Self boss, opportunist, passionate go-getter, an entrepreneur is often described with these adjectives, the meaning of an entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, bears all the profits and losses.  Today, there are entrepreneurs in every industry and mostly with a business idea that are traditional businesses but online. Just like any other business, there are products or services involved but what makes puts a business on the entrepreneurial map is innovation and passion to build something that does not exist in the market or is in high-demand focusing on the problems it solves.

Even though India has been having a lot of small businesses especially in the cottage industry like handicrafts, entrepreneurship has become a trend in the past couple of year. Entrepreneurship or उद्यमिता (udyamita) i.e. its meaning in Hindi has contributed to the Indian economy.

There are many Indian entrepreneurs including women entrepreneurs who have been shaping the future of the country by offering high-quality products and machinery to serving to society with there unique services.

Well, if you are also on a path to becoming an entrepreneur or researching for the same, here are quotes by some famous entrepreneurs to get you all to boost up:

"It is extremely important to build something that a 100 people love using rather than make something that a 1000 people would just, kind of, like." Ritesh Agarwal, OYO Rooms

You can not Get into the Business for the fashion of it. – Azim Premji

Never hire someone to do initial sales you must acquire your first 100 customers yourself – Shashank ( Practo )

"The fundamental model of our business is that in mature markets we should make profits and they shouldn't need any more outside money to grow." Deepinder Goyal, Zomato

Ideas are no one's monopoly Think big, think fast, think ahead – Dhirubhai Ambani

None can destroy iron, but its rust can! Likewise, none can destroy a person, but its mindset can – Ratan Tata

Love your job, but never fall in love with your company because you never know when the company stops loving you – Narayana Murthy


An entrepreneur is someone who has not only one side of the business taken care of, but everything and his answerability also extend beyond just the role of a professional, he is also a leader, a manager and someone with other roles to play as well. SO, when it comes to the qualities, he has been someone with the qualities like a good listener, someone with an open mind to accept others ideas, a visionary to turn some simple into something innovative, and finally a disciplinarian to keep everything client's transaction on point.


Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, One of the pioneers in the list of female entrepreneurs from India, Kiran is the founder of Biocon Limited, a biopharmaceutical firm founded in 1978. The firm itself had its share of being first at many things including getting approval from the USFDA, Today it has entered in US biosimilars market and is getting the attention of investors and Kiran, the self-made Indian entrepreneur has put big fortune to build deep R&D- Based biotech firm.

Vandana Luthra, A beauty or self-care brand every Indian woman has heard of, VLCC was a creation of Vandana Luthra, the renowned Indian businesswoman, philanthropy and chairperson of the beauty & Wellness sector skill council (B&WSSC) was also one of the female entrepreneurs of 20th century who made it big. Since its establishment in 1989 as a beauty and slimming service centre to the addition over the years in services like hair build, full-body laser, grooming and Dermat services, Vandana worked vigorously and in April 2013, she awarded with Padma Shree award by Indian President Pranab Mukherjee.

Falguni Nayar: A perfect example of dreams coming true is Falguni's story. She is also responsible for catering to the various fashion needs of men, women and children in the country with her trending venture, Nykaa.  Falgiuni started her journey as an Indian entrepreneur after working 20 years as an investment banker with Kotak Mahindra, she left the job to pursue her dream and in 2012, she stared company Nykaa. Today, her company offers more than 850 brands and has introduced 35 physical stores and she has received various awards.

Ritu Kumar: From learning art history to becoming a famous fashion designer, Ritu is another celebrated women entrepreneur from India. Having started her fashion career in Kolkata making bridal wear and evening clothes, the visionary after decades of her career in the industry entered an international market. Since then, she has been operating her business in several different forging cities France and New York.

Such Mukherjee: The founder & CEO of Limeroad also started her online clothing and lifestyle accessories marketplace in 2012 and after years of her contribution, today, her company is known as Indian's most stylish online shopping website for men and women. The economics graduate went to economic school in London, to pursue a master's finance degree. If we talk about his achievement, she received many awards like Coolest Start-up of the year (from Business Today), Infocom woman of the year- Digital Business, and Unicorn Start-up Award (NDTV).


The best answer would be exploring the niches you would want to work in, assess your skills and resources if you have the time, and skills to start a business or not and in that specific industry or not, study the market and competition and get started with the basic resources,m build a network through social media and online mediums and get started.


Well, there is no other source of motivation than the stories of the real people, their journey from their perspective, struggles and rewards they received along the way. Apart from reading and watching the interviews of Top entrepreneurs in your industry, you can also read the best entrepreneur books and best entrepreneur movies

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