Corpseed, The One-Stop Solution for all Compliance Needs

Regarded for Credibility, Quality, and Excellence
Corpseed, The One-Stop Solution for all Compliance Needs; Regarded for Credibility, Quality, and Excellence

Corpseed, The One-Stop Solution for all Compliance Needs; Regarded for Credibility, Quality, and Excellence

Vinay Thakur & Vipan Thakur, Directors - Corspeed

One of the trailblazers in the Indian landscape of pollution, financial and regulatory compliance advisory, Corpseed is a prominent name among professional business consulting firms in Delhi NCR known for its best practices in the industry.


The firm has been at the forefront of delivering excellence and maximum value to businesses through best practices that incorporate the highest levels of professionalism, honesty, and client relationships combined with an ability to think beyond the box.

Corpseed, a renowned advisory firm, came into existence in 2018 to provide clients value-added services thanks to its worldwide approach to service delivery. The firm’s foundation was laid by Vipan Thakur and Vinay Thakur, and since then, it has quickly established a sizable competitive presence in the nation.

Working on its mission to acquire at least 5% of fortune 500 companies outsourced management consulting shares in India by 2025 and positioning itself as one of the best and biggest management advisory firms in India, Corpseed has reached a domestic client base of over 2000 companies.

L&T, MMTC, TVS, HP Corporation, Delhi Airport Authority, Capgemini, BP Corporation, CUBE Highways, FABER, BBQ, Radio Design India Pvt Ltd, NTPC, Dent Care, and others are a few of Corpseed’s more notable clients.

Its ability to differentiate itself stems from the quick performance-based, industry-specific, and technologically enabled business advising services provided by some of the best and brightest people in the nation.

The firm is home to a young team of highly qualified and skilled professionals working alongside the Industry Veterans who bring dynamic expertise in diverse areas; it makes Corpseed stand out from all its competitors. Its solution-based approach also makes the firm unique in the segment. As of today, Corpseed is leading this segment of the industry.

The Beginning of the Story and the Journey so Far

Talking about the inception story of Corpseed, the visionary stated, – “The Idea to step into the advisory industry came while working on my first startup ‘, Precult’, which is an e-marketplace for all medical devices and equipment. Compliance has plagued me since the beginning of my commercial career in 2015, as it does for many other Indian businesspeople. We developed the concept of “Corpseed” to simplify compliance and encourage ease of doing business.”

The story that was begun with a small team of 3 people working in a co-working space in Delhi today has reached a team of 150+ employees working in a state-of-the-art 10,000 sq ft office in NOIDA in just a span of 5 years that to a period of 2.5 years as COVID pandemic clearly defines the success of the firm.

Corpseed’s Comprehensive Service Portfolio

India, the third-largest startup pool, has an extremely low startup success index—below 10%—and the failure of 90 percent of startups is mainly due to poor compliance management and a lack of risk management. Corpseed aims to lower this percentage by offering affordable support to entrepreneurs during the preliminary stages of their startup journey.

It is a solution-based strategy that offers advice and counselling around Indian Regulatory Compliance to its partners under a single umbrella; it’s not only a service that provides value to the customer. Corpseed serves as a one-stop shop for all compliance needs necessary to operate or launch a business in India.

Construction permits, electrical & electronic product manufacturing setup, pharmaceutical product manufacturing setup, solar panels/ semi-conductors/ chemicals/ metals/ rubber/ automobiles/ plastic/ batteries & wood product manufacturing plant setups, heavy machinery manufacturing plant setup, oil & gas extraction setup, food manufacturing & food processing units set up, and leather & textile manufacturing plant setups are all included in Corpseed’s service portfolio.

Overcoming the Hiccups on the Way

At Corpseed, challenges are taken as opportunities, and the team constantly works on such opportunities. As they say, the entrepreneurial journey is full of challenges and opportunities; the Corpseed team faced the same challenges as team building, technology building, financials, operations, etc., but the hard work and dedication of the Corpseed team made a mark.

They have a solid group of highly skilled people, have developed the best AI-based compliance model, and are a profitable organisation with the best net promoter score (NPS) of above 90%.

Achievements on the Way

The story of Corpseed began in 2017 with a small team; ever since, they have not looked back and have continued to write their success story as each year goes by. The crew had grown by 35 by the time they launched new services for waste management and pollution compliance.

The team continued growing and adding more services and specialists every year until Covid-19 in 2020. Corpseed has grown significantly in just five years and now has a workforce of more than 150 specialists.

Corpseed’s Core Values

The fundamental values of the firm that remained constant are-:



Company Culture

Stakeholders Delightness

The Industry’s Future Trends

The Government of India’s introduction of different Production Linked Incentive programmes has prompted major firms worldwide to establish factories in India. About 28 industries, ranging from textile to aviation, have PLI programmes to assist and promote the Make in India concept.

These schemes offer a wealth of chances for a consultancy firm to assist in establishing a manufacturing facility here in India. A trustworthy strategic partner like Corpseed can oversee everything, from purchasing the land to promoting the goods.

Painting the Canvas of Corpseed’s Future

The Corpseed expert team strives to make it easier for stakeholders to conduct business in India. Their long-term goal is to combine AI technology with a compliance and risk management system to make it simpler and more accurate for a company to maintain compliance.

They are confident that this strategy will enable India to move up into the top 30 nations in the ease of doing business index.

Corpseed aims to develop an artificial intelligence-based compliance model that will allow business owners and entrepreneurs to comprehend, determine the essential compliance requirements, and organise their operations accordingly. They are creating their platform to integrate with SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and other systems.

Corpseed aims to build an artificial intelligence-based compliance model for entrepreneurs and businesses to understand and calculate the necessary compliance required to plan their business activities accordingly.

They are designing their platform so that it will get integrated with SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, etc., to provide compliance solutions and manage compliance in one dashboard. They are now working on a beta version of the CRM (Compliance and Risk Management) models they created internally and are continually refining based on client feedback.

Words of Wisdom

Vinay Thakur advised aspiring and young business owners, saying, “Always keep a compliance check if you want to be in the 10% list of successful companies in India.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Corpseed, The One-Stop Solution for all Compliance Needs; Regarded for Credibility, Quality, and Excellence</p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Corpseed, The One-Stop Solution for all Compliance Needs; Regarded for Credibility, Quality, and Excellence</p></div>
<div class="paragraphs"><p>Corpseed, The One-Stop Solution for all Compliance Needs; Regarded for Credibility, Quality, and Excellence</p></div>
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