6SIGMA Healthcare Communications

A Decade of Transformative Leadership in Healthcare Branding and Advertising
Manoj Joshi And Subhash Pundir - Co-Founders & Directors - 6SIGMA Healthcare Communications

Manoj Joshi And Subhash Pundir - Co-Founders & Directors - 6SIGMA Healthcare Communications

Manoj Joshi And Subhash Pundir - Co-Founders & Directors - 6SIGMA Healthcare Communications

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In the vibrant landscape of India’s healthcare sector, progress is synonymous with innovation and growth. 6Sigma Healthcare Communications, a Mumbai-based powerhouse marking a decade of impact in India and the Middle East, emerges as a transformative force in brand building within this dynamic ecosystem.

Recognised as the COMPANY OF THE YEAR in Healthcare Branding and Advertising, 6Sigma’s journey exemplifies an unwavering commitment to pioneering advancements.

Established in 2014, 6Sigma swiftly became a trailblazer in pharmaceutical branding and advertising, offering comprehensive solutions. With a collective experience exceeding 50 years, its founders instilled a vision that resonates with the team’s passion for excellence and dedication to launching brands that make a real difference in patients’ lives.

The company has demonstrated its prowess in providing end-to-end solutions across Rx, OTC, diagnostics, devices, and hospital segments.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Manoj Joshi, Co-Founder &amp; Director </p></div>

Manoj Joshi, Co-Founder & Director

Manoj Joshi, Co-Founder & Director, underscores the company’s commitment to the motto ‘Distinctive Approach-Differential Outcome. “We meticulously tailor solutions, utilising scientific and creative precision, to address each brand’s unique challenges. This approach ensures divergent outcomes, ultimately nurturing sustained brand growth across the brand lifecycle.”

Central to the triumph of 6Sigma are its four vibrant divisions: Evoke 6, a creative powerhouse tackling brand challenges; Phase 6, a Medical Education division orchestrating tailored medico marketing programs; Spectra 6, an Innovative Digital Solutions team; and Conferna 6, dedicated to delivering elevated event experiences. The company caters to diverse healthcare needs with comprehensive campaigns for professionals, patients, pharmacists, salesforces, and paramedics.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Subhash Pundir, Co-Founder &amp; Director</p></div>

Subhash Pundir, Co-Founder & Director

“Subhash Pundir, Co-Founder & Director, expresses the organisation’s deep commitment to well-being. “Our endeavours in brand building echo a profound commitment to society, resonating with our mission to craft compelling narratives that HCPs find absorbing. In essence, our work transcends the realm of brand building; it is a holistic endeavour that seeks to positively impact healthcare and society at large.

Unrivalled Expertise and Soaring Growth Trajectory:

Throughout the last decade, 6Sigma has strengthened its foothold as a pivotal player in healthcare advertising and brand solutions. Collaborating extensively with major pharmaceutical and healthcare MNCs, as well as esteemed Indian companies, the firm has been instrumental in propelling the growth journey of more than 100 plus brands.

Having maintained steady revenue growth for a decade, 6Sigma strategically plans to uphold this momentum for the next five years. The firm’s accredited and certified medical education programs have already benefited over 5 lakh doctors, and there are ambitious plans to triple this impact in the next five years through focused and intensive initiatives.

A Glimpse into the Future:

Team 6Sigma operates with an unwavering commitment to scientific rigour, impeccable ethics, and an unwavering drive for innovation. As the proud recipients of the COMPANY OF THE YEAR award in Healthcare Branding and Advertising, their dedication persists in shaping a healthier tomorrow. Their approach seamlessly blends the domains of science, communication, and creativity to craft pioneering solutions, leaving a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape.

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