MediBuddy vHealth

Pioneering Digital Healthcare Solutions for a Healthier Tomorrow
Anurag Khosla - CEO - MediBuddy vHealth

Anurag Khosla - CEO - MediBuddy vHealth

Pioneering Digital Healthcare Solutions for a Healthier Tomorrow

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In the ever-evolving landscape of modern-day healthcare, where accessibility, convenience, and innovative solutions are paramount, digital healthcare platforms emerge as game-changers.

These platforms bridge geographical gaps, providing accessible and convenient healthcare services through telemedicine, remote monitoring, and efficient data management. By leveraging technology, they enhance communication, streamline processes, and offer cost-effective solutions.

Among the pioneers leading this charge is MediBuddy vHealth, a trailblazing digital healthcare organisation at the forefront of India’s healthcare revolution.

As the country grapples with challenges in traditional healthcare, MediBuddy vHealth stands out for its commitment to providing accessible and convenient healthcare services through telemedicine, remote monitoring, and cutting-edge technology.


Delivering Excellence in Digital Healthcare with Unparalleled Quality and Accessibility

As one of India’s leading digital healthcare organisations, MediBuddy vHealth provides preventive and primary quality care services to over 3.5 million active subscribers.

These include unlimited doctor consultations, Specialists OPD consultations, preventive blood test packages, and deeply discounted medicine delivery, all conveniently brought to the member’s doorstep. Their integrated healthcare ecosystem combines in-house doctors’ expertise with a vast network of 3500+ partner healthcare centres, thus emphasising on clinical excellence through advanced technology.

Operating under Indian Health Organization Pvt. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Medibuddy, India’s largest health-tech platform, MediBuddy vHealth is a market leader in the B2B2C segment having India’s finest NBFCs, MFIs, Banks, Insurance aggregators, Fintech companies and alike as distribution partners.

MB vHealth is empowered by a dedicated team of 200 clinical and non-clinical staff, standing as a beacon of innovation in the digital healthcare landscape.

Their vast partner network of healthcare providers is spread across 2000+ Indian cities, comprising of premium hospital chains & standalone clinics, prominent dental chains, top offline & online pharmacies and leading diagnostic labs, offering seamless access to quality healthcare services anytime, anywhere.

Guided by a mission that integrates healthcare, science, AI, and human intervention, MediBuddy vHealth is committed to making high-quality healthcare accessible to a billion people and is driven by its 12 core values, known as MBB/MediBuddy Beliefs, shaping its decision-making and work approach.

The Journey So Far

Established in 2017, MediBuddy vHealth (formerly vHealth by Aetna) has evolved as a subsidiary of MediBuddy, India’s largest Digital Healthcare platform.

A pivotal moment in the company’s journey occurred in February 2023 with the acquisition of Indian Health Organization Private Limited by MediBuddy, thus starting the transition journey from ‘vHealth by Aetna’ to ‘MediBuddy vHealth’.

Today, MediBuddy vHealth stands as a leading primary healthcare service provider in the B2B2C healthcare domain in India. The array of subscription-based primary healthcare services offered includes online teleconsultations with MediBuddy vHealth doctors, an expansive outpatient network, pharmacy services, diagnostics, and dental care.

Ensuring quality care delivery, the clinical team takes complete ownership of the treatment process.

“Our success is attributed to a team of professionals with diverse expertise in healthcare, technology, and business. Collectively, we bring years of experience in delivering healthcare solutions, continually adapting to the evolving needs of patients for primary care.”

Anurag Khosla, CEO of MediBuddy vHealth

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Anurag Khosla - CEO - MediBuddy vHealth</p></div>
vHealth by Aetna Expanding and Delivering Preventive & Primary Healthcare Services With The Means Of Digitalization and Technology

Empowering Lives with Comprehensive, Convenient, and Affordable Healthcare Services

Amidst the widespread healthcare landscape and a challenging doctor-patient ratio in India, digital healthcare emerges as a pivotal factor in addressing these issues, particularly in the aftermath of Covid. Globally recognised healthcare solutions emphasise the importance of ‘access to quality primary care,’ and MediBuddy vHealth aligns with this ethos.

By ensuring that its doctors spend quality time with patients and employ evidence-based medicine for accurate diagnoses, the platform has pioneered accessible and affordable preventive healthcare services, reducing the need to visit a hospital by 70% (as per an independent research).

In the present-day scenario, technological innovations have transformed healthcare management and delivery. India’s readiness to embrace technology, notably smartphones, has significantly influenced primary care delivery.

The digital revolution has made it convenient for patients to access affordable preventive and primary healthcare services. MediBuddy vHealth’s solutions epitomise the seamless integration of digital technology and clinical expertise, effectively addressing challenges like limited access to quality healthcare.

Its core services include telemedicine consultations with doctors, dieticians, and clinical psychologists, along with home collection of comprehensive blood test packages and doorstep delivery of medicines within the convenience of patients’ homes or workplaces.

Additionally, the offering extends to outpatient consultations with specialist doctors and dentists at over 11,000 partner hospitals and clinics across India.

Notably, the unlimited teleconsultation service is available 24*7 in English, Hindi, and eight regional languages from 8am to 8pm. Members can effortlessly book audio/video teleconsultations from anywhere, anytime, tailoring appointments to their schedules.

This service encompasses a wide spectrum of healthcare needs, including treatment of illnesses, management of chronic diseases, advice on alternative treatment options, second opinions, and interpretation of diagnostic reports.

The clinical team adheres to well-established protocols, ensuring accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment. To promote adherence, proactive follow-ups are arranged by the doctors’ team with the patients.

Through a robust nationwide network of partner healthcare centres, MediBuddy vHealth has successfully made healthcare convenient, accessible, and affordable for over 1.2 crore Indians since inception.

In an era of escalating healthcare costs, the brand’s services contribute to savings in out-of-pocket annual healthcare expenses by up to 2 to 3 times for both individuals and families.

A Proactive Approach to Uninterrupted Healthcare Delivery

Navigating the complexities of building a brand, MediBuddy vHealth faced its share of challenges. In response, the brand adopted a proactive approach to ensure uninterrupted care delivery for its customers.

Committed to extending healthcare services to the last mile, the team channels efforts into expanding the partner network to Tier 4 or below locations without compromising on service quality, by creating alternate options for customers in case a centre or provider is unavailable.

MediBuddy vHealth’s extensive provider network emerges as a significant advantage, guaranteeing accessible health services for all customers, regardless of their location.

To ensure service delivery in locations where quality diagnostic labs are unavailable, MediBuddy vHealth organises blood test camps across 800+ locations in India each month where over 17,000 members avail preventive blood tests.

Fostering Success Through Culture, Commitment, and Continuous Innovation

In MediBuddy vHealth’s culture, people and organisational values stand as the most valuable assets, defining its unique selling propositions. With commitment, reliability, and collaboration as its three pillars, this 200+ members strong company operates with a passion for work.

Emphasising empathy, the team continually seeks improvement, fostering a culture that promotes creativity and the pursuit of excellence.

The company places significant emphasis on discipline and a holistic approach to addressing challenges and opportunities for growth. As a pioneering healthcare brand, the team’s efforts have positioned MediBuddy vHealth as a ‘trusted family doctor’ in India, currently serving over 3.5 million active members with a satisfaction rate of 4.6+/5.

The overarching accomplishment is the continuous pursuit and creation of a unique member experience. Mr Anurag emphasises, “Leading with a persistent focus on perfection at every stage of service delivery is success for us.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Anurag Khosla - CEO - MediBuddy vHealth</p></div>
vHealth by Aetna, Primary Healthcare Platform Successfully Assisting More Than 3.5 Million Members Across India

Tech Advancements Revolutionising Healthcare

In the post-pandemic era, telemedicine has evolved significantly, driven by technological advancements in video conferencing and innovative digital medical instruments.

This progress has transformed telemedicine from guiding paramedics to enabling direct consultations with physicians. MediBuddy vHealth’s platform has revolutionised the doctor-patient engagement paradigm, positioning it as a primary rescuer for the masses.

The Medibuddy vHealth App leverages data from members’ devices, providing valuable insights through the analysis of patient data. This information enables the identification of patterns, trends, and risk factors, contributing to personalised treatments and disease progression prediction for improved patient outcomes.

Modern wearables & integrated digital medical equipment replacing manual methods of continuous tracking, helped MediBuddy vHealth enhance members’ experience, streamline operations, and ensure data security.

Data analytics optimises healthcare operations by identifying bottlenecks, streamlining workflows, and reducing costs, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Nurturing Wellness Today and Tomorrow

Recognised for its forward-thinking approach and pioneering role in remote healthcare solutions in India, MediBuddy vHealth is committed to proactive healthcare delivery aligned with the vision of making high-quality healthcare accessible to a billion people.

MediBuddy vHealth organises monthly health check camps across 800+ locations in India, encouraging preventive healthcare in both urban and rural areas through facilitated blood tests. Post camp, deranged reports prompt teleconsultations with vHealth doctors, offering advice on disease management or specialist intervention.

This initiative has proved highly impactful in identifying anomalies such as nutritional deficiencies, diabetes, dyslipidaemia, hypertension, etc by vHealth doctors in diverse settings. MediBuddy vHealth Doctors play a crucial role in managing these health issues through medication, further investigations, or specialist interventions, contributing to positive community impact and increased awareness.

In the coming years, MediBuddy vHealth envisions expanding their services, incorporating AI for personalised healthcare, and broadening their reach to enhance the health and well-being of communities on a larger scale. Mr Anurag avers, “In the future, we see ourselves introducing innovations that create a real impact and contribute to improved accessibility to quality healthcare for customers and the nation at large.”

Words of Wisdom

Advising aspiring entrepreneurs, Mr Anurag shares,

“In the 21st century, industries, including the healthcare sector, are witnessing rapid and conscious adaptation to change. However, despite reaching historical peaks with advanced biomedical tools and robotic surgeries, the Indian healthcare industry faces the challenge of managing the second-highest population globally. The burden on healthcare resources intensifies with longer life expectancies.

The need of the hour is to recognise the pressing need for healthcare workers to stay updated with the latest knowledge and tech tools. To succeed, brands must be prepared to navigate these challenges and offer unique solutions that positively impact communities and improve the well-being of the masses.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Anurag Khosla - CEO - MediBuddy vHealth</p></div>
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