. Lalpuria boarded Indo Count's Caravan in 2010, during a period when the clouds of recession and innovation were almost drying up. With a smile, he infused his expertise by piping in product innovations, top-notch marketing strategies that outpaced the hurdles. Striking his cost efficient and profit yielding ability, with the available funds, he struck the right note between visionary form & the Industrial functions of Indo Count. Today, Indo Count has grown to 2222-member family, with an innovative product line, robust exports, anchored supply network and a foothold of over 54 countries, altogether as a lucrative textile manufacturer. ICIL today is a significant name not only in the global textile business but also a player to reckon within the domestic textile sector. Words alone cannot describe the acumen of the business leader who is the head creator of milestones at the organization. Let's leaf through Indo Count's landscape via his reflections.

History of the textile frontrunner

1988Mr. Anil Kumar Jain Executive Chairman incorporates Indo Count Industries Ltd.
1991Spinning EOU production commences
1995Rights issue for expansion
2005Land purchase for HT
2006The Home Textile Division is set up, the first in the state of Maharashtra
2007Indo Count acquires Pranavaditya Spinning Mills Ltd. (PSML) increasing its total spindlage to 80,016 spindles and producing 14,000 tons of cotton yarn per year
2011Indo Count expands into the U.S.A. by establishing Indo Count Global Inc. (ICGL) with offices and showroom in New York, and warehousing and EDI operations in Charlotte, NC
2012Production expands to 45 million meters per year
2014Indo Count UK Ltd. is established in Manchester and Indo Count Australia Pty. Ltd. in Melbourne. Both house showrooms, design studios and warehousing
2015The Brownfield expansion increases capacity to 68 million meters per year
20163 brands launched in USA (BOUTIQUE LIVING / PURE / REVIVAL)
2016ICIL launches its brand "Boutique Living" in India
2016ICIL takes the license of prestigious brands like Harlequin/Sanderson/Scion
2017ICIL's expansion to "90 MILLION METERS" per annum
TodayIndo Count is the leading Indian Home Textile manufacturer in the U.S. and European markets

 Spearheading the organization with a futuristic approach

"Our commitment to sustainability evolves as we deliver on the basis of performance with new materials and inherent benefits by nature"

Focused on revamping the bedding textile manufacturing space in India by introducing "customer-centric" product and service innovations, Indo Count has been victorious in pushing the boundaries and delivering superior solutions leveraging the latest technology and unique products.  "We are Poised for Growth" Says Anil Kumar Jain, chairman, ICIL -The Company is ready to embark on the next phase of its successful journey with a vision "To be one of the leading players in the global home textiles industry on the strengths of technology, experience and innovation." With his vision being taken forward under the new generation leadership of Mohit Jain, Vice Chairman, ICIL, the Company has extended its focus on some of the world's finest fashion, institutional, utility bedding, yarns and bed linen sheets & has built a significant presence across the globe. Over the years, the Company has successfully carved a niche for itself and has become a one stop provider of all bedding products.

Revenue Segments

The company draws its revenues mainly from exports to USA and countries within Europe, Australia etc. (overall 54 countries). 90% of revenues come from exports and remaining domestically. The company exports to international clients such as Wal-Mart, JC Penny, Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Macy's, John Lewis, etc., apart from showrooms in the UK, U.S. and Australia. Indo Count set up a 9,200 sq. ft. showroom in New York with a capacity to display 32 beds at a time. In order to reach out to different customers, it has been showcasing its collections at various international exhibitions and trade fairs. Since customers are at the heart of its innovation philosophy, Indo Count has evolved into a total bedding resource focused on delivering "Complete Comfort" by providing continuous innovative bedding solutions. "We feature an elegant touch series, newly introduced brand named "The Cotton Exchange" in the timeless constructions of Percale, Sateen & Twill. We continue to invest in Technology & People, thus enhancing our overall offerings and service level, thereby assuring a continued sustainability," adds Lalpuria.

Sustainability Initiatives

While the company has been quite aggressive in positioning itself in the highly competitive global textile business, it has never shied away from delivering its responsibility towards various environment-related causes and issues. Conservation and optimal utilization of natural resources continues to be the topmost priority for ICIL. The Company's Home Textile facility at Kagal received LEED – Green Building Certification from Green Building Council, USA, the most well-known green building rating system in the world and a globally recognised symbol of sustainable achievement. ICIL adopted various measures viz. state-of-the-art, zero discharge effluent treatment plant (ETP) and a reverse osmosis (RO) plant for recycling waste and water, as well as rain water harvesting and solar power. ICIL also participates in the CITI-CDRA project which aims at providing farmers social upliftment. The other impacts are to improve yield and production of cotton, plant protection and Nutrient Management technologies and equipping the farmers with these technologies for sustaining cotton production and improving the economic status of the farmers who are the weakest link in the cotton value chain.

One of the biggest achievements is ICIL's association with the University of Leeds for structured research and product development. The company is also engaged with companies like Bayer Crop science who plays a major role in shaping agriculture through break-through innovations for the benefit of farmers, consumers and the environment. ICIL under the Carbon Disclosure Project, also declares Carbon Footprint Saving as part of its responsibility towards sustainability.

Indo Count's Commitment to the society: Embracing smiles

The key philosophy that anchors the firm's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives is guided by the belief that "Every Smile Counts". Inspired by the overarching vision of creating elevating experiences for the people it touches and making a significant impact in the environment it works in. Indo Count's commitment towards the community and society can be reflected in its several initiatives.

  • Education

Supporting education through e-learning and providing basic amenities in the rural villages contributes to building a stronger community and a brighter future for everyone

  • e-Learning Initiatives
  • Clean Drinking Water
  • School Bags
  • Health

ICIL works with the Government Primary Health Care Centres to identify specific needs and help find effective solutions.

  • Renovation of Primary Health Centre
  • Health on Wheels
  • Women Empowerment

ICIL promotes the empowerment of women, supporting employable skill development training programs and taking a proactive position on hiring women by opening an employable sewing training facility for women. The Indo Count Foundation is targeting to train more than 700 candidates in the next year.

  • Water & Sanitation

The ICIL Foundation, partners with local town and village Gram Panchayat to develop sanitation programs that address the unique needs of each community.

CEO's Periscope

The Journey

"It's always a moment of pride to look back at the journey, especially when you have nurtured it with your blood & sweat. Since the day I started off, there has been a special place for textile industry in my heart. My association with the leading brand of the industry gave me the exposure and helped me in harnessing change and innovation at every level."

Words that describes him the best

  • Straight forward
  • Task manager
  • Futuristic

Words of Wisdom

  • A strong commitment is a must in every business.
  • You should be passionate about what you are doing or else your efforts are going in the dark.
  • Determination should be omnipresent in you and your efforts, to take over the hurdles in the journey.

Lastly, to deliver the best of you, there must be a confluence of commitment, passion and determination.

Mr Lalpuria is also the Director of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and on committees of TEXPROCIL and FICC.

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