Addressing the unmet Pharma Industry’s needs through excellence since 1982

The journey of Synokem Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Addressing the unmet Pharma Industry’s needs through excellence since 1982: The journey of Synokem Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Addressing the unmet Pharma Industry’s needs through excellence since 1982: The journey of Synokem Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Abhinav Arora - MD

Addressing the unmet Pharma Industry's needs through excellence since 1982: The journey of Synokem Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry has symbolically positioned itself as the next biggest in matter of quantity and the thirteen largest regarding values on the global landscape as going by the reports of Equity Master.

The Industry has mapped a long way from being a prime importer in the 1950s to a manufacturing house of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) today, expected to touch$55 billion digits by 2020.

The crucial ingredients steering and fueling the growth of Indian Pharma industry, the Indian Pharmaceutical companies are burgeoning and the credit goes to increased government spending on health, and the growing health awareness among people.

Among the domain, with its commitment of improving health issues around the world, Synokem Pharmaceuticals has flung its wings as one of the largest pharmaceutical companies established in the year 1982, and evolving into a large business conglomerate as a Manufacturer, Marketer, Exporter and fulfilling institutional needs.

Perpetually dedicated to research, development and launching innovative medicines, Synokem has clocked a tremendous growth over its stretch of 36 years as an ISO – 9001: 2008 certified organization.

Under the pilotage of Chairman Mr. J.M.Arora and Managing Director Mr. Abhinav Arora, Synokem's Pharmaceuticals' sui generis organizational structure set-up underscores Synokem's unwavering commitment focused in line with clients' salient priorities such as QUALITY PRODUCTS, ON-TIME DELIVERY, INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS and UNMATCHED SERVICE.


Ingredients of Synokem's success in Pharmacy Sector

"We believe that healthcare is not a privilege but a right of every citizen. Thus, we are taking giant steps in making good quality products."

The Brains spearheading Synokem's Legacy

Mr. J M Arora


Mr. J M Arora is a veteran in the pharmaceutical field with over 50 years of diverse and rich experience of working in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Words alone will not suffice to elucidate the Founder- Chairman of the Synokem, who is a great businessman and above all, a noble human being and the company is a culmination of his years of grit, perseverance, and hard work.

His ability to foresee things helps the company in taking excellent decisions for the future.

Mr. Abhinav Arora

Managing Director

Mr. Abhinav Arora is young and energetic, having dynamic business acumen with a vision, steering the company to new heights of success. Since he took the reins of the company, the company is progressing very well and this year the company is clocking the turnover of Rs.5 billion.

He has plans to sign long-term MOU, with many top MNC's for expanding future business and is also planning to have joint ventures/collaborations with foreign companies.

What makes Synokem a blue diamond of the 'Pharmaceutical Industry'?

  • Crowning many 'First times' in India launches with its Innovative formulations

  • DCGI APPROVED PRODUCTS and Dedicated Hormonal Block

  • Forecasting Patient Needs, Meeting timeliness, following Manufacturing requirements, analyzing to understand the Market / Marketing Research Analysis and Developing Formulations as per requirement and fulfilling the patient's requirement.

  • Plant-wise dedicated R&D and F&D Departments with In-House packaging Development & Production

  • In-House Testing with a well experienced Qualified and Competent Technical Personnel in Q.A, Q.C & Production

  • Exclusive Tie-up with API Vendors to have uninterrupted Production & Supply

  • Efficient Logistic Department for on-time dispatch & deliveries. Large Storage Capacity to Hold Finished Goods

  • Manufacturing Units strategically located in a well-surrounded atmosphere appropriate for production, inspected & approved under various programs of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

  • The organization endows almost 25-30% of its profits for the research & development and clinical trials of formulations.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Addressing the unmet Pharma Industry’s needs through excellence since 1982: The journey of Synokem Pharmaceuticals Ltd.</p></div>
Elite Digitals: Let us drive you to the top

Nurturing a clear framework of scientific accuracy, sustainable growth while delivering value to its stakeholders, Synokem Pharmaceuticals has kept its roots firmed throughout the turbulent and ever-changing environment in the pharmaceutical industry.

The organization is proud of where it stands today; an organization of many working as one across the world. India's leading institutions including AIIMS, ESIC, HLL, BPPI, Defence (DGAFMS), Municipal Corporations, Director of Health Services (DHS) of various states, Safdarjung Hospital and Corporations state wise like MPPHSCL, HMSCL, CGMSCL, RMSCL, KMSCL, TNMSC, WEST BENGAL, PHSC & OMSCL, bank upon Synokem as one of their key supplier of medicines.

Synokem's quantum leap in scientific and research excellence, blended with technology advancements has been awarded and recognized for its endeavor to manufacture premium quality products and providing them at a very affordable price to the larger section of the community.

Synokem's Team

With a force of over 2000 technically and professionally managed employees including scientists from different disciplines, Synokem nestles an open work culture environment embracing diversity where the employees contribute and realize their potential in discovering, developing and manufacturing the products.

Employee motivation is one of the critical aspects at Synokem. The organization blends the energy, knowledge, and skills of its employees across diverse sections to accomplish organization's goal.

Developing innovations for the future

When the human race came into existence, so did the struggle to overcome diseases.  The development of medical supplies as a scientific method of counteracting diseases has resulted in saving the precious human life from many kinds of diseases.

Being a life-related business, the management at Synokem feels that one of its greatest missions is to develop pharmaceuticals for the future that are truly new and unique and help in improving quality of life of people.

The development of a new drug is the result of creative technology fused with the latest applicable and research based scientific technology. Science is fundamental to the development of new drugs, and in recent years science has undergone dramatic developments.

Synokem has various research support systems available in the area of new pharmaceutical development.



1 Azelnidipine 8 mg/16 mg

2 Azelnidipine 8 mg+ Telmisartan 40 mg/80mg

3 Azilsartan 40 mg/80 mg + Cilnidipine 5 mg/10 mg

4 Azlisartan 40/80 mg + Clinidipine 10 mg+ Chlorthalidone 6.25 mg/12 .5 mg

5 Bilastine 20 mg

6 Dienogest 2 mg + Ethinylestradiol 2 mg + 0.3 mg

7 Estradiol Valerate SR 4 mg/6 mg.

8 Ivabradine 10 mg/15 mg PR Tab

9 Obeticholic Acid 5 mg/10 mg

10 Pregabalin 75 mg PR + Etoricoxib 60 /90/120mg Tab

11 Ulipristal 30 mg

Yielding Many 'Firsts'

Synokem has been crowned being the First Mover in the world in developing and manufacturing

  • Natural Micronized Progesterone Sustained Release

  • Micronized Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) Sustained Release Tablet

  • Itraconazole Sustained Release Tablets

  • Oxaceprol Sustained Release Tablet

  • Norethisterone Acetate Controlled Release Tablet

While continuing to adapt changes and fine-tuning its technology, Synokem's success in creating a truly diverse organization has impacted its ability to introduce new pharmaceutical advancements.

Synokem's corporate office is situated in Delhi and its three ultra-modern manufacturing Units, two are located at Haridwar, Uttrakhand and third at Guwahati Assam.

The Plant is well equipped with sophisticated manufacturing equipment to produce Quality finished formulations in the form of Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Orals, Ointment, Hormonal Gels, Sachets and other forms.

With its total quality management and in-house testing laboratory, the Company has also been accredited with WHO-GMP Certification. Synokem presently manufactures 1000 plus pharmaceutical formulations which are DGCI APPROVED.

The management uses its trained resources to identify NEW MOLECULES and develop a strong pipeline of NEW and INNOVATIVE Formulations.

Healing Humanity for 36 Years

Synokem has PAN India presence. The most ethical standards are followed for the best promotion of the products through renowned medical fraternity country wide.

Synokem Pharmaceutical is in operation with the slogan of "Committed Towards Better Healthcare" has spread its branches over a wide gamut of divisions including:

  • Synokem Ethical Marketing Division

Having its own operations with a fully skilled marketing team, placed at head office in the National capital – Delhi, Synokem's Ethical Marketing Division nestles a well-trained field force of more than 200 personals, operative in almost all the parts of India, including the national capital itself.

  • International Business: Synokem's overseas strategy

"We join hands with partners that match our values, work ethics and commitment to patients. We believe in long-term partnership and collaboration which is an integral part of our business strategy.

Our Regulatory expertise, backed by sophisticated manufacturing capabilities, enables us to offer Formulations in global markets. We will, therefore, continue to nurture new and existing partners, who can complement our capabilities in foreign markets."

Synokem is expanding its reach across the different markets of the world to become a global leader. The focus of Synokem is innovating future through the development of new health products and to make them available at all pharmacies worldwide. 

Synokem started its export venture in the year 2012 and marked an entry in SAARC countries. With its facility approved with CDDA (Srilanka FDA authority), Synokem has also spread out its wings across various geographies including African Continent, CIS Region, SAARC nation, South East Asia region and South American Countries in a span of 5 years.

Further, to remain abreast with the competitive world, Synokem has successfully qualified and undergone stringent audits. Since its inception, Synokem has been fine-tuning its systems to qualify for regulated markets.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Addressing the unmet Pharma Industry’s needs through excellence since 1982: The journey of Synokem Pharmaceuticals Ltd.</p></div>
  • Contract Manufacturing

Synokem Pharmaceuticals is engaged in Contract Manufacturing of Finished Formulations in the form of Tablets, Capsules, Liquid Orals, Ointment, Hormonal Gels, Bi-layered and Sustained-release preparations.

These are being manufactured at their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. These Units are WHO – GMP approved to manufacture products for all Therapeutic segments.

  • Institutional Division

Synokem ventured out its Institutional division in the year 2013 and today, the firm stands as the leading manufacturer of Hormonal Products and General Products, committed to manufacturing Medicinal products ensuring safety, efficacy and customer satisfaction.

Expansion Binge

Equipped to manufacture "a wide range of pharmaceutical products in Oral, Solid & Liquid Dosage forms", Synokem aims to provide its customers with Novel Drug Delivery Systems and services including formulation development coupled with Analytical method development, and stability studies.

With its focus on addressing clients' requirement at affordable cost & consistent quality, the organization instills highest standards of quality, reliability, and compliance as a testament to its adroitness. The Customer Satisfaction / Service is on the priority list of due to which we are associated with all Top Pharmaceutical companies to meet their manufacturing requirements.

The company uses its trained resources to identify NEW MOLECULES and has developed a strong pipeline of new & innovative formulations. Some of Synokem's DCGI APPROVED formulations manufacturing is in line which will position the organization as a prime manufacturer of many formulations.

Giving Back to the Society

Synokem Foundation has been consistently contributing towards sustainable development and the welfare of the society. A healthy community creates a sustainable society. In India, millions of people lack basic healthcare support.

Synokem, over the years has been working on its mission to improve access to healthcare for vulnerable communities of the society.

The organization has been providing free medicines and other medical support facilities to Old age people, blind people and the economically weaker sections of the society. 

Environment Health & Safety

The importance of EHS is continually stressed and extensively promoted as a part of Synokem's corporate culture. For the overall health and safety of its employees and the environment, Synokem's plant strictly goes by EHS Policy.

Being fully committed to achieving excellence in Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) and the firm conducts its activities in the most responsible manner.

Road Ahead

Striving hard on its vision to be a commercially viable leading pharmaceutical company in providing quality products affordable to all sections in the society, Synokem envisions on infusing INNOVATION and PERSEVEARANCE in Pharma community, paving way for a new paradigm.

The organization keeps on updating itself in order to keep a constant track with the new changes and adhering to new norms in PHARMA INDUSTRY.

Synokem is the first company to receive the DGCI for manufacturing DIENOGEST TABLETS in India. Also, the development of other molecule combinations of Azilsartan/ Teneligliptin are in pipeline which will be manufactured FIRST TIME IN INDIA. The organization has also registered 3 noble patents under its name.

Abhinav Arora throws light over Synokem's future plans where he further asserts "As SYNOKEM has entered into new arena i.e. INTERNATIONAL MARKETS, the company will keep changing and updating their facility as per requirement of stringent markets.

Synokem is eyeing to channelize its expertise with expansion into other healthcare avenues. The scope is really vast and to achieve our goals, the veteran people have been hired, new apparatus has been installed, and SOP's are being updated as per the latest requirements."

Advice for Aspiring Leaders

Hard work- there is no replacement for this. It is a concept that everyone must value to excel in life and make it to the top. Be passionate about your dreams and focus on what it takes to drive that passion.

Establish a vision in your life and nurture it with your passion, dedication and let that dream grow into a reality. When you have determined your 'what', push yourself towards 'how'.

Being surrounded by good and genuine people brings positivity and happiness to life, more importantly a positive team builds a great team.

Pay attention to your customers as they bestow your business a competitive advantage. Be passionate about their needs.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Addressing the unmet Pharma Industry’s needs through excellence since 1982: The journey of Synokem Pharmaceuticals Ltd.</p></div>
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