The AIIMS Doctor Who Became a Video Producer

Meet Dr Anuprash Gupta - Founder, The Camera Man
The AIIMS Doctor Who Became a Video Producer, Meet Dr Anuprash Gupta - Founder The Camera Man
The AIIMS Doctor Who Became a Video Producer, Meet Dr Anuprash Gupta - Founder The Camera Man

In India, while the engineering and medical field still seem to be top career options, what happens when a visionary sees life from the lens of passion? Today, an entrepreneur, once an aspiring engineer, and a doctor by education, Anuprash Gupta directed his interesting entrepreneurial story himself. Founder and CEO of the 2019 established corporate video production house, The Camera Man, Anuprash strived for success during the pandemic.

The AIIMS Doctor Who Became a Video Producer, Meet Dr. Anuprash Gupta - Founder The Camera Man

Catering to middle and large-scale businesses with their video requirements, he, along with talented team, has been successful video production partner to brands like Ashok Leyland, Knorr Bremse Ace Divino, Ozocheck, Farmer Fresh, Gurukul, and many more. The Camera Man’s esteemed clientele has been delighted with their specialization in industrial shoots, corporate videos, product demo, 2D animation, and promo videos.

But like a classic entrepreneurial story, this story has its fascinating twists as well. Anuprash’s dream growing up as a topper in school life was to become an engineer. However, as doctors themselves, his parents guided him to choose the medical field for job security. Anuprash agreed, cleared his entrance exams, and became a student of MBBS at AIIMS Patna. How did he become an entrepreneur? Discover his story:

Discovering Passion

Anuprash discovered soon in his medical education that it is not his calling. But then, he got an opportunity to experience a childhood dream, working with a DSLR camera. He started researching and soon, he mastered photography and video production through the world of the internet.

By the final year of his MBBS, he was mentally prepared to join this industry, however, he completed his graduation degree as his parents rightfully suggested at that time. His determination followed to enter the novel field of video production and travel the road less travelled with The Camera Man.

Was Passion Enough?

While passion drives one to hustle with a “never say die” attitude, Anuprash was about to face his set of challenges. The first challenge was to convince the family to leave the medical field and pursue their passion for video production. His relatives supported and he began as a “one-man army” navigating through various roles from the operations to marketing to accounts, etc.

Soon, the MBBS degree holder Anuprash realized the need for marketing for a young start-up like him. And he overcomes this challenge by learning and educating himself about the marketing strategies online. His determination overpowered the odds and soon, he started getting traction.

Disrupted cash flow followed as most clients refused to pay during the initial days. However, Anuprash’s parents witnessed his hard work and resilience and accepted his choice. That’s when another chapter in Anuprash’s life unveiled as he was funded by his parents to buy a proper camera set up and scale his business.

The Camera Man Mantra

One of the proudest moments in this young visionary’s journey is to have built a team. He boasts the employment generation he has in the testing times of the pandemic. This remains one of the key milestones reached among many to follow for The Camera Man.

Having mentioned that, top-notch service remains a paramount value at the core of the brand. Today, after a couple of years of starting up, Anuprash has an agile team equipped with “The Camera Man Mantra” of offering a memorable service.

Words of Wisdom by Anuprash

While his hustle continues to push the pioneers of video creation for the corporate clients, in the entrepreneurial world, The Camera Man’s CEO advises young entrepreneurs to focus on skills over degrees.

While he considers remuneration for hard work a great motivator, he believes money should not overpower passion or drive. In the end, he shared, one should never be afraid of challenges. Try once, twice, thrice, ten times, rise until you crack the success code.

The AIIMS Doctor Who Became a Video Producer, Meet Dr Anuprash Gupta - Founder The Camera Man
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The AIIMS Doctor Who Became a Video Producer, Meet Dr Anuprash Gupta - Founder The Camera Man
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The AIIMS Doctor Who Became a Video Producer, Meet Dr Anuprash Gupta - Founder The Camera Man
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