Magen David Search Partners (MDSP)

A Leading Executive Firm, Driving Transformational Change Through Their Searches
Magen David Search Partners (MDSP)

Magen David Search Partners (MDSP)

A Leading Executive Firm, Driving Transformational Change Through Their Searches

Magen David Search Partners (MDSP) is a search firm that was founded in 2021 and comprises of a team of more than 20 skilled professionals. The firm specialises in executive search and excels at fulfilling senior and critical recruitment needs while driving organisational transformational change.

MDSP’s philosophy is centred on the “Return on Leadership” concept, which measures the extent of success based on the result. MDSP is a strategic partner that provides bespoke solutions and services for esteemed organisations.

Their approach involves a comprehensive search and consultative process with a best-in-class cost structure to ensure high-quality talent acquisition. MDSP operates without investors and charges a fee to its clients for its services.

They have a wide client base, including over 35 prominent organisations across various sectors, including FMCG, Consumer Durables, Engineering, IT and more.

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A Visionary Professional Expert In The Recruitment Industry

Jasper Chand, Founder/Managing Partner, Magen David Search Partners

Jasper Chand is an accomplished professional with over 30 years of experience in the recruitment industry. He has spent the past 13+ years specialising in executive search and has worked with many renowned organisations over the last more than 3 decades.

His expertise includes executive search, P&L management, business development, new customer acquisition, team management, KAM, CRM, and more. He was fortunate to be mentored by one of India’s finest executive search pioneers, Mr Mario Lobo, the Chairman of PSS Group.

Jasper Chand is known for his innovative thinking and has a proven track record of assisting clients with critical senior-level hires and building teams to drive revenue growth, streamline workflows, and enhance profitability and productivity for start-ups, as well as reputable Indian and multinational companies.

Besides being the founder of Magen David Search Partners, he is also an accomplished author, having written the successful crime thriller “And He Wanted Me Dead”.

Services Offered By Magen David

In today’s business world, many organisations need help finding suitable human talent with a proven track record that fits their organisational culture well. The search industry specialises in fitting the right professional into the right position.

The Industry can be broadly categorised into Executive Search, Recruitment Firms, Bulk Hiring/RPOs/Staffing Firms, and Blue Collard Hiring, mainly for Overseas Markets. Magen David Search Partners specialises in executive search, hiring leadership, senior-level and critical positions. 

With a proven track record of successfully setting up teams across sales, marketing, supply chain, e-commerce, R&D, operations, plant, and corporate functions, MDSP provides expert hiring solutions to top MNCs and Indian organisations.

Their search process includes a detailed mapping exercise to identify the best talent from the targeted and related industries. 

MDSP ensures alignment throughout the hiring process by maintaining continuous dialogue with key stakeholders and representing clients and other group companies as their Brand Ambassadors.

They also offer premium reports reflecting leadership skills and behaviours required at the CXO level, including performance track record, compliance, and value. They conduct reference checks and manage expectations to ensure a smooth hiring process.

Mission, Vision & Value

MDSP’s mission is to align with clients, work effectively as an extended arm of their team, and provide transformational human talent with an optimised cost structure to maximise their ROI.

They envision becoming the most preferred and trusted partner for clients and ranking among the top 5 search firms by 2025. As a strong believer and follower of Jesus Christ, Jasper values being truthful, honest, and transparent with all stakeholders.

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Competitive Edge And Client-Centric Approach

Being new to the market, MDSP is working on positioning itself to remain competitive. Each customer holds a special place for the company; hence the services are customised as per the needs and requirements of the clients.

Jasper says, “We NEVER give up on our clients…come what may!”.  Apart from this, a 100% consultative approach behaviour is maintained with the clients and candidates.

Generally, the hiring process is done through referencing from within the network of candidates or mapping. Candidates are selected only after ascertaining their track record to ensure the right fit for the client organisations, as all great professionals cannot be successful everywhere. 

Jasper Chand believes that happiness and satisfaction for all stakeholders is the key to a company’s success. Within two years, the search firm has acquired 35+ clients.

Among these 35+ clients, more than 60% are today their key accounts proving that their clients are happy and satisfied with the quality and turn-around time of their services.

From Failures To Adapting A Change

Failures are the biggest teachers. However, being a search firm, it deals with human beings, where the company witness a variety of unique experiences which also provides an opportunity to learn new things. Every hire is a roller coaster ride involving failures and successes abound.

On the same, Jasper Chand shares that “failures have taught us to become resilient and to NEVER GIVE UP. My motto in life is; TO DOUBLE YOUR SUCCESSES, DOUBLE YOUR FAILURES”.

Although the pandemic brought some odd challenges, it also led to some positive changes, including the creation of Magen David. It also taught the importance of flexibility.

Flexibility, Innovation, And Inclusivity

At Magen David, they believe in being more flexible, innovative and inclusive in ideology and approach. Despite being the founder, Jasper considers himself a constant student.

The firm is currently also simultaneously working on providing on-the-job training to freshers, trying to pass on the mantle and preparing the next generation to be battle-ready with good practices.

The firm has strong plans for the future, which include being recognised as one of the 5 top-most search firms in India, being recognised as one of the most trusted and reliable search firms in India and creating a happy and stressless firm wherein all the partners are delighted and enjoy working.

Words  Of  Wisdom

Jasper Chand shares his idea of joining the industry:

“God brought me into this industry. It wasn’t a conscious effort. I was a salesman who got hired by a search firm, where I learnt all the right practices of the industry under the mentorship of some of the finest people in the profession. Moreover, if you notice, some of the biggest names in this industry have been sales professionals, as you are continuously required to sell here as well”.

Jasper also shares his advice for young entrepreneurs

“Have faith in the Almighty. Have the guts. Be fearless. Be resilience. Always keep a backup plan and keep the company of positive people”.

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