Bhavya Sharma The Driving Force Behind Excellence in Professional Business Consultancy at Bhavya Sharma & Associates

Bhavya Sharma

Bhavya Sharma

Founder of Bhavya Sharma & Associates (BSA)

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Throughout history, women have demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination in overcoming societal limitations and gender biases, rewriting their destinies. Continuing in the footsteps of their ancestors, women today are breaking barriers across industries, be it technology, finance, healthcare or legal.

Spearheading the domain of Professional Business Consultancy is Bhavya Sharma, the founder of Bhavya Sharma & Associates (BSA). With steadfast determination and a commitment to excellence, Bhavya is a force to reckon with.

Bhavya Sharma & Associates, a firm led by a team of professionals, including Company Secretaries, lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Merchant Bankers, and more, offers expertise in critical areas such as due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, valuations, taxation, and corporate governance.

BSA’s foundation is built on a set of core values, including collective growth, unwavering compliance, integrity in success, client-centric dedication and exceeding expectations.

These values steer their actions and choices, fostering ethical conduct, professionalism, and outstanding outcomes while putting clients, colleagues, and the community’s prosperity at the forefront.

Renowned for handling some of India’s most significant transactions and international deals, the firm has a reputation for pioneering innovative solutions that impact both business and legal landscapes.

An Extensive Suite of Services

Initially specialising in Startup Fundraise Due Diligence and Corporate Restructuring, Bhavya soon recognised the interconnectedness of key business pillars—Secretarial compliance, Legal, Finance, and Intellectual Property.

To fortify their clients’ foundations for success, BSA now offers all four critical services in one place, ushering in an era of unparalleled efficiency. Their comprehensive suite of services providing essential solutions includes.

  • Ensuring Ongoing Compliance to mitigate regulatory risks.

  • Crafting Robust Legal Documentation to prevent data breaches and disputes.

  • Safeguarding Intellectual Property Rights, preserving uniqueness.

  • Achieving 100% Due Diligence Success, ensuring thorough assessments.

  • Conducting a 360-degree Compliance Check to prevent financial mismanagement.

The Mind Behind Bhavya Sharma & Associates

As one of the youngest Fellow Company Secretaries, Bhavya Sharma boasts impressive qualifications in M.COM, LLB, and GST law. Her passion for corporate legal intricacies began during her undergraduate years when she concurrently pursued the CS course, excelling in its foundation examination in 2014.

Her internship exposed her to the vast world of corporate compliance, leading to her membership in 2016. Bhavya later joined RSM International as an Assistant Manager in the Legal and Secretarial department but felt a growing desire for deeper engagement with her work. Her belief in meticulous adherence to Standard Operating Procedures clashed with the conventional 9-to-5 job structure.

Driven by a commitment to single-task focus, Bhavya made the bold decision to leave her job and founded Bhavya Sharma & Associates (BSA) in 2016, a prominent business consultancy firm in New Delhi. This pivotal move led to her successful solo Startup Fundraise Due Diligence assignment, competing against industry giants like the Big 4.

Months of relentless effort resulted in a positive Due Diligence report, securing funding for the investee company after a rigorous four-and-a-half-month journey. From this turning point, BSA continued to achieve numerous successes, driven by Bhavya’s unwavering dedication and determination, with their sights set on a future full of possibilities.

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Their commitment to delivering services that transcend the ordinary is what distinguishes BSA in the legal sphere. They excel in corporate secretarial, finance, legal, and IP compliance by offering customised solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs. This personalised approach is the cornerstone of their service.

Instead of merely reacting, the team at BSA anticipates legal challenges and offers proactive counsel. They empower clients with knowledge and strategic insights, enabling informed decisions that drive business growth.

In startup fundraise due diligence, their 100% success rate underscores their rigorous standards and attention to detail. They view legal services as a growth catalyst, not a bureaucratic obstacle. At BSA, clients aren’t just represented; they’re partnered with a commitment to exceeding expectations and fostering progress.

“True success transcends conventional notions and specialisation.” - Bhavya Sharma.

"Success is more about holistic problem-solving, demanding relentless effort, from extensive research to continuous learning and knowledge updates. This approach ensures client satisfaction, fortifying their confidence in our services. In the past decade, we have successfully served over a hundred clients in critical matters like capital restructuring, mergers, de-mergers, acquisitions, and due diligence.”

Bhavya Sharma

Recalling a significant project BSA is currently overseeing, Bhavya shares, “We are handling a fundraise due diligence effort for a newly onboarded client. The company’s founders initially saw legal and financial compliance, although necessary but burdensome. However, their perspective changed after a recommendation from an early-stage investor who was impressed by our track record.

Despite the company’s young age of just three years, we have uncovered over 100 areas requiring attention and correction in the due diligence process.

Our primary focus now is meticulously updating and correcting records to achieve full compliance and secure necessary funding from investors. We are committed not just to resolving immediate compliance issues but establishing a strong foundation for long-term client success and growth.”

Bhavya has been featured in prestigious publications like ‘Dravya,’ contributed to leading newspapers on prevalent legal issues and also ventured into the realm of audio podcasts to reach a broader audience. She has also been awarded the ‘Star Alumni Award’ from SPM College, Delhi University, a recognition of her dedication and passion towards her work.

Surpassing Initial Hurdles and Economical Shifts

In the initial days of BSA, Bhavya and her team encountered numerous challenges, including navigating intricate legal and financial complexities in each assignment. This required meticulous research, adaptability to changing regulations, and a shift towards holistic problem-solving while maintaining specialised expertise.

Building a cohesive team also presented challenges, necessitating alignment with their vision, training, open communication, and empowerment for all members.

In overcoming obstacles, adaptability and collaboration were vital. They learned that challenges offered opportunities for improvement, reinforcing the importance of continuous learning, adaptability, and a client-centric approach.

Notably, the demand for unrealistic delivery timelines from clients posed a significant challenge, but their determination and resourcefulness transformed it into distinctive expertise. They streamlined processes to efficiently handle high-pressure situations, now consistently exceeding client expectations under tight timeframes.

In response to economic fluctuations, BSA displayed adaptability, resilience, and proactive client support. They diversified their services to meet evolving client needs, streamlined processes, adopted technology for cost-efficiency, and provided guidance on the legal implications of economic changes.

Continuous professional development kept their team updated on relevant legal strategies, while technology enabled seamless client communication in remote work setups. They also introduced flexible engagement models to accommodate clients’ financial constraints.

This comprehensive approach, addressing both immediate needs and long-term resilience, has solidified their reputation as trusted legal professionals committed to client well-being and delivering results regardless of constraints.

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Tech Advancements Revolutionising the Legal Domain

Recent technological advancements in the legal sector have transformed Company Secretaries’ operations and services. Data analytics and artificial intelligence now provide quick insights from vast datasets, offering data-driven recommendations for improved legal decision-making.

Access to legal provisions has been simplified with easy online navigation on the MCA website, eliminating the need for extensive reading of printed Bare Acts.

This accelerates the delivery of precise and comprehensive data. Secure online communication and document sharing enable seamless collaboration with clients, transcending geographical constraints and strengthening client relationships. Stringent cybersecurity measures ensure the protection of confidential data, maintaining trust as custodians of sensitive financial information.

From the Founder’s Desk

"As a businesswoman, navigating the legal domain has been a unique challenge. Given the precision required in law, balancing professional commitments and personal life has been particularly tough. Also, being a woman in a position of professional responsibility adds an extra layer of pressure, as my success is closely tied to client outcomes.

Indra Nooyi has been a tremendous source of Inspiration for me. Her remarkable journey and leadership principles, especially the “5 C’s of Leadership” - Competency, Courage, Confidence, Communication, Consistency, and Compassion, have profoundly shaped my approach to business.

Starting my own firm without prior business experience in the legal field was uncharted territory. Yet, I was determined to make a meaningful impact and weathering through every challenge I came across.

In retrospect, I’ve learned that one can navigate even the toughest obstacles with persistence, determination, and a commitment to positive change. This spirit has not only allowed me to endure but to thrive, transforming each victory and challenge into a remarkable journey of growth and achievement.

Drawing from my own experience at BSA, I would advise future entrepreneurs to embrace your unique perspective as a woman in business; it’s a valuable asset that can set you apart. Keep learning as the business landscape evolves, and trust your instincts, for they often hold valuable insights in tough decisions.” - Bhavya Sharma.

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