Latest HR Trends: The Future of the Human Resource Industry

Latest HR Trends

Latest HR Trends

Latest HR Trends: The Future of Human Resource Industry

In the last few years, the scope of human resource has evolved and greatly expanded in how organizations work; how teams are managed, and how employees see their expectations when it comes to work.

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The HR industry has witnessed some of the amazing trends in human resource management. If we look back, everything from the hiring process, people to analytic to software systems has developed.

Instead of just focusing on engaging the employees and giving an upper hand to their satisfaction level. The latest HR trends are more inclined to enlighten the overall HR culture.

Present HR industry has moved far forward than just recruitment, benefits management, professional development and time and attendance.

Here let us have a look at some of the latest HR trends in the industry; that will transform the workforce and the workplace in upcoming years:

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Nearly every industry is using AI to streamline their processes, and HR is not an expectation. One of the latest HR trends is incorporating more AI tools into everyday operations for better workflow and efficiency. For most of the human resource companies, their first implementation of AI-based HRT tools is in talent acquisition.

Companies embracing AI see significant reeducation in time-to-hire, and excellent enhancements in the candidate experience. Other tasks where AI helps include verifying experience and education listed on candidates' resumes, spotting behaviours. That indicate an employee wants to leave the company, managing employee performance, answering employees' HR questions, etc.

Virtual Reality for Corporate Training

Presently, Virtual Reality may not have reached its potential in the consumer market yet; but it is flourishing in corporate training. Many business leaders are offering VR solutions for different kinds of training; like safety training, customer service training, leadership development, and many more.

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Using Virtual Reality technology for soft skills is quite effective in helping develop problem-solving resolution skills among front desk employees. The great chance of using VR is going high in soft skills development. When it comes to skills employers need for the workforce of the future; it is skills like handling conflict, building empathy, and having tough conversations with both co-workers and customers. Virtual Reality provides workers with the golden chance to perform at their best in their moment of need.

Advanced People Analytics

Companies have moved far ahead from the previous back-office data to utilize the best of people analytics. Today reporting through the dashboards has outdated and not used most of the companies. Presently, companies are focused on predictive models.

SAP Success Factors, ADP, Visier, Cornerstone and Oracle are some of the most widely used HR tools; to enhance the possibilities of the HR sector to bring improvement in the overall effectiveness of employees.

Most of these tools are featured with an advanced function such as employee retention predictors. They are even helpful in building strategies such as making job moves to get better performance.

Biometric Time Tracking and Security

Biometric time tracking and security is another example of the latest HR trends. It provides a lot of room for minimizing attendance fraud risk by using biological markers to recognize employees. A lot of companies these days are using facial or iris recognition and fingerprint scanning.

With this technology support, companies could successfully minimize time theft and save their funds to a great extent. Another advantage of biometric is that under it, employees are blocked from doing unwanted fraud actions outside the office hours as system access will be tracked. It works as an additional layer of security that provides the benefit of tracking business property.

Automation of Tasks

There has been a huge uptick in the technology that people in HR use in order to be more effective and efficient in the last few years. The world will continue to see the use of software to automate more and more HR tasks in the upcoming years.

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Generally, HR professionals have to finish a lot of takes and often not enough time or workforce to finish it all. Here, the focus will be on reducing the word load by automating multiple tasks like payroll, recruitment and onboarding, records management, employee evaluations, billable time management, tax documentation, etc.

Besides, under this latest HR trend, the case management system is used to streamline this process. The HR case management software makes it easy for companies to track, manage and solve workplace issues and misconduct easily and bring improvements in operations, spot trends along with managing risk properly.

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Mobile-Friendly Recruitment

This year, tech-savvy job seekers can expect to find jobs on their mobile phones and apply for on the go. Today, most adults have mobile phones and for some, it is the only way to access the internet. That is why; a mobile-friendly website is one of the most essential latest HR trends to follow. If your site is slow, difficult to read or tough to use on mobile, you risk losing out on qualified candidates who abandon the process.

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The mobile-friendly recruitment system makes HR professionals' work easier. In case, you need to travel for work or have a long commute on public transit, you can still communicate with candidates.

Flexible Word spaces

Flexibility at work has been a core in the past year, with flexible workspaces getting in the necessity for an organization.

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Flexible workspace allows people the opportunity to tailor and customer their work environment to make it suitable as per their work preference Flexible workspace does not only help in improving employee productivity but also create loyalty for the organization among employees.

Next year, we will see that the modern office has evolved beyond a physical place to become a function that could be carried out from any part of the world. It will give employers a challenge to reconsider adjustments to their company policies around flexible work options, from providing work-from-home day's t being open to hiring remote workers.

Pre-Employment Assessments

Relying on resumes and cover letters to measure a candidate's knowledge and suitability for a position is becoming a story of the past. Present-day, pre-employment assessment is the latest HR trend that human resource professionals will craft to test an applicant's skills. This assessment mainly includes skills tests, personality tests, and aptitude tests.

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With this innovation, now companies can test candidates before hiring and hire them as per the candidates' ability to get the job done and not words mentioned on their resume.

Sometimes, candidates may lie about the experience or get help writing their resume, but they cannot flub an in-person or timed assessment.

Recruitment Marketing

Hiring the right people in this modern era needs a reflection into which the company is as an employer. Now, HR professionals are thinking in strategic ways about their employer brand. And this is where recruitment marketing comes in the picture.

Recruitment marketing is the same as a traditional marketing process; the only difference is that under it instead of trying to attract customers, you actually attract candidates.

  Even if there is no open position at the organization, companies should communicate what it's like to work there through social media pages and blogs. For instance, share videos of employees talking about their work experience as an employee or behind-the-scenes pictures of employees at work. Here, HR and marketing both departments should work collaboratively and should create a communication strategy to share what it means to work for their company.

Real-Time Performance Feedback

This is a face-paced world, where the traditional performance review cycle has got outdated. Today, there are various advance tools like pulse surveys and real-time feedback channels. Now, managers do not need to schedule time-consuming meetings or evaluate performance only once in a year.

With these latest HR trends, the employee will get regular and consistent feedback. Apart from time-saving, real-time feedback provides plenty of opportunities for managers to have meaningful and forward-looking conversations about personal and professional development with the employee that results in better engagement as well as improved productivity.

Digitized Rewards and Recognition

Reward and recognition is the key that encourages employees to trigger their performance level and these are undoubtedly actual motivators for most of them. However, the latest HR trend has taken this a step forward as rewards and recognition are being digested.

When everyone is exploring the world virtually, digital recognition is helping them excel one step higher and peer to peer recognition for their contribution through social media platforms is improving their performance scale.

Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is one of the latest HR trends that will be effectively monitoring workplace healthy more systematically. These wearable tech possibilities are going to make a huge image of employees working in high-pressure situations.

These devices are properly designed to track some features such as heart rate pupil dilation, body temperature, and similar areas. These points will help management to get a deeper insight into stress and pain points of employees. And, they can easily reframe their strategies as per bringing improvement in their workplace experience.

These are some of the latest HR trends that will possibly evolve in the upcoming years. It is suggested to the companies not to react blindly to any of the emerging trends but to learn, understand and analyze it before applying to your particular business scenario.

As AI and technological advancement are emerging every day and we will expect even more dramatic changes in the HR trends in the near future.

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