Excel Placement Services

Strengthening Companies Through Innovative Workforce Solutions
Managing Partner- Excel Placement Services

Managing Partner- Excel Placement Services

Excel Placement Services: strengthening companies through innovative workforce solutions

It is said that a company's most valuable asset is its employees. But the ever-changing economic climate and global business scenario have made it difficult for companies to find the required skills. Here, HR consultancies have become an excellent solution. HR companies provide organizations the best workforce and support them to achieve a competitive advantage through their people. Excel Placement Services is a distinguished name in the recruitment industry; it recognizes the specific needs of companies and empowers them by hiring superior talent.  Excel Placement was established by Rajeet Singh Bagga in the year 2009 to cater to the growing market for overseas jobs. It intends to play a comprehensively positive role in identifying the most lucrative job openings for the citizens of India. The management team of Excel Placement is a blend of experience and youth with innovative ideas and extensive working experience in multiple professions.

Excel Placement Services is based on a modern concept, and it is capitalizing on new and expanded opportunities individually and corporately, and transforming its working strategies as per the changes and challenges in the marketplace, and delivering enduring results to clients. Since its inception, Excel Placement Services has always been at the heart of human resource legal and statutory process adherence domain as an unequivocal leader in providing impeccable HUMAN RESOURCE functions to raise industry leaders. The firm has obtained an ISO 9001-2008 certification to assure delivery of the highest standards of service to its clients.

Although the company specializes in the Oil & Gas and Marine sector, it is equally active in delivering the best HR services in other industry verticals like Heavy Engineering, Construction, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Retail. It has been recognized and admired for the past 10 years in the Middle East South African and Central Asian Regions for addressing different types of white-collar and blue-collar recruitments needs. 

Potent Leadership

Rajeet Singh Bagga- Managing Partner

Excel Placement Services is scripting its progress story under the excellent guidance of Rajeet Singh Bagga. He is the Managing Partner of the company. Rajeet is a dynamic professional and holds years of experience in the HR domain. He is a great team builder and consultant, solving the recruitment needs of organizations.

Service Portfolio

Excel Placement offers a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions and covers an entire range of Human resource management. Whether it is Overseas Placements or Domestic Placements for a Short Time or Permanent and Contractual Services, its solutions are custom made to suit the organization's requirements. The firm utilizes diversified techniques such as strong internal data, CRM technology, CRM system, LinkedIn referrals, Job Portals and many more to perform Pan India recruitment operations.

Differentiating Factors

  • What keeps clients coming back perhaps, more than the value of the project delivered, is the experience of working with Excel Placement Services that is wonderful.
  • The moment, the company gets a mandate, profile or open position from a client, it narrows the entire focus to understand the relation between the client, and the specification received pertaining to which headhunting begins.
  • The success of Excel Placement Services is measured by the fast-growing list of satisfied clients on both ends. From candidates seeking suitable job opportunities to Companies in search of manpower, each and everyone's satisfaction is a top priority here.

Team and Area of Expansion

Operating from its office in Hyderabad, the firm houses a robust team of 50+ professionally qualified and trained consultants, who bring rich expertise with them to deliver result-driven performance and continually strive to achieve excellence in services.

The sole intention, vision, and impulsion of the entire rock-solid team under the aegis of Rajeet Singh Bagga have anchored Excel Placement Services presence firmly as India's leading staffing solutions provider with a range of services for its partners across all industry verticals operating from all major countries around the world.

Challenges in the HR industry and their Solutions

Working with modern changes is one of the biggest challenges of HR companies. Present-day, recruitment agencies are tasked not only with managing employee morale, happiness, and cooperation through change but also with constantly upskilling employees to meet the dynamic needs of the business.

Single-step is not enough to resolve it. There is a need for constant effort to communicate frequently and transparently before, during, and after times of change. Provide fair warning of changes to come, and equip staff with the competencies, they'll need to deal with change. By providing training on the hard and soft skills they'll learn to cope with the change, employees will feel more secure and capable, and be more likely to embrace change.


Some major clients of Excel Placement Services comprise Applus Velosi, Goltens, Drydocks World Dubai, Special Technical Services, Gracko Group, Saipem, Lamprell, Al Shirawi Group, Oasis Investments, Megarme, Darwish, Petrofac, N-DSQ, Technomak, Albwardy Marine, Goltens, Sea Works, Hydraforce Group, and Seacorr Industrial Services.

Responsibility towards clients is one of the greatest valves of Excel Placement. The Excel Placement Services Team strives hard to earn the trust of customers. They go in all ways to delight them and bring excellence and integrity in everything they do. That is why clients trust the organization and seek advice and market data for important decisions like compensation structure, ideal cities/locations to set up their operations based on the availability of talent or conduct recruitment drives.

Recent Trends and Tools in the HR Industry

Rajeet says, "An employee's career may last 30 to 40 years. However, taking into account the speed of technological evolution, how can we develop ourselves for what is likely to occur in the coming decades? The resolution is constant learning. We can no longer content ourselves with going to university and basing our future career on what we discover during those years; our career has become a journey of endless learning".

To equip employees with the requisite skills and knowledge, company training and development managers are developing a more flexible and curate learning models that can be used in real-time. Companies' Learning Management Systems (LMS) are being adapted to this revolution by incorporating videos, mobile content, micro-learning, gamification techniques, and game-based learning.

Milestones and Achievements

"We feel proud to inform you that our business has been appreciated, and this has supported us to win awards. The appreciations and awards we received encouraged us, and this encouragement enables to keep the continuous growth going on"- Rajeet proudly stated.

Words of Wisdom

To be successful in the HR industry, companies need to supply the client's specific requirements and provide full contract support from selection to screening to training.  Moreover, raising aspirants should try to be the HR partner of companies and build long-lasting relations.

"We are committed to a culture of excellence and unwaveringly focused on maximum customer satisfaction, and we do everything to ensure that our customers derive maximum benefits from our solutions" –Rajeet Singh Bagga.

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