Maple PC & Peripherals Pvt Ltd: Elevating The Progress of Businesses with Its Advanced and Innovative Solution

Maple Pc & Peripherals Pvt. Ltd
Maple PC & Peripherals Pvt Ltd: Elevating The Progress of Businesses with Its Advanced and Innovative Solution
Vivek Tulsyan

As we progress towards a more tech-driven mechanism, India is gradually getting coordinated with the world's leading countries within the IT domain. Indian IT component is flourishing and is spearheading to be a bigger part of the modernized future. To give their hand in the current technology shift, countless firms emerged and sailed their business voyage on the dynamic and unforeseen waves but there are some brands that have succeeded to surf smoothly and have been transforming the dynamics of the Indian businesses over the years of their operations. One such gem Maple PC & Peripherals Pvt. Ltd. has positioned itself as a leading IT service and Solution Company specialized in delivering excellence for the successful implementation & maintenance of large enterprise-wide networks & Solutions to meet specific business needs of its clients.

Maple's humble beginning dates back in 1998, where the organization laid its initial step as a supplier of computer hardware, peripherals, and auto parts. They started their journey with IT hardware sales and went to its distribution in parts of Eastern India. Only to realize that creativity and solution design is where one's technical competency is commercially appreciated, and since the year 2006, they have been actively into System Integration. Headquartered in Jamshedpur, with footprints across Jharkhand, Orissa & parts of West Bengal, Maple is committed to delivering competitive IT Solutions and Services, in line with the client's business goals in today's dynamic technology vertical. During its 22 year journey, Maple has channelized its expertise across different solutions. Its service-oriented approach and presence in the remote areas give lots of comfort to its customers.


The IT infrastructure domain of the mineral-rich states of Orissa and Jharkhand was very scarcely catered by the biggies of solution partners. The hilly terrain, scarce power supply and the concerns on law and order called for frequent cable cuts and network outages. Maple came up with Radio Frequency/Wireless solutions for the Metal Industries, Mines and Power plants which were very remotely situated. They also designed solar backups for them to ensure better uptime. Now the company is providing Audio, Video & Data connectivity to these customers of RF, along with Surveillance, Command & Control Room solutions, Safe City/ City Surveillance Solutions, and other digital form of physical security solutions like Access Control & perimeter solutions.


While talking about how his team assist the client, Vijay Kumar shared, "It is tough to believe now but when we had just begun providing solutions to the customers, it was an "era" where stable audio communication was still a challenge in those remote areas, we had customers ascending some hilltops only to make a phone call to us to get support; such emergency calls emphasized the importance of service at the same time the customer's need/desire for our solutions."

"From such emergency calls, we graduated to emails and then to remote helpdesk support, and now we launched our "Maple Support Desk" app which gives 24X7 supports to all our customers with real-time updates on their call status," he further added.


Way back in 2009, the MD of Maple, Vijay Kumar Tulsyan had started a drive called "Reach Beyond" -which was essentially an effort to move closer to the actual customer site. He said, "Getting a printer cartridge to them is still a challenge and we are trying to serve them with the uninterrupted network, let us move closer to them only to ensure more utilization of our solutions". He believes that relationships are foundations for business. He also strongly opines that a good reference is the best way to acquire new customers. In addition, Maple's participation in various exhibitions and tech shows has also proven to be beneficial.


"Earlier when we used to approach a customer, we used to pitch solutions that we had either envisaged or had implemented in a similar situation. The concept of PoC was non-existential. But, now it's more of the customers approaching us with use case-based solutions, which demands PoCs to be carried out. It's more fun, as the shift is more from sales point to collaboration point," stated Vivek Tulsyan.

"I feel that in the coming days the genuine approach and complete involvement of the solution provider, all through the solution design and equipment/solution life cycle management will only be a win-win scenario for all the stakeholders," he further added.


Brainstorming nurtures creativity and creativity gives way to improved efficiency. In this competitive and dynamic global scenario, it's only imperative for any organization to ensure the up-gradation of its human resource. And what's the use of such an upgrade if they are not put to thinking!


2019 brought some good new customer accounts with a growth of 37% in revenue. The worldwide slowdown has impacted the firm in a way that the market has become very price-conscious and thus inviting regional players too. The efforts of Maple in the IoT space seem to be finding a base and they look forward to even better times ahead.


· Maple is an ISO 9001, ISO 14489 (for safety in-service) and CRISIL rated organization. It has been rated as a STAR 4 organization on safety performance standards by Tata Steel.

· In the year 2017, the company was awarded with the Best System Integrator East India by Milestone Systems - The Open Platform VMS.

· In 2018, it was honored by the Chief Minister of Jharkhand as Leading IT partners of the state.

· For the last 3 years, Maple has been awarded as the best solution partner by OEMs like ACTi & HIKVISION.


Vijay Kumar Tulsyan- MD Vijay Kumar Tulsyan is the man behind the brand, Maple. He is an industry veteran with years of expertise in Manufacturing & IT industry. A businessman by choice; driven by a single-minded focus to succeed, he belongs to an elite league of business leaders who have accomplished what many others would just be left dreaming about.

Vivek Tulsyan- CEO

Vivek Tulsyan is a renowned name in the Indian IT and hardware segment. He is a serial entrepreneur and is spearheading Maple's growth successfully. With his decades of experience, he brings his vast knowledge and wisdom of the market to the company with him.

"When I come to think of our Maple's journey from a 4 Member team to this day, a sense of gratitude surmounts to think of all the stakeholders - the customers, the OEM people, and the most important our own family members - The Team and the most important our own family members - The Team MAPLE! We have had members of the Maple Family who have walked with us all through the journey and are continuing to make their family even bigger and better. We hope and pray that we continue to live and make our dreams come true,"

Vivek Tulsyan wrapped up.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email:

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