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Pioneering Innovative Solutions to Promote a Green and Healthy Environment
Sunil Saboo - Founder & MD, HEC Enviro Pvt. Ltd.

Sunil Saboo - Founder & MD, HEC Enviro Pvt. Ltd.

HEC Enviro India Pvt. Ltd. is a well-known organisation that specialises in providing technology solutions to government and semi-government bodies.

Founded in 2003 by Mr Sunil Saboo, HEC was established with a mission to provide urban infrastructure solutions specifically focused on handling services in the field of sewerage management and solid waste management, as well as related services to Municipal Corporations.

The company offers a range of services, including wastewater management, septage management, stormwater management, solid waste management, earth stability solutions, urban infrastructure, port development, road condition surveys, pipe condition assessments, and more.

Centred around offering green solutions that promote sustainability and minimise environmental impact, emphasising recovery and reuse, and implementing practices that conserve resources and reduce waste, HEC has introduced innovative technology in the field of sanitation.

Under the leadership of Mr Sunil, these innovative solutions are poised to promote a green and healthy environment while also featuring a material recovery facility for reuse.

Mission, Vision & Values

HEC aims to become an integral part of India’s journey towards becoming a smarter, cleaner, and greener country.

Prioritizing safe working conditions for its employees and clients, the company is working towards building a healthy environment and sanitation infrastructure to ensure the health and safety of citizens and provide green solutions that promote long-term sustainability.

Products and Services

HEC Enviro India Pvt. Ltd. offers a range of products and services to various industries, primarily focused on providing solutions for sanitation infrastructure.

One of their flagship products is the Mobile Sludge Dewatering Treatment System, which eliminates manual scavenging of sewage by facilitating mechanised cleaning of septic tanks and underground sewers in accordance with SBM guidelines.

Sunil Saboo, Founder & Managing Director, HEC Enviro Pvt. Ltd.

A first-generation entrepreneur, Mr Sunil Saboo began his journey in the business realm in the urban areas. It was his strong passion and clear vision that led him to the inception of HEC Enviro Pvt Ltd.

The entrepreneurial journey has its ups and downs; despite facing initial obstacles, Mr Sunil persevered. It was his unique personality traits that set him apart from others, contributing to his success in the field.

Starting small, HEC has grown significantly over the years due to his unwavering dedication and ability to seize opportunities with creativity and innovative ideas, leveraging his entrepreneurial abilities to their potential.

HEC Enviro Pvt. Ltd. is now providing customised solutions using green technologies to improve the environment in urban and rural geographic areas.

The company thus is helping government bodies in India in creating world-class technology-driven infrastructure solutions for efficient and effective management of services related to wastewater management, solid waste management, and road infrastructure.

Vision for Future & Aligning With The Government’s Mission Of Swachh Bharat

The launch of the Swachh Bharat Mission by the Government of India gave way to Mr Sunil’s philosophy of creating a better environment. The Swachh Bharat Mission aimed to achieve an open defecation-free country.

One of the major challenges of the mission was faecal sludge management, as only 39% of India’s population had access to underground sewerage networks and treatment facilities, with the rest, 61% relying on septic tanks where the challenges of manual scavenging is still present and it does- lead to environmental and health concerns.

Despite efforts to make the process more scientific and adopt best practices, treatment and disposal of septage remains a daunting task creating an environment and health concern.

Aware of the challenges that came with the launch of the Swachh Bharat Mission, Mr Sunil was on a constant lookout for an appropriate solution that addresses environmental and health concerns.

Through extensive research and experimentation, he developed a “Mobile Sludge Dewatering and Treatment Solution”, which has been in use for many years.

The solution adheres to European guidelines, which recommend releasing some of the rejected water back into the septic tank to maintain bacterial activity.

The solution proved to be effective in addressing the challenges of faecal sludge management and has been adopted by many urban local bodies in India. Simon Moos Maskinfabrik A/S, Denmark are the technology partners of HEC Enviro India for this solution.

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HEC’s On-Site Sludge Dewatering And Separation In India’s Challenging Urban Environment

India is facing a growing scarcity of resources, especially when it comes to water. To address the water value chain, specific solutions are required for each link, from wastewater to clean water.

However, when operating in major Indian cities, such as Mumbai, water treatment solutions alone are not enough. Heavy traffic, difficult transport conditions, hazardous working conditions, and restricted access areas create further complications.

HEC Enviro was approached with a requirement to supply dewatering vehicles capable of reaching septic tanks to be emptied without entering small and narrow streets while keeping the units as small as possible and mounting them on short-wheelbase vehicles.

With their unique knowledge of difficulties in Mumbai city, HEC Enviro acted as a strategic partner to bring this solution to market, Already multiple units have been delivered and are in use, with more in progress on the factory floor.

The success story of Indian entrepreneurship combined with Danish innovation has just begun.

Decades of European market know-how and the HEC together have led to the development of a cost-efficient, reliable, and immediate solution for on-site sludge dewatering and separation of solid and water components.

This unique technology creates a safer work environment for operators by reducing heavy lifting and exposure to hazardous materials through built-in automation.

The local bodies, as well as service providers, benefit from less transport time in heavy traffic and increased workforce efficiency due to reduced time required for the transport of treated sludge.

Additionally, this technology greatly reduces the amount of material transported to local wastewater treatment plants, resulting in significant cost savings and a smaller ecological footprint than any existing solutions on the market.

The benefits of this technology are particularly relevant for many semi-urban and rural areas that rely on septic tanks for domestic sewage disposal, as well as in areas with limited sewerage infrastructure.

Mobile sludge dewatering units are a crucial step towards ensuring health, hygiene, and environmental sustainability until sewerage infrastructure is developed.

Even in remote rural areas, conventional septage removal units can transport waste to central processing facilities equipped with stationary sludge dewatering and processing equipment.

Milestones Along The Journey

HEC has been a pioneer in providing innovative solutions in the field of sanitation and urban infrastructure in India.

Since its inception in 2003, the company has constantly strived to bring the latest technological advancements from across the world and adapt them to meet the unique challenges of Indian cities.

Over the years, HEC has successfully implemented several game-changing solutions, making a significant impact in the areas of sewer cleaning, sludge management, anti-flood services, and more and significant ones are detailed below.

  • Introduced the concept of sighted nozzles, which drastically changed the process of sewer cleaning and enabled them to assess the condition of the sewer line wirelessly.

  • Introduced inflatable pipe plugs used for testing pipe, blocking and bypassing flow to avoid human intervention in the sewer network, and are the sole distributor of the same.

  • Providing Anti flood services across Mumbai for the last 15+ years.

  • Introduced concept and supply of on-site sludge dewatering vehicles, which will drastically save the sludge transportation time and cost.

A Holistic Perspective: Mr Sunil’s Definition Of Success

Mr Sunil’s philosophy for success, “Along with the skills and knowledge two things are required is Strong network and Long term relationship that will lead you to success”, along with “Shradhha and Saburi”, helped him build a strong foundation for his business. According to him, there is no problem which can not be resolved.

Mr Sunil believes that building a strong network and long-term relationships are key components of achieving success in business. He also attributes his success to the principles of “Shradhha and Saburi,” or faith and patience, and believes that with these qualities, any problem can be resolved.

His philosophy has helped him establish a strong foundation for his business and has enabled him to overcome challenges and seize opportunities through his entrepreneurial spirit.

Building A Greener Future

As an entrepreneur, Mr Sunil, too, has the aim to create value for others. He is a leader who values continuous learning and growth. He understands the importance of utilising his managerial skills to prove his own capabilities and create value for others.

Despite facing challenges in marketing his ideas, Mr Sunil remains flexible and positive, always willing to try new approaches and encourage innovation. He motivates students to think creatively and outside the box, inspiring them to pursue novel solutions that can benefit society.

Mr Sunil’s plans for the future of HEC Enviro involve constant improvement in the areas of urban solutions. With a desire to make cities and places greener, Mr Sunil plans to expand his scientific solutions and make a lasting impact.

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Building A Greener Future

Words Of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs, Mr Sunil says,

“Entrepreneurship is a limitless journey, and one can achieve great success by staying true to their ethics and values. It is important to make decisions that not only bring individual success but also enable learning and growth. You should always keep in mind that the sky’s the limit, and you should continue to strive towards your goals with perseverance and dedication.”

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