Hire Pundit: Crafting Routes to Global Success and Excellence

Vivek Jain - Founder & Managing Partner - Hire Pundit

Vivek Jain - Founder & Managing Partner - Hire Pundit

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In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, each enterprise aspires for growth and success. They desire to build a highly dedicated team committed to advancing the organisation to unprecedented levels of prosperity. However, finding the perfect mix of talents is a challenge that many face. That’s where consultancy firms come in –they are like guiding lights for businesses looking to assemble the right team and accelerate their progress. Among these influential entities is Hire Pundit, an innovative venture established by the accomplished leader, Vivek Jain.

Hire Pundit: Empowering Global Success

Founded in 2016, Hire Pundit operates as a powerhouse with offices in Gurugram (India), Tokyo (Japan), and Sunnyvale (USA), with a dedicated team of 30+ professionals. As the go-to destination for success-driven businesses, their mission is to empower individuals and organisations for unique potential in dynamic, local, and global markets.

Aligned with core values like integrity, respect, discipline, commitment to excellence, mutual growth, and collaboration, Hire Pundit has cultivated a 60+ client base, with these principles as the cornerstone of their success.

As the ‘Partner of Choice’ for dynamic individuals and businesses with international ambitions, Hire Pundit accelerates growth through recruitment and business solutions. Specialising in placing bilingual professionals in IT and Engineering, their strategic, culturally fluent approach ensures optimal client-candidate matches, fuelling sustained business growth.

“We believe, global cultural fluency combined with mindset, knowledge, skills and ways of thinking, becomes the key enabler for businesses to grow in global territories”.

Vivek Jain

With a commitment to global solutions, Hire Pundit’s integrated approach spans market entry strategy, business setup, global operational support, legal compliance, and talent acquisition. Their Tailor-made solutions and flexible methodologies, make them stand out as a rare cross-border service provider with a high success rate.

Pioneering cultural diversity and fluency, Hire Pundit is a forward-looking firm in India. Spearheading efforts in the Indo-Japan Corridor, they establish partnerships, conduct outreach, and cultivate diverse talent pools, fostering cross-border collaborations. Their extensive network enables businesses to grow in chosen markets with inclusive and culturally aware workforce solutions. At the core, Hire Pundit assists dynamic businesses in seamless global talent acquisition. Tailored for scalability, their business solutions enable clients to accelerate growth effortlessly.

Vivek Jain: Founder of Hire Pundit

Growing up in a prominent business family in Punjab profoundly shaped Vivek’s perspective and ambitions. It was his father, Sh. Krishan Kumar Jain, who instilled in him the values of entrepreneurship, integrity, quality, and a client-centric approach. Embarking on his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 18, Vivek founded “Bhanu Steels”, later merging it with his father’s business as he ventured into the IT world. This entrepreneurial mindset paved the way for the establishment of “Source Pundit” and “Hire Pundit.” Embarking on his career post-MBA in June 2003, Vivek initially worked in marketing and development. His journey led to collaborations with US companies, where he successfully sold IT services in North America, securing major Fortune 500 clients. Recognising an untapped market for recruitment services, he co-founded Source Pundit LLC in July 2007. Within a decade, the company expanded to over 130 employees with offices in the USA, India, Japan, Costa Rica, and the UAE, generating a revenue exceeding USD 6.5 million.

In pursuit of helping individuals shape their careers, Vivek founded Hire Pundit in November 2016 in the USA. Responding to growing demand, the company opened offices in India in March 2017 and partnered with Mr. Gaurav Malhotra to commence operations in Japan in May 2019. Currently serving as the Managing Partner for Hire Pundit (India), Vivek Jain also holds the positions of Managing Representative Director (Japan) and Manager (Member) in the USA.

Vivek’s expertise spans global sourcing, on-site/offshore project delivery, technology platforms, service level agreements, and quality standards. With a strong recruitment background covering large IT, EPC, and defence companies globally, he supports clients across various countries. His specialities include competitive analysis, financing, vendor management, international business development, market research, technology sourcing, and recruitment. Looking forward, Vivek plans to explore business opportunities in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, and Singapore.

Navigating Challenges: Hire Pundit’s Path to Success

On the road to success, challenges are unavoidable. It’s widely acknowledged that those who tackle challenges become leaders, seeing them not as problems but as steps toward success. At Hire Pundit, challenges are seen as opportunities for growth, pushing individuals to move forward and get the best out of every experience. Confronting challenges with unwavering determination, Hire Pundit has become adept at making quick and strong decisions. Their approach is a canvas of honesty and transparency, harmonised with mutual collaboration, ensuring minimal disruption to their business tapestry.

“Challenges make you wiser, but with rapid changes, we need to continue to learn and evolve, sharing our learnings with our people and clients, and growing mutually”.

Vivek Jain

Success, for them, is about touching and improving the lives of their employees and candidates, helping them reach their life goals. Their achievements, like being named among the “10 Best Recruitment Startups in 2020” by Silicon India and receiving the title of “Best Global Talent Mobility Service Provider” by APAC Insider, Singapore, show how well they navigate challenges and keep moving toward success.

Hire Pundit’s Tech Evolution: A Future-Forward Identity

In today’s tech-centric world, organisations like Hire Pundit thrive by embracing technological advancements. COVID-19 spurred positive changes, leading them to adopt a cloud environment, unlocking operational efficiencies, and enabling collaborative workflows.

The shift to a Hybrid workforce, despite its challenges, became a positive stride for Hire Pundit. Their expertise in hiring flexibly allowed them to swiftly understand client needs and match them with the right candidates.

Since their inception in 2016, Hire Pundit has undergone significant growth. Rebranding for them wasn’t just a logo change; it marked a transformation reflecting their core values, a “People First” approach, and commitment to clients and employees. This rebranding isn’t just a surface-level change; it delves into the essence of who they are. Ongoing projects across the firm signify a holistic embrace of the brand, influencing client service delivery and employee engagement.

Envisioning the future, Hire Pundit aims to become a dynamic leader in the Global IT sourcing space. Their dedication to client-centricity, agility in adapting to market demands, and a foundation built on cultural fluency position them to deliver superior value. Beyond that, they aspire to play a pivotal role in fostering a diverse and culturally inclusive workforce.

Words of Wisdom

Advising aspiring consultants, Vivek Jain shares, “Honesty and integrity at work stand out as the foundational thread that weaves together authenticity and trust and are the key ingredients for success. In my opinion, true success is not solely measured by external accolades but by the integrity with which you navigate challenges, make decisions, and interact with others. It is a difficult path to follow, but it has the best results in the long run.”

He adds, “I would like to express my gratitude for Hire Pundit being chosen as Consultant of the Year. This recognition is not just a personal achievement but a true testament to the team’s collaborative efforts and the trust our clients place in us. At Hire Pundit, we are inspired to continue pushing boundaries in our field and look forward to contributing to the shared success of our clients and people.”

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