Sensys Technologies, Possessing Second To None Excellence in digital payroll and HR Solutions

Ravindra Mishra Co-Founder and Director Sensys Technologies
Ravindra Mishra Co-Founder and Director Sensys Technologies

Sensys Technologies, Possessing Second To None Excellence in digital payroll and HR Solutions

Carving a distinct niche for itself, Sensys Technologies is prompted by its quality software solutions & services, client’s satisfaction, technical knowhow & intellect in the Indian human resource management industry. Promoted by tech visionaries, the 2004 pioneer in HR software development with on-premise and on-cloud availability leads as a reputed developer and supplier of a panorama of peerless solutions.

Driven by the passion to revolutionize business operations with their effective and feasible solutions, Sensys is a name synonymous to trailblazer in the industry. They aim at commanding comprehensive client satisfaction and a profitable company that is highly relevant to its clients, supportive of its people, and respected in the marketplace.

The Sensys vision is aimed at enjoying the status of a leading software company in small, medium & big enterprises; Sensys drives its software products and services through innovation and modern technology contending fiercely in the local & global market.

The Sensys Products & Services

They enjoy established expertise in fields of

  • Payroll & Human Resource Management System

  • Tax Solutions, Accounting, Inventory Systems

  • eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)

  • Fixed Asset Management System

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Business Process Management Solutions (BPM)

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Application Integration

  • Attendance & Biometric Solutions

  • Customization

The Sensys Mission

In their quest to maximize customer satisfaction, Sensys is focused on providing effective software products & services with built-in measures, controls, and offers more comprehensive functionality, more flexible delivery models, more responsive customer service, and more overall value.

En-route to their unrivalled position driven by a commitment to their mission, the brand has been seasoned with a proven track record of effectively serving its customers with cost-reducing, time-saving, and increased efficiency through its solutions.

Sensys has garnered trust through its valuable expertise that assures faster implementations & greater business benefits. This foundation is reinforced with continuous efforts in the Taxation, Payroll & HR field for improvement in software technology & support through research & development along with significant investments in people in the areas of orientation and initial and ongoing training.

Ravindra Mishra Co-Founder and Director Sensys Technologies
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The brainchild software possesses diverse modules crafted to comply with the demands of companies trailing behind in payroll management with the features:

  • Employee Database: Get entire information about the employee in one go.

  • Payroll: Have a complete command over the payroll.

  • Time & Attendance: The most comprehensive time-tracking Software.

  • Leave Management: Manage every leave under one umbrella.

  • Claim & Reimbursement: Hassle-free tracking of claim & reimbursement.

  • Loans & Advance: Get Instant Information about all your loans & advances.

  • TDS & Tax Planner: Salary TDS calculations simplified.

  • Exit Management: It has the information needed to manage employee exits effectively.

  • Travel Management: Handling time-efficient travel expense.

  • Time Sheet: Control labour costs & working hours of employees.

  • Recruitment: Recruiting has never been this easy.

  • Performance (PMS): Boost your employee's performance with a 360-degree appraisal.

  • Training: Equip your employees with skills that drive business success.

  • Employee Self Service: A dynamic “Employee Self Service Management.

  • Mobile App: Mobile App is optimized to provide quick & easy access.

HRMTHREAD, A Sensys Technologies Product (entirely in bold)

Owing to their tremendous passion and expertise in understanding the clientele, every brand from small to midsize to the large corporation, need for control, Sensys Technologies, discovered the best web-based Payroll & HR Management software, HRMTHREAD.

The fabric of HRMTHREAD is stitched with the time and experience of Sensys’ team to ensure accessibility, arrangement, and management of each employee record working with the organization. The software makes the job easy for the employer by allowing them to easily access employees salaries based on different elements. HRMTHREAD extends a helping hand to its users to focus on scaling their brands in their landscape.

In a nutshell, the user-friendly software allows you to easily streamline your payroll solutions and manage the solutions with easy accessibility and management of salaries, bank transfers, reimbursements and other statutory payments that you make. Strictly adhering to a business’s success the software assures hustle-free reports a few clicks away.

Sensys Technologies is proud of its undisputed reputation among a wide scale of businesses. They boast their dynamic payroll software team which has been a trusted partner to the success stories of diverse brands. They are continuously approaching their milestone of making HRMTHREAD, payroll software in their own right, part of every Indian business.

The Sensys Technologies’ clientele enjoys the following features:

  • Complete Online Payroll & HRMS Software

  • Automatic PF / ESIC / PT / MLWF / TDS

  • Online Leave Application

  • Real-time Integration with Biometric / Attendance Machines

  • Employee can apply for Leave Application on the move

  • Uploading of Company documents for employee viewing

  • Make HR Policies / Other documents available to employees

  • Publish News / Polls / Surveys / FAQ and analyze result

  • Recruitment, Training, Appraisal, Exit Management.

  • Online TDS Projections, Declarations & Tax Planer

  • Complete Web-based system with role-based security

  • JV integration with ERP or any other accounting software

  • Employee Self Service Module

  • MobileApp

  • Robust RDBMS database

  • Scalable to fit your needs

Ravindra Mishra Co-Founder and Director Sensys Technologies
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Securing Data, The New Oil

Similar to oil, the fundamental value of Data revolves around its extraction, refining, and piping to where it can yield huge rewards and increased worth. In such a scenario, Sensys, a leading payroll and HR services platform, which deals with huge amounts of critical records and documents steps up towards data security.

The brand is well poised with information stored in a secured database hosted on a 100% dedicated secured tier 4 data centre with the highest level of security certifications with an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. In addition, their servers are behind the best firewalls with an additional safeguard of active anti-intrusion, antivirus systems.

One of the most reputed names in the industry, Sensys savours its current position with its software designed to rapidly and effortlessly integrate with ERP & other applications to ensure each team member in their clientele can acquire the information needed to complete their tasks and remain productive. Also, their real-time integration with attendance/biometric device assists quick attendance.

What’s Next?

Aiming to exploit the most relevant trends in the industry with technology that is enabling advance solutions in Payroll & HR for improvement, Sensys is meticulously focusing on software technology & support through research & development.

Owing to their innovation-driven transformation mindset, the company is targeting investments in people encompassing information in the areas of orientation and initial and ongoing training. Besides, Sensys is expected to rise as an unbeatable player with software solutions in two important aspects of human transactions: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Process Management Solutions (BPM).

Ravindra Mishra Co-Founder and Director Sensys Technologies
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Ravindra Mishra Co-Founder and Director Sensys Technologies
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Ravindra Mishra Co-Founder and Director Sensys Technologies
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