PROVA Healthcare: Gaining a foothold within the orthopedic appliances segment with its quality embellished product line

PROVA Healthcare: Gaining a foothold within the orthopedic appliances segment with its quality embellished product line

PROVA Healthcare: Gaining a foothold within the orthopedic appliances segment with its quality embellished product line

We are living up in an era where "innovation", "disruption", are tossed up and utilized to kaput. Yet, there are certain people who stand out as true examples of entrepreneurial intelligence. Indian healthcare spectrum stands voluminous by virtue of advancements in technology. And then there are individuals with transformative ideas and businesses. These dynamic thinkers have laid the foundation of companies that have created a name for themselves in the healthcare industry. Some stepped into the entrepreneurial world in view of their personal experience, whereas some incorporated their company's vision out of a growing demand. Each of these healthcare leaders has infused his or her deftness, experience, insight and expertise to create something valuable devoted to the healthcare industry. Harsh Mehta is one such figure. He is the Founder & Director of PROVA Healthcare, an ISO 9001:2008 certified brand which is creating a niche among the orthopedic appliances segment. PROVA deals with orthopedic soft goods like the cervical collar, lumbar sacro belt, rib-chest belt, abdominal belt, tennis elbow, ankle support, Knee Caps and so on. The brand is avowed for deploying in a lot of effort to design these products keeping in mind the needs of the orthopedic industry. Along with the soft goods, PROVA has a range of hard good like walkers, walking sticks, quadripods, auxiliary clutch and so on. PROVA believes in providing a better life to all concerned and therefore here quality comes unavoidable by-product.

A man of simple words, Harsh is someone who doesn't play the ego card, is easy to reach and believes that 'Review and rework are essential to have success'. We sat with the mentor and learnt more about his unique venture PROVA and its mission to supply quality products at reasonable rates within the biomedical and medical device arena.

Edited Excerpts…

How did your company's journey as a preeminent healthcare organization begin?

Our company's story is just like many other who started a business around that era. Our company was founded by my grandfather Sri Prataprai Mehta around 1965 and our business at that time was primarily office stationery. My father, Sri Nilesh Mehta, used to work with his uncle in the pharmaceutical industry and my uncle, Sri Paresh Mehta wanted to diversify into the supply of medical equipment(s). It's after a lot of deliberation that my father decided to drop his current work and join my uncle as a full-time supplier of medical equipment(s) in the year 1990. Thereafter we start taking part in exhibitions, started visiting hospitals and started making our contacts with which my father used to meet and try selling products that my uncle used to manufacture. That's how we started in this industry, no big dreams, no big promises, just a void of quality supplies that we needed to fill.

PROVA follows on the same path. It's a brand for orthopedic appliances that I started almost 5 years ago. PROVA seeks to supply quality products at reasonable rates.

Despite some advances, Healthcare services & patient ratio is still ailing. What role your organization is playing in healing this situation?

That is actually a very good question, but unfortunately not to the right source. The reason I say this is because a number of beds/doctors/nurses per patient, may it be in a private hospital or a government hospital is always lesser than what is prescribed by different international bodies like the WHO. These numbers can be increased by the various heads of department who have the power and the authority to make the necessary changes. Because to meet the standards new infrastructure will be required to increase the number of beds, cleanliness and lighting need to be improved with the improvement of technologically advanced equipment(s) to attract good doctors. All this can only be done by the top management of the hospitals. We on our part trying to provide the latest and the cheapest. We also realize the space crunch and try to give traditionally heavy equipment(s) in a more mobile manner.

Please throw some light over the product line of PROVA.

As mentioned before, PROVA is orthopedic rehabilitation brand which broadly comes under the home health care of personal health care spectrum. We provide almost everything that is required for an individual to conduct their daily activities with relative ease. Individuals with bone, nerve and or muscular problems are our customers. These problems cannot be fixed over time and until they heal there is significant pain that restricts people in leading a normal life. That's the cue for PROVA. We provide such products that decrease pain and increases mobility.

What sets your company apart under the medical domain? How do you plan to make your mark in the industry?

PROVA is the brand which has modern visions. By this I mean, the ability to see the gain from short-term risk, availability of data to better serve the demand of the market and even better equipped to create more demand. But what I believe sets PROVA really apart are the people associated with the brand, which lends the brand the human touch. It's because of them that PROVA has this unique ability to learn from all possible sources. Learn and adapt wherever possible. The people understand their responsibilities and their job. They work as a team where at times even I am not required. They have the best interest of the brand in their heart.

With such a team we are already making marks in the industry. To further establish our footing, we are constantly observing the dynamics of the market and developing products as the needs keep changing. The best way to leave a mark in the industry is to stay ahead of technology which by the way is easier said than done.

What route map has been laid out for the company's journey ahead? What are the future plans of the organization?

Having worked really hard in setting up a brand which has considerable presence in parts of the country. The next aim for the brand is to set up a proper manufacturing facility that focuses on the quality of products that can be customized. By doing so we hope to have a bigger share in the domestic market.

We want to be aggressive in the market but take our own time for R&D. The ultimate aim for PROVA is to be a global brand and for that we believe, unique marketing approach and best quality shall be the key.

We have short term and long-term goals to achieve which are then broken down into year, quarters and months. Review and rework are essential to have success. That's what we hope to achieve, SUCCESS!

Hopefully next time you guys come to interview us we shall be "The leading brand" in our industry and not just the fastest growing.

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