Universal Biotechnology: taking care of your personal as well as environment’s health

Universal Biotechnology

Universal Biotechnology

Taking care of your personal as well as environment’s health

Universal Biotechnology: taking care of your personal as well as environment's health


When we think about biotechnology's history, many forms of human-derived agriculture fit to the broad definition of 'utilizing the bio-technological system to make products. Cultivating plants may be viewed as the earliest Biotechnological Enterprise.

During the Neolithic revolution, Agriculture became the dominant mode of food production. The initial Biotech processes included fermentation of beer along with the other kind of food production activities.

The advent of modern-form of Biotechnology is generally observed in the early 70s when experiments in gene splicing met early success. Universal Biotechnology a Bio-Tech trading company established by an energetic group of people with 15+ years of satisfactory service to the Bio-World.

The management at Universal Biotechnology has a deep understanding of the sector needs, and the firm strives hard to provide to its customers, products, and services of highest Standards possible.

The firm specializes in the Pan India supply of laboratory consumables. It is truly an Indian biotech/ Lifescience based company. The core ideology of the firm is to enable easy access supply of laboratory reagents and equipment. The firm's products remain environmentally friendly even after the degradation of its raw material.

Our editorial team spoke to Deepak Negi, Founder & Director to know more about his and the firm's journey. Here are the edited excerpts.

What problem does your company solve and how are you different from others in the field?

We offer a broad spectrum of products with numerous dimensions. Universal Biotechnology is a Pan India supplier of lab equipment, and reagents supplier focused on Safety and high throughput out equipment / Molecular Biology Products, Lab accessories, and Plasticware.

The firm endeavours to provide its customers with the best quality Products from National and International renowned manufacturers in the area of Biotechnology, Molecular biology, Cell-biology, Immunology, Genomics, and Proteomics.

We integrated the best systems in sourcing, testing, warehousing, and logistics. Our eco-friendly products associated with our supplier 'GeneDireX' remains helpful for human sensitivities (non-carcinogenic) products.

Cost effective quality products. Some other factors that make us stand apart are Meeting client's requirements, Services support as and when required, Maintaining reliable relationship, Continuous modifications and developments, Team of talented and energetic technocrats.

What are the challenges that your company currently faces?

One of the most important challenges that we are facing is the de-acceleration in the growth area. From the last two years, the growth of biotech research industries has slowed down in term of fund management, and the share of Biotech is the smallest in industries.

Who are your clients?

Our client's list contains many prestigious clients such as CSIR, ICAR, ICMR, DBT / DST Funded Research laboratory, University of Delhi, AIIMS, IGIB, NII, NIPGR, ICGEB, JNU, NIMR, different Pharmaceutical Companies, Diagnostic labs etc.

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How do you make sure everybody stays motivated and how do you support the corporate culture?

For the holistic growth of the firm, it is necessary the staff remains motivated with a positive temperament and is also the main essence to run any organization. So, I think positivity in mind and work helps my team, and myself remain motivated to support corporate culture.

What are the milestones you have hitherto achieved?

Our team of dedicated and highly motivated professionals has taken the company to great heights. To ensure our company's credibility and achieve customer's faith, we strove hard to score very well since the inception point of the company.

Currently, we are looking to expand our working area, which is likely to cover the southern part of India. Plans are underway to start lab services to make it available to each and every customer. Our dynamic team of R&D specialists is zealously working on new product development.

What is the road ahead?

We plan to extend our company's growth as a manufacturing laboratory reagent. To ensure the growth we collaborated with some of the most reputed research laboratories along with their patented technologies.

The management at our firm is also looking to establish a manufacturing unit and export business opportunities.

Currently, we are focused on expanding our firm's business in varieties of laboratory requirements. I hope we are likely to cover some more states other than Delhi. This can make our company even stronger.

How do you learn in your life and what is your biggest dream?

We along belong to different backgrounds and brought up differently, hence our experiences, and the thought process will be exclusive to every individual. I have learned that if one can think of something, it also means that one can achieve those things too.

They can prepare their selves for their career. We have reached a certain level that we command respect in biotech/ Lifescience market with the company's credibility. Our dream is to make 'Universal Biotechnology' the most popular brand and the company in entire global biotech/life sciences market.

Who are your peers?

I believe my peers are my strong resolve, motivation and my meticulous day to day planning. Our firm's CEO Mr. Manvir Rawat gives me a lot of ideas and experience time to time to achieve my targets.

Tell me about when you failed. How did you overcome?

Failures are good if one takes a lesson to improve. During the initial days of the firm, the products we chose were not high-growth oriented and also not much popular in the market. Later we moved on to those products that were eco-friendly and are of customer's choice.

What was your journey like to get where you are?

My journey in the past ten years has been very tough, hard-working and full of ups and downs. Sometimes, while introspecting sudden realization comes to me that I don't have enough time to spend with my family.

But now I realize that tough times makes a man even more strong. It is like Nietzsche's quote 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.'

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Tell me how you've approached change.

The term "change" is very much essential in life. It is a constant factor. Change in the technological thought, and resources are very much required in personal/professional life so that we can satiate customers' necessities.

What was the most difficult lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

The most difficult thing I would say is 'Patience' that I have learned till now. Patience is very pertinent while running any business or a company. Sometimes you are right in a way you are doing it, but other does not like it. So, you have to stay calm and patient and listen, then fulfil it whether you like it or not.

What advice can you give entrepreneurs who want to venture into the same domain in the future?

I have a few suggestions for those budding leaders. In my opinion customer satisfaction is the key, one should always work with customer-based inquiries. On should try to redress end-user problems and provide your customers with prompt services, which will lead to greater consumer satisfaction.

Dynamic Leadership

Deepak Negi, Founder and Director

A graduate in marketing form Delhi University is the Founder and Director of the Universal Biotechnology. Deepak has significant ten years of experience in the biotechnology arena. He understands the actual requirement of the end user(customer).

He planned the business module of the company considering the company's growth and customer satisfaction.

Currently, as a Business Head, he is responsible for identifying the opportunities, evaluating and aligning it with the company vision, negotiating and closing deals. He is also building Business Development Executives for the company.

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