Excel Placement Services –where the future remains secured

Excel Placement Services –where the future remains secured

Excel Placement Services –where the future remains secured

With the ever-growing forces of globalization spreading its wings and when the world is witnessing not only the free movement of capital but even of the labor forces, In such times, the concept of Excel Placement Services (EPS) came into existence by Rajeet Singh Bagga and Mahender Singh Bagga with an objective of catering the ever-expanding market for overseas careers. Excel Placement Services marked its presence in the Indian market in 2009 and has not looked back since then. The firm's accreditation and licensing by the Ministry of External Affairs (Government of India) enabled them to position themselves as a reliable professional service provider in the human resource field operating in overseas as well as domestic recruitment processes.

Excel Placement Services came into inception with a long-term vision of becoming a key player in the human resource field especially in the overseas careers domain; a professionally managed organization that intends to play a positive role to identify the most lucrative job openings for the citizens of India. EPS recruits across diversified industries and at all the positions globally. While speed, dependability, reliability, and efficiency are its priorities, however, client satisfaction is its quintessential goal. Excel Placement Services' unique working methodology, its in-depth market knowledge, comprehensive and scientific research techniques meet the unique requirements of every client. The untiring efforts have earned the firm reputation and excellence for its quality services, admirable speed, and professional ethics. The integrity and approach have enabled Excel Placement Services to cater to the industry's appropriate candidates, who are at the helm of rendering the best of present generation services.

The Beginning

Mumbai was a hub for these kinds of services, so, the idea of a placement firm offering recruitment solutions in Hyderabad was not a promising one in the start. However, today Excel Placement Services leaves no stone unturned to offer best professional services in the human resource field, with a committed cause of not only serving its clients but also imparting a sense of humanitarian touch in relation to candidates selected to work in domestic and overseas companies. The firm has complete resources and infrastructure to tap into the talent pool required domestically and globally. With Headquarter in Hyderabad and a full-fledged branch office in Visakhapatnam, Excel Placement Services ensures its pan India presence by maintaining a strong coordinator control to help recruit from even the remotest areas.

What places EPS apart from others?

  • Excessive time goes into making hiring decisions, legal procedures to mobilize candidates from India to the employer country. They want to be able to take grueling task away from the organization for them to focus on talent initiatives.
  • EPS wants to reduce the sourcing time by creating a database of potential candidates using their skill matrix. This way the transition from the old employer to new happens very fast and the work does not get put out on hold.
  • Blue Collar worker gets hired in bulk, and consequently, many challenges stem from a large group of people working together. Therefore, the company takes certain steps during the process, so that the organization that required the workforce does not have to deal with any kind of operational hindrance.
  • HR Partners – The firm's focus is to understand the working of each organization, their work cultureand management, then applying that knowledge while hiring. EPS believes in being flexible and quick in addressing the challenges and not compromising on quality.
  • EPS' services are cost-effective, and efforts remain to provide the best services to both candidates and company, sometimes at the cost of their own profits.
  • The EPS' Account Managers differ from what most companies have, they are true representatives of the clients and have clear instructions to ensure the client's best interests should be their focus, even if that means they drive their teams up the wall to derive the best work.

Solutions Offered

EPS' solutions are very organization-centric and it wants to reach a stage, from where they can offer any solution that pertains to the hiring process.

With the vast industry experience and network, EPS has well positioned itself to meet the all-staffing needs within the shortest period, the principle idea for the firm is fair and clean practices, which reflects in each landmark with its impeccable execution. The firm uses diversified methods like strong internal database/CRM technology/Candidate relationship management system/LinkedIn/Employee referrals/Digital job boards/Social networks/Newspaper advertisement/Job postings/Job portals/Recruitment campaign/Direct recruiting and the coordinators to support its day-to-day pan India recruitment operations.

  • Overseas Placements & Domestic Placements – Short term, One time, Permanent and Contractual Services
  • Payroll Services 


Excel Placement Services' dedicated professional team consists of 50+ members, exuberantly carrying the company's vision forward. Like every other business, Excel Placement Services also faces healthy competition in the market. They overcome the situation by focusing on the deliverables and have a win-win situation with their esteemed clients & candidates, with satisfaction as Excel Placement Services' top priority. 

What does growth means for the firm?

  • The firm understands 'Growth' in terms of how much they are able to contribute to each of their clients, and how efficiently they address the challenges and come up with effective solutions.
  • Place a high number of workers in jobs those are of the right culture, growth, and scope. Therefore, they can work for long with the employer.

The Mind behind Excel Placement Services

Rajeet Singh Bagga

Managing Partner

Rajeet Singh Bagga, a well-known name in the professional world is the Managing Partner of Excel Placement Services (EPS). He is a commerce graduate and holds an International business management diploma froma prestigious University from London (UK). Before joining EPS, he was a proprietor at Chaman Auto Consultants. Due to the rich expertise of Rajeet in managing and handling workforce solutions, today Excel Placement Service is serving workforce needs of more than 300+ prominent government and multinational companies across Gulf, Central Asia and Africa regions.

What lies ahead?

The hiring process is a complex phenomenon and some firms do not have the required infrastructure and expertise to conduct recruitment process, Excel Placement Service comes for the rescue of such firms, their vision is to work with organizations as their extended Human Resources Arm and be the backbone to their hiring decisions. The company plans to continue working with GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries and also with a particular focus on Qatar, Central Asia & South Africa while strengthening not only in Oil & Gas and Marine domain but also in MEP (mechanical, engineering and Plumbing) and the Construction sector.

The company intends to make inroads into white-collar job opportunities, which are in right conformation to India's high percentage of the skilled young population. Excel Placement Services also envisions starting training centers for blue-collar trades in order to be more effective in its deliverance levels and ensuring client satisfaction of the highest standards and also provide assistance to a class of workers who have the zeal to work but do not have the required skill set.

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