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Rashika Srivastava - 

Rashika Srivastava - 

Founder & CEO of Elite Digitals

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In recent years, the digital landscape has evolved dramatically, reshaping how businesses engage with their audience. Amidst this transformation, standing as a beacon of expertise is Elite Digitals, a venture of Rashika Srivastava, with a proven track record of delivering quality digital marketing solutions.

Renowned for its outstanding services, Elite Digitals, previously known as “The Era of Digi,” has a history of delivering top-notch SEO and digital marketing assistance to enhance online visibility, with a primary goal of connecting businesses with potential clients and boosting business prospects.


Propelling Businesses in the Digital Landscape

With Elite Digitals, clients benefit from a comprehensive range of digital marketing solutions tailored to their specific needs that facilitate website analysis and strategic planning that drives business growth. The company excels at elevating search engine rankings and connecting with target audiences.

Elite Digitals proficient team of SEO experts with 17 years of experience specialises in various domains, including Social Media, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Google AdWords, Web Design, Graphic Designing, and Media Publications. They bridge brand-audience gaps, drive higher rankings, and maximise ROI through meticulously orchestrated campaigns, ensuring an exceptional user-centric experience and captivating visuals.

Rashika Srivastava: Navigating the Digital Frontier with Vision and Vigor

A visionary entrepreneur, Rashika Srivastava boasts a remarkable journey that transitioned from an HR professional to a leader in the realm of digital marketing.

Her educational background, including an MBA, a Digital Marketing Diploma from NIDM, and a recent completion of a Post-Graduate Program in Digital Marketing from Purdue University in 2023, complements her indomitable spirit. Rashika is not only the Founder & CEO of Elite Digitals but also boasts a wealth of academic accomplishments.

Post-completion of her MBA, Rashika went on to work in the field of Human resources for several successful years. However, recognising limited career growth, she decided to take a deliberate hiatus, a period she utilised to introspect, learn, and recalibrate her career trajectory.

With the onset of the COVID pandemic, she shifted gears, briefly working as an SEO analyst before deciding to launch her own digital marketing company, marking a significant shift as the first entrepreneur in her family. Rashika and her husband conducted thorough research, leading to the official registration of her company and obtaining GST registration in November 2021.

Despite facing personal and professional challenges, Rashika continued her business endeavours. With a strategic vision and a deep-seated commitment to delivering unparalleled digital marketing solutions, she led her company to the forefront of the industry.

Her visionary approach has guided Elite Digitals to forge alliances with industry giants, while her hands-on involvement ensures that each client engagement receives a personalised touch backed by data-driven strategies.

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Elite Digitals


Elite Digitals’ USP

In the world of digital marketing, Rashika notices a significant variation in services and pricing between South and North Indian markets. Elite Digitals, however, distinguishes itself by maintaining a strategic middle-ground pricing approach, adhering strictly to their quoted rates, and believing that for exceptional work, there can be no compromise.

Prioritising a deep comprehension of client requirements is Elite Digitals’ hallmark, with their distinctiveness rooted in thorough research. Their innovative approach to content creation and their adaptability to the ever-evolving digital landscape ensures their clients’ success in a rapidly changing environment. They diligently research client needs, providing a thorough assessment, including strengths and weaknesses in their market.

For startups, Elite Digitals offers transparent feedback on SEO and creates comprehensive niche presentations. Notably, their clients from early 2022, initially choosing other providers, returned unsatisfied. In addition to competitive pricing and detailed assessments, Elite Digitals offers a free one-year full-service, setting them apart from competitors.

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Triumphing Over Trials

Recalling her journey, Rashika shares,

"My entire family has been a source of inspiration and encouragement throughout my journey. Their support has played a significant role in my journey. My father-in-law, in particular, has been a strong motivator. He consistently urged me to stay active and make the most of every moment.”

She adds, “As a woman in business, especially after marriage and motherhood, I consider myself fortunate to have an incredibly supportive family, and the same goes for my team as well. On the professional scale, however, securing projects in the initial days as newcomers was quite a challenge.”

Even with extensive research, it took about six to seven months for Elite Digitals to secure their first major project. Payment delays, a common issue for startups, was also a concern for them, leading them to adjust their payment collection approach. Even amidst trials, their main focus remains on achieving excellent results and client satisfaction.

Rashika notes, “Despite these challenges, finding work in digital marketing isn’t exceptionally difficult, as everyone, from small businesses to larger corporations, aims to establish their presence and promote their services and products in the digital market. Being open to projects of all sizes also helped.”

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Elite Digitals - 27May 2023

Elite Digitals - 27May 2023

Redefining Success Through Client-Centric Culture

The culture at Elite Digitals is prioritising client satisfaction by providing a dedicated point of contact for any of their services. Rashika ensures clear communication channels, assembling a project-specific team even before formal engagement.

Transparency is a fundamental principle, from percentage-based employee compensation to openly communicating everything, fostering trust and delivering value to clients. Positive feedback from clients underscores the effectiveness of this approach.

Rashika shares, “Success, in my view, doesn’t have a single, rigid definition, especially in the business world. While financial growth is important, our focus remains on client satisfaction. Success, to me, means every client I work with is content with our services. Like every other business, we too strive for financial growth and profitability, but my ultimate goal is making every client happy.”

Notably, Elite Digitals has grown solely through referrals, without any digital marketing. It not only reflects the trust and satisfaction their clients have in the firm’s services but also reaffirms Rashika’s approach to success.

What Lies Ahead for Elite Digitals

Upon asking about her future plans for Elite Digitals, Rashika says, “I approach Elite Digitals’ future with a more short-term focus, typically on a yearly basis. My childhood upbringing instilled the belief in me to plan for the future but not too far ahead, as the future is unpredictable.

So, my vision for Elite Digitals is centred on annual planning. As we are nearing the end of 2023, we’ve already mapped out our plan for 2024, including identifying challenges, leveraging our strengths, and making necessary adaptations.

While I don’t usually set long-term plans, if I were to sum up my aspirations in one word, it would be “overseas.” In the coming years, my goal is to expand our business internationally, with a strong focus on overseas markets rather than confining ourselves to India.”

Words of Advice

Advising aspiring entrepreneurs, Rashika shares, “Success doesn’t come without hard work. People often see other’s wealth and success but overlook the hard work that got them there.

Think outside the box, and keep pushing towards your goals. Don’t dwell on setbacks or the fear of not succeeding immediately; instead of seeing it as a failure, view it as a learning opportunity.

Work hard, don’t sit idle, and remember that if something didn’t happen yesterday, it can still happen. Stay positive and proactive. Our generation tends to wait for opportunities to come to us, but we need to change that mindset. Don’t hesitate to reach out and take the initiative. You have to be the one to start the conversation and show people what you’re capable of. Your success will speak for itself.”

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