Popular Techniques in Business Analysis

Popular Techniques in Business Analysis
Popular Techniques in Business Analysis

Popular Techniques in Business Analysis

A business analyst is a person who helps a company improve its processes and information systems. Through analysis, he or she can identify areas of improvement that can be applied to enhance the operations of the company.

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Business Analysis techniques

A good business analysis technique can help a company reach its goals and plans for the future.

1. SWOT Analysis

S.W.O.T. is a type of analysis that focuses on identifying weaknesses, threats, and possible problems within a company.

A company's strength can be classified as its ability to overcome various challenges. Some of these include its management team, customer support, and reputation.

A weak company has several characteristics, such as a bad reputation, low morale, and lazy employees.

2. MOST Analysis

The goal of an analyst is to find the most crucial factors that can affect a company's operations.

The goal of an analysis is to provide a deeper understanding of a company's operations.

3. PESTLE Analysis

Performance Evaluation Techniques is a type of analysis that focuses on the external factors that influence a company's performance.

4. System Analysis

System analysis is a type of analysis that involves gathering information about a company's various systems.

The goal of system analysis is to identify the various systems that a company uses and make them work efficiently.

5. Business Model Analysis

The objective of a business analyst is to formulate a strategy and plan the company's operations efficiently.

The business model analysis helps the analyst thoroughly understand a company's operations and strategies. It also helps her identify the company's value-adding techniques.

6. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a process that involves various ideas and solutions to address a company's complex problems.

Although brainstorming is commonly executed by one person, many business analysts prefer using specialists' groups instead.

7. Mind Mapping

The analyst can then map out the various factors that influence a company's operations through mind maps.

The analyst's goal is to find ways to improve a company's operations through deep-dive analysis.

The concept of mind mapping allows the analyst to visualize the various plans and thoughts related to a company's operations. This process helps the analyst understand the company's goals and strategies.

8. Process Design

The process design is a vital step in a company's lifecycle, as it helps the analyst identify the organization's predictable and problematic processes.

The process design process can also be used to identify and fix other company processes. It can also be utilized as a future state indicator.

Popular Techniques in Business Analysis
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Popular Techniques in Business Analysis
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Popular Techniques in Business Analysis
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