Thumb rule for entrepreneurs: Good health equals good business

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Thumb rule for entrepreneurs: Good health equals good business
Thumb rule for entrepreneurs: Good health equals good business

Thumb rule for entrepreneurs: Good health equals good business

Imagine you have an important business presentation, but you were unable to get a good sleep the previous night. You have been so much caught up that you have been out of routine for meals and other chores. All of this will surely take a toll on your meeting and presentation.


For a productive tomorrow, we have to plan our ‘today`s’ well and start prioritizing our physical and mental health. Moreover, for entrepreneurs, each day comes with new challenges, client meetings, business pitches, collaboration proposals, etc. As clichéd as it may sound, good health and clean conscious lies at the core of any good business.

Entrepreneurs today want to scale to success so fast that their wellbeing takes a backseat. But this, in the long run, comes back and hampers the growth achieved so far. He who treats the body well – eats right, sleeps well, and keeps trying new physical activities, is rewarded with better energy, greater focus, and heightened discipline.

Power of a good workout

There’s nothing that can beat the power you get when you start your day with a good workout session. This is also important for maintaining mental health as entrepreneurs deal with enormous pressure related to scaling, profits, BD, employee attrition, etc. Apart from the physical advantages, indulging in physical activities also teaches us to face adverse situations head-on.

The more muscles you want, the more weight you take to challenge your body. Similar is the case with businesses where one needs to see their setbacks as stepping stones because resistance will eventually lead to better overall growth and professional achievement. So, even when you hit red in the business, you are psychologically equipped to tackle the situation effectively.

An uninterrupted rejuvenating sleep

Since childhood, we have been told about this, but it is indeed the best mantra for a healthy body. While we sleep, our body rejuvenates and heals from the stress that drained us the previous day and prepares for an energetic tomorrow. A good 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep is the most powerful asset to make you churn out the best out of your day at the office.

In fact, some of us need more sleep time to feel energetic at work. If you, too, are one of those who need at least 8 hours of sleep, do that and plan your day accordingly. After all we are all different, and so will be our bodily requirements.

Quality time with employees

Though many offices do such bonding activities, these remain mostly restricted to HR and employees. Instead, this should involve the founders too and allow them to interact with the employees through recreational activities. Office trips work best in such cases.

Set boundaries and take some ‘me time.’

This is the full and final seal to your wellbeing. No matter how well you try to incorporate the above lifestyle changes, nothing will help you reap benefits if you do not set boundaries and keep exerting yourself beyond repair. If you plan your day well in advance, abide by it. Don’t take up last-minute assignments that can be catered to the next day. Learn to prioritize.

And once you get into the groove of planning and prioritizing, you also need to take out some time for yourself. Get back to your hobbies or anything that makes you feel relaxed and at peace. This will refresh your body and de-clutter your mind, and help you tackle your professional challenges efficiently.

Just by incorporating a few healthy choices, we can add significant value to our role as an entrepreneur. These choices will help us function at optimum capacity – mentally and physically, and increase our productivity. Many successful entrepreneurs across the world swear by their meditation practices.

And for this, you don’t require long hours or technical skills. One may do it even for 5 minutes in the morning, and it will help them clear their thoughts. According to a recent study, one can start feeling the advantages only in a week’s time through meditation.

Thumb rule for entrepreneurs: Good health equals good business
If health is lost, everything is lost
Thumb rule for entrepreneurs: Good health equals good business
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Thumb rule for entrepreneurs: Good health equals good business
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