AN Search Partners:  the Staffing Service Specialist, Connecting Organizations with their Team

AN Search Partners:  the Staffing Service Specialist, Connecting Organizations with their Team

AN Search Partners:  the Staffing Service Specialist, Connecting Organizations with their Team

AN Search Partners Company works like a strategic partner that strengthens the workforce by providing pragmatic, efficient, and dynamic HR services.

HR industry in India has been for more than three decades. In the pre-liberalization era, the industry was a trivial part of the national gross domestic product (GDP). Post-1991, the industry flourished in height and has firmly developed as the greatest pie of the national GDP. Essentially run by IT/ITeS services, the overall sector has steadily grown in the global as well as in the Indian market. In the contemporary world, the HR industry is witnessing a lot of progressions mainly because of the increased adoption of technology in the employing process.

AN Search Partners is on the peak of technological evolution and a preeminent name in innovative workforce solutions.  The comprehensive suite of innovative solutions of AN Search Partners incorporates a whole range of Human Resource Management right from market mapping and assessment to career management and workforce management. The company was founded with the commitment of presenting quality professional recruitment services to people with a kind intent of obtaining the right manpower for their organization.

It is stated that the pathway of growth for the HR industry lies in the diversification of the service portfolio to comprise a more extensive spectrum of services. AN Search Partners is playing a pivotal force in driving the transformation with expertise in handling strategic human resource recruitment and placement programs. The company strives to support clients and candidates to stay competitive in the dynamic world of work. It has a wide range of clients from fortune 500 to developing organizations according to their strategic needs with a suite of modern workforce services. 

The Inspiration behind the Initiation

In today's competitive landscape, organizations are gearing up to get the best talent, who can act as a catalyst in delivering their vision, simultaneously this evolving landscape in also requiring tech enablers to cope up with the contemporary challenges. With the commitment of assisting organizations in the modern-day landscape, the idea of AN Search Partners was born to serve the client with Tech & Touch in the future of work.

Service Portfolio

AN Search Partners offers end to end Human Resource Management to organizations and serves them in addressing the critical workforce needs. It provides complete Workforce Management from Permanent Staffing Solutions, Executive Search, Selection, and RPO to  Startup Advisory. And, soon it will be in tech-enabled salesforce consulting and outsourcing, IT staffing and tech product related to hiring, operations, compliance & training.

Differentiating Factors

The team of AN Search Partners makes the company stands out in the market. The company has a perfect blend of experienced professionals and young minds. People who are well experienced in the HR service segment support the company to run on values and set of young blood, who are having firm determination to bring disruption in the market through innovation, come up with something amazing every time.

Experience with the Candidate and Company 

"HR is people's field and a customer is also a person & talent to whom we provide better opportunity is also a person," says Adhish Kumar, the head of business development of AN Search Partners.

"Our idea of enduring tech and touch works here, we hire right talent with the blend of personal touch and simultaneously we are getting ready for introducing solutions, which support the firm in managing talent, and it supports candidates to get digitized experience" he added.

Further, he says "if I am specific on experience, we had this with one firm in startup category, three co-founders were looking to hire a senior-level person but everyone had a different picture with just a few common specifics. We made all three sit in the discussion with our search professional and discussed the role and responsibilities to deliver, after intense brainstorming of more than 90 minutes we had profile creation where every co-founder was on the same platform and fortunately the first person we referred was onboard". 

Driving Factors of Top Employer

The market is full of companies, but becoming a great employer is not everyone's cup of tea. An employer who can imbibe the company's vision in employees, hear the problems, and suggestions of workers and provide them sufficient opportunity to grow is considered as a top employer.

Trends and Tools

  • Outsourcing will be booming things with RPO & IT professional staffing in the offering
  • Soon we will be in the era of tech and touch powered by AI 

Future Plans

As of now, the company offers executive search, selection, RPO & start-up advisory services as part of its portfolio, and RPO is something which is the future of the industry. Soon, it is about to add professional IT staffing services along with technologies, which will enable firms to connect talent from the campus and deliver a key outcome in better recruitment experiences & recruitment marketing.

Some other tech it will be introducing which will help organizations with the large sales force to monitor, training, increase engagement & lower the attrition backed by AI power. All of them will be based on mobile solutions.

Words of Wisdom

  • Take risk
  • Innovate
  • Think out of the box
  • Give chance to young blood and trust them 

Potent Leadership

Adhish Kumar Sinha

Managing Partner & Head of Business Development

Adhish Kumar Sinha is the man behind the AN Search Partners. He is leading the company extremely well and taking it to the next level. Adhish started his career with World's Top HR firm & got exposure to learning HR service segment. He holds a Master's degree in marketing from Welingkar Institute of Management and a degree from Bangalore University. While studying in Welingkar, Adhish Kumar learned to follow the area of interest. And, following the same advice, he went forward to his career in the HR industry.

Soon being in the segment he learned HR service industry landscape is continuously evolving, and a futuristic HR service firm has to incorporate tech enablement function other than traditional services to have the edge. He explored more himself & industry feedback, which gave him the idea to start a futuristic firm, which understand the evolution; this segment will see in the next few years and how to align the firm's strategy in the same.

Nickhat Parvin

Co-founder & Head Delivery

Nickhat Parvin is another driving force of the company. She is the co-founder and Head Delivery. Nickhat is a lady with beauty and brain and performing her responsibilities very well.  She takes care of the team excellently and every time measures extra miles to get her job done.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email:

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