Exploring the Power of Personalisation for Customer Satisfaction

Exploring the Power of Personalisation for Customer Satisfaction

Exploring the Power of Personalisation for Customer Satisfaction

BrandEquity, in collaboration with WebEngage, presented a highly anticipated event, Leader’s Talk, on the topic “The Power of Personalisation: Strategies For Customer Satisfaction.” The event took place on Thursday, June 22, 2023, from 6:30 PM onwards, at Le Meridien, Gurgaon.

In an era where customer expectations are constantly evolving, businesses must keep pace by tailoring their engagement strategies to individual preferences. Recognising the significance of delivering personalised experiences throughout the customer journey, many industries now consider personalisation as an essential practice with the potential to increase profitability through customer retention. To achieve this, brands are investing in cutting-edge MarTech tools, enabling digital transformation, data analysis, and personalised customer experiences that enhance overall customer satisfaction.

The event brought together a remarkable panel of distinguished industry experts, each with a wealth of experience and expertise in integrating MarTech, customer data, and operational strategies to drive exceptional customer experiences. These esteemed panellists shared their valuable insights and real-world experiences on integrating MarTech, customer data, and operational strategies to consistently deliver exceptional customer experiences. 

The panel discussion focused on key topics such as why customers expect personalisation, the impact of personalised experiences on engagement and retention, the evolution of MarTech, implementation of tools and techniques, challenges in adopting MarTech solutions and setting the right metrics for decoding return on investment (ROI).

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The event commenced with a warm welcome address from Ankur Gattani, VP of Growth & Marketing at WebEngage, and Satrajit Sen, Head of Product & Community at ET BrandEquity. Following that, the panel discussion commenced with the industry leaders sharing their expertise and engaging in an insightful conversation.

Aditi Ghosh, GM of Consumer Marketing at Dr Lal Path Labs, shared her expertise on leveraging personalisation for effective marketing campaigns. Anshul Agarwal, Head of Online Growth at Airtel, shed light on the role of personalisation in driving growth for telecommunications companies. While Gyan Pratap Singh, the Head of Growth at Times Prime, provided valuable insights into implementing personalisation strategies to enhance customer loyalty programs. 

Manasi Kamarkar, Head of Digital Marketing at TCNS Clothing Company, shared her experiences in leveraging MarTech tools for personalised customer experiences in the fashion industry. Manu Kumar, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications at Hero Electric, discussed the role of personalisation in promoting sustainable mobility solutions. Mohan Menon, Senior VP & Head of Marketing & Digital at Max Healthcare, shared valuable insights on using personalisation to enhance patient experiences in the healthcare industry. 

Shrikant Pandey, Publisher of The CEO Magazine, brought a unique perspective to the panel discussion on personalisation strategies highlighting the importance of personalisation as a key driver of success for businesses in today’s competitive landscape. Suryadeep Verma, Chief Marketing Officer at Comviva, discussed the role of MarTech in driving personalised experiences in the mobility solutions industry. Shushil Tripathi, VP - Of Technology at Kellton Tech Solutions, shared his expertise on how essential MarTech solutions are for businesses to streamline their marketing.

Udit Jain, VP - Digital Strategy & Growth at Outlook Publishing, discussed the role of personalisation in digital publishing and media. Ankur Gattani provided insights into MarTech advancements and their impact on customer satisfaction. Adding to that, Satrajit Sen shared his perspectives on the power of personalisation in building strong customer relationships.

The event concluded with a networking session and a cocktail dinner, allowing the panellists to connect and establish valuable professional relationships.

BrandEquity’s Leader’s Talk on “The Power of Personalisation: Strategies For Customer Satisfaction” provided participants with invaluable insights into the potential of personalisation strategies in enhancing customer satisfaction.

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