Talent Networks: Firm Specialising in Comprehensive & Insightful HR Solutions

Talent Networks: Firm Specialising in Comprehensive & Insightful HR Solutions

Shounak Deshmukh - Founder - Talent Networks

Talent Networks

Firm Specialising in Comprehensive & Insightful HR Solutions

HR consulting is a highly specialised area of knowledge that concentrates on counselling organisations on managing their human resources and using information technology effectively.

One such leading helping hand and a customer-centric, delivery-focused services organisation, Talent Networks has been playing the significant role of a Coach, Expert, Facilitator, Mentor & Trainer, supporting chief executives make the big decisions related to human resource strategy and leadership development.

Incorporated in 2010 by seasoned professionals with extensive global experience across Indian and international corporate houses with deep and varied functional expertise, Talent Networks is relentless in pursuing the goal of providing comprehensive, insightful HR solutions to clients.

“We help businesses harness their “Talent Advantage” through the recruitment and retention of top-tier talent.”– Shounak Deshmukh, Founder

Nestled in Andheri, Mumbai, and Jersey City, USA, and with an emphasis on collaborating with reputed companies, Talent Networks has already built up an impressive clientele across its services and currently has Fortune 100 clients across the industry and sectors around the globe.

Some successful client relationships have been in the Banking and Financial Services space with organisations such as Morgan Stanley, J.P Morgan, Nomura, and MUFG Bank. Outside of BFSI, they have collaborated extensively with clients like AT Kearney, Vodafone, General Mills, Jaguar Land Rover, Bosch, Siemens, etc.

The Brain behind the Brand

Shounak Deshmukh had a solid academic background before beginning his business career. He graduated in commerce, earned a postgraduate MBA from Mumbai University, and then made a law degree.

With some of the biggest and most renowned corporate houses worldwide, he has held various top management leadership positions.

Shounak gained a good foundation in corporate values when he began working for Tata Motors in June 1992. He then spent time at Johnson & Johnson, where he learned the specifics of leading entry-level employees.

Then, a lengthy and fruitful employment period with American Express (at various locations) began. This was a terrific introduction to the banking and finance industries and the associated HR complications.

Finally, Shounak served in various leadership capacities for more than 7 years at J.P. Morgan Chase when they launched their operations in India and built a sizable corporate presence there, serving as a trailblazer for the multi-billion-dollar wall street financial outsourcing business.

In August 2010, Shounak established an independent HR Consulting Firm called Talent Networks as a logical next step.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Talent Networks: Firm Specialising in Comprehensive &amp; Insightful HR Solutions</p></div>
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Talent Networks’ Key Differentiators & Its Offerings

Talent Networks is a specialised HR Consulting company with a people-centric approach to business. In talent acquisition, learning & leadership development, and compensation and reward management, it provides data-driven, smart people solutions.

The leading team of the firm – Shounak Deshmukh, Harish Patil, Iona Gar and other key leaders have worked and led HR functions of large corporates like JPMorgan, American Express, Tata Motors, Johnson & Johnson, and PepsiCo.

Having come to the other side of the table, they understand their clients’ challenges while driving their Human Capital Agenda. They talk the “same language” given their decades of experience with large, global organisations.

Although it is a company run and headed by senior HR experts, it has the drive and enthusiasm of a start-up. Unlike the larger competition, the team has carefully selected clients who share their ideas and values.

Delivering HR solutions is a multi-stakeholder process that involves numerous hand-offs and calls for strong governance, supervision, and collaboration to produce long-lasting results. The main mantra, in this case, is sustainable partnerships.

Success on the Way

With a focus on offering 360-degree solutions and bringing specific value to the clients by continually innovating and delivering on the promise, Talent Networks is a young, dynamic company founded to develop a strong brand with a global presence and reach. It uses two criteria to define success:

At Talent Networks, most client connections are as old as the business. These partnerships have a strong foundation and have survived the ups and downs of the world economy.

The clients have given them different recognitions like “The Best Partner” and “Valued Talent Acquisition Partner” due to their consistent, excellent performance in assisting the clients with their Talent Acquisition and Talent Development goals.

A key component of their long-term success has also been their persistent endeavour to create a diverse group of leaders that are passionate about advancing the business and have extensive expertise.

They have seized fresh opportunities with continuing momentum thanks to a rock-solid, stable leadership team, which has also ensured consistency in providing solutions and services.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Talent Networks: Firm Specialising in Comprehensive &amp; Insightful HR Solutions</p></div>
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Milestones & Accomplishments on the Way

Talent Networks is a group of like-minded human resources experts passionate about entrepreneurship serving clients from various industries. The Talent Networks brand has advanced significantly in the previous 12 years of its professional existence in talent acquisition and other HR services.

  • They started small in 2010 and ran their business out of a small residential premises.

  • In 2014, the group relocated to a new, improved office in Mumbai.

  • The US Legal Entity was incorporated in 2018.

  • They created “vRekruit” in 2022, a digital platform for video interviews, evaluations, and automated chat bots for end-to-end screening.

The Core Values at Talent Networks

The team at Talent Networks has adhered to a set of unwavering values, including:

  • Trustworthy Partnering: They work in a way that their clients, employees, and shareholders have complete faith and trust in them.

  • Entrepreneurship: The company fosters a strong sense of entrepreneurial spirit by empowering its employees to make decisions with complete ownership and in the organisation’s best interests.

  • Innovation with quality: The success of all stakeholders depends on continuous innovation of the goods and services at the best calibre and speed.

  • Learning Mindset: Their mottos are “To be better at it,” “Continuous Learning,” and “Upskilling Their Capabilities.”

  • Teamwork: They value winning as a team, even as they recognise and applaud individual accomplishments.

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The Latest Trends

Organisations’ HR departments will face enormous challenges in the post-pandemic environment. People’s strategies must be highly flexible; reverting to time-tested “Old Ways” is not an option.

The essential differentiation for enterprises will be the more intelligent, more personalised, and adaptive human capital. Now that “Hybrid” technology has been developed; a distributed workforce is a reality.

It will be necessary to rethink effective onboarding, cultural integration, and engagement to create the organisational DNA. Employee wellness has been and will continue to be a significant focus.

Overcoming the Hurdles

The CEO, Shounak Deshmukh, can vividly and painfully recall a situation in which a particular process failure left a significant client with the impression that there had been an ethical breach.

After an initial examination and when the same was brought to their attention, they were completely honest about the error. They informed the client that they would put in extra effort to revive and restore their values-driven approach among their workforce.

They nonetheless lost the client. They persisted in making tireless attempts to reestablish the teams’ values-driven culture. The group established a robust risk management approach to ensure that the firm is operated in the most ethical way possible with legal, open, and transparent operational procedures.

Today, that same client is back collaborating with the company because of the team’s persistent efforts.

Future Outlook

In the fields of HR consulting and talent acquisition, Talent Networks is well-known. The company is entering the HR Technology market with the aid of its joint venture partners. It is prepared to offer its proprietary software, vRekruit, an asynchronous video interview tool.

It will make evaluating candidates quicker, more collaborative, and more uniform. The business plans to expand its footprint across North America, including Canada. The Company’s size is anticipated to triple within the next five years. It will be a powerful force in markets like India, the USA, and others.

Words of Wisdom

“Do not quickly abandon your entrepreneurial dream. Although giving up is simple, sticking with it and collaborating with your team to co-create your vision can make you successful. Nothing is more fulfilling than creating your organisation.”– Shounak Deshmukh

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Talent Networks: Firm Specialising in Comprehensive &amp; Insightful HR Solutions</p></div>
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