Ginger Healthcare: Revolutionising Medical Assistance For International Patients By Providing Trustworthy Guidance And Care

Ginger Healthcare: Revolutionising Medical Assistance For International Patients By Providing Trustworthy Guidance And Care

Ginger Healthcare: Revolutionising Medical Assistance For International Patients By Providing Trustworthy Guidance And Care

The Indian Medical Value Travel industry was valued at USD 6 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 13 billion by 2026. Ginger Healthcare, a well-known medical assistance company recognised as one of the top 10 MVT companies in India, catering to the needs of thousands of international patients, is contributing to the growth of the Indian Medical Value Travel industry.

Their website,, is a popular platform for individuals seeking affordable and top-quality medical treatment in India. The team of patient advisors at Ginger Healthcare work closely with some of India’s leading private super-speciality hospitals, including Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Hospitals, Medanta- The Medicity, and Max Healthcare, among others, to provide patients with free medical opinion for treatment in India. This ensures that patients are able to make informed decisions regarding their medical treatment. Also, their service assistance team provides guidance and support to patients throughout their stay in India, from their arrival until their departure. Located in New Delhi, India, Ginger Healthcare has been providing exceptional services to its clients since August 2018. With a team of 17 dedicated employees and consultants, the company has served more than 7000 patients from over 50 countries, primarily focusing on the SAARC, MENA, and CIS regions.

Intent, Ethos And More…

Ginger Healthcare aims to provide patients from all over the world with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their healthcare. Their team of experts works tirelessly to help patients find the best hospitals and doctors who can provide high-quality treatment within their budget. Ginger Healthcare envisions becoming the most widely recognised and trusted web-based personalised healthcare advisor across the globe.

At Ginger Healthcare, their team is driven by a set of core values, which include professionalism, empathy, knowledge, honesty, and transparency. They believe in treating every patient with respect and understanding their unique needs and requirements and continuously work towards helping patients in the most effective way possible, with complete transparency and integrity in our actions. With their commitment to these core values, Ginger Healthcare provides the best possible care and support to patients, helping them to achieve optimal health outcomes.

The Dynamic Duo Behind Ginger Healthcare

Abdul Alim Barbhuiya, a business management graduate from Indiana State University USA and a PLUS Fulbright Scholar, and Dr Arif Khan, a pediatric cardiologist with extensive experience working in India’s top super-speciality hospitals such as Apollo Hospital, Naryana, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, and Max Hospitals, launched Ginger Healthcare in August 2018. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the organisation, ensuring that patients receive the highest quality care possible.

For Abdul, the inspiration to enter the healthcare industry came from personal experience when his relative from the USA needed medical treatment in India. They found that it was challenging to choose a hospital and undergo treatment without proper guidance and assistance. This experience led Abdul to realise the need for a reliable organisation that could provide guidance and support to international patients seeking medical treatment in India, leading to the inception of Ginger Healthcare.

Services Offered

Finding reliable guidance and care is essential for international medical travellers who come to India for medical treatment from distant countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Iraq, Uzbekistan, etc. Patients require a trustworthy organisation in India to take care of their well-being during critical medical treatment. However, there are few such organisations available. Ginger Healthcare aims to fill that gap by becoming the most reliable organisation for international medical travellers in India. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free treatment experience for international medical travellers in India, Ginger Healthcare offers a range of valuable services, including:

  • FREE opinions and estimates from India’s finest medical doctors.

  • Issuing FREE VISA Invitation Letters for international patients.

  • Assisting patients with their VISA applications at no additional cost.

  • REE Airport pick-up and drop-off services for international patients.

  • FREE Language Interpreters for Arabic, Bengali, Russian, and Uzbek.

  • FREE Local Guidance and complete support during treatment in India.

Challenges And Opportunities

Effectively communicating with people from different languages and cultural backgrounds has always been a challenge for the team at Ginger Healthcare; however, it also presented an exciting opportunity to make friends across the globe.

The pandemic had a significant impact on the medical tourism industry, as the closure of international flights brought many businesses to a halt. Businesses with diversified models took a big hit, while those working on lean financial models survived and thrived. The pandemic forced businesses to embrace digital technology and B2C marketing strategies. Nevertheless, Ginger Healthcare utilised this time to upgrade their website and complete other pending tasks while also learning the importance of saving for adversity during times of prosperity.

“For us, the pandemic was challenging and rewarding as well”

Dr Arif

Awards & Accolades

The commitment to offering completely free guidance and assistance to patients on behalf of the hospitals has earned Ginger Healthcare several recognitions, including,

  • 10 Best Healthcare Startups in NCR by SiliconIndia Magazine - 2019

  • 10 Most Innovative Healthcare Brands in India- India Ambitious Brands Award, 2021

  • MVT Excellence Award for finest health brands- MVTWatch Forum, 2022

Emerging Horizons

Focused currently on building a team that can deliver seamless care and support to patients, Ginger Healthcare aims to be a major player in India. They also have plans to expand into new markets such as Turkey, UAE, Egypt, Bangkok, and the US. Ginger Healthcare plans to leverage AI technology to enable remote medical access and introduce OPD services in foreign countries.

Words Of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs, Abdul shares,

“The path ahead is challenging, but it becomes smoother as you tread on. Embrace your mistakes, for they will guide you towards wisdom and strength. And above all, perseverance is the key.”

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