Applycup Hiring Solutions

Pioneers In The Recruitment Industry With Their Technology Driven Solutions
Applycup Hiring Solutions

Applycup Hiring Solutions

Pioneers In The Recruitment Industry With Their Technology Driven Solutions

A technology-driven recruitment solution provider, Applycup Hiring Solutions is a dynamic global recruitment firm founded in 2016. The firm specializes in both IT and Non-IT hiring and offers a bouquet of Recruitment services, including Full-time hiring, Contractual (C2H) Hiring, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, retained search, bulk hiring, and international hiring, among others.

With a belief ‘what is vacant is meant to be filled, and hence, for every Job Vacancy, there exists an ideal candidate’, the team at Applycup strives to fill that vacancy with their customized solutions.

Having been providing coherent Recruitment Solutions for over 8 years now, they have served hundreds of clients and have established themselves as a trusted partner for recruitment solutions. Their key service regions include APAC, UAE, US, UK, and ANZ (Australia and New Zealand).

Known among its clients as the “Challenge-takers,” Applycup encourages its team to keep pushing their limits and are thus accustomed to closing positions with incredible ease and efficiency.

Their portfolio consists of hiring key global players across various domains, including Information Technology, Automotive, Manufacturing, Healthcare, BFSI, etc.

With 120+ professional recruiters, from innovative startups to Fortune 500 companies, they have successfully onboarded 14,500+ candidates with multifaceted requirements. 

With a team of 120+ professional recruiters from diverse backgrounds, Applycup Hiring Solutions LLP is dedicated to providing clients with effective recruitment solutions from their offices in Pune, UK, and the US.

Mission And Vision

Driven by a mission to bridge the gap between talented individuals and companies searching for their skills, Applycup Hiring Solutions is committed to creating a world where everyone has equal access to opportunities, regardless of their background or location.

Applycup envisions itself as the go-to platform for job seekers and recruiters globally. The company aims to provide a seamless experience for both parties, simplifying and optimising the hiring process to make it more efficient and effective.

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Why Choose Applycup?

With a joining ratio consistently above 89%, even in challenging times, Applycup poses as the perfect choice for recruitment needs. Their dedicated team of professional recruiters provide customised solutions to solve hiring problems faced by clients globally.

They aim at solving problems with their innovative ideas that directly cater to problems effectively, for instance, they have set up a Post-Offer Engagement Team to ensure a smooth onboarding experience and avoid any last-minute backouts.

Rather than a mere job applicant, Applycup strives to create professional connections with every individual candidate, providing innovative solutions that set them apart from the rest.

Mr. Nikhil Batra, Founder, Applycup Hiring Solutions LLP

Humans are social beings, and Mr Nikhil Batra, the founder of Applycup Hiring Solutions, certainly is very human-centric. A graduate in Hospitality Management, Mr Nikhil, in his early career days, excelled in the hospitality industry, but with time, he eventually discovered his passion for recruitment.

He doesn’t just see himself as the CEO of Applycup but also as a “Recruiter by Heart.” He had always wanted to change the traditional approach to hiring problems and was not hesitant to take the risk of establishing his own startup, Applycup Hiring Solutions. The milestones that Applycup has achieved today are the fruit of his consistent efforts and hard work.

The Tale Of Inception

Having spent 14+ years in the industry, Mr Nikhil was well aware of the ins and outs of the industry.

Experiencing the challenges that businesses were facing in finding the right talent, he recognised the need for a company that could provide effective recruitment solutions and improve the overall hiring processes for businesses; as a result, Applycup Hiring Solutions was established. Bootstrapping a company is not an easy feat to achieve, but Mr Nikhil managed to do so.

He is, however, open to investors who have the potential to bring valuable contributions to the table.In the past 8 years of its existence, Applycup has become the fastest-growing recruitment company in India.

Known for its in-depth pre-screening, timeliness, and quality services based on process-oriented methods, Applycup has been solving recruitment problems for clients across the globe and is committed to delivering the best recruitment solutions to meet the unique needs of each client.

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Hiring Solutions Offered By Applycup

Finding and hiring the right talent can be a challenge for businesses while also being a time-consuming and resource-intensive process that distracts them from their core activities.

Understanding that even minor economic disturbances can affect hiring plans for companies, Applycup, with its solutions and offerings, helps companies hire candidates who not only perfectly match their skill requirements but also are stable enough to prevent recurring vacancies due to the instability of previous recruits.

Their end-to-end comprehensive recruitment solutions are tailored to their client’s specific needs and designed to save businesses time and resources while ensuring that they find the best talent for their open positions. The range of services offered by Applycup include

Permanent Hiring: One of the many fortes of Applycup involves end-to-end recruitment solutions for permanent positions. This includes candidate sourcing, final selection, and onboarding.

Applycup’s experienced team ensures that they find the best candidates for each job role, resulting in successful onboarding for thousands of full-time employees at top-notch companies around the world. 

Temporary Hiring: Another popular service offered by Applycup. Many major players in the industry trust Applycup to help them fill short-term positions quickly and efficiently within the stipulated time period.

Executive Search: The agency also specialises in Executive Search services, which involves identifying and recruiting top-level executives for senior management positions. Applycup’s extensive network of contacts and advanced search techniques ensure that they find the best candidates who can lead their clients to progress across the globe.

Campus Hiring: For clients looking to hire fresh talent, Applycup’s Campus Hiring service is ideal. Their team is up-to-date on fresher hiring trends and has successfully conducted various campus drives and job fairs to help clients get promising candidates who can add value to their growth.

Bulk Hiring: Another key service offered by Applycup. They organise recruitment drives for clients and help them hire the most suitable candidates in bulk without compromising on quality.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Preferred by major corporate conglomerates worldwide, Their clients trust Applycup’s methods and are often impressed with their team’s ability to keep up with the pace of their internal teams, ensuring a smooth recruitment process.

Values That Shape Applycup

The fundamental values upon which Applycup is based include, integrity, customer service, quality, innovation, collaboration, diversity and inclusion, and continuous improvement.

These values have remained constant over the years and reflect the company’s commitment to ethical behaviour, exceptional customer service, high-quality services, innovative ideas, teamwork, diversity and equality, and ongoing learning and development.

Applycup’s USP: Experienced Recruiters & Customised Solutions

The recruitment industry can get quite competitive, with several players in the industry, including both large and small staffing and recruitment agencies, as well as companies that handle their own hiring internally. Offering customised and efficient solutions to businesses across the Globe, Applycup manages to stand out among others.

Their ability to provide customised solutions catering to the specific needs of clients, taking into consideration their industry, location, and hiring goals, is one of the key features setting them apart from others in the market.

Applycup has an experienced team of recruiters who possess in-depth knowledge of various industries and have a proven record of successful placements.

Every team member at Applycup, besides the enriching experience that each one of them carries, is trained vigorously to deal with challenging situations proactively.

Another advantage of partnering with Applycup is its cost-effective recruitment solutions, which help clients save money while still receiving high-quality recruitment services.

Applycup also values building long-term relations with both clients and candidates, setting them apart from other recruitment solution companies and being the most reliable choice for organizations seeking recruitment solutions.

Turning Setbacks Into Opportunities

Ever since the inception of Applycup in 2016, Mr Nikhil has come across sets of challenges that come with starting a new venture. In a well-established and diverse industry with numerous competitors, Applycup has distinguished itself through a focus on efficiency and innovation and is winning in terms of its Connections, Expansions and Upgrades.

“Failures are as essential as winnings; it is all a part of the game. Success will not taste so good if failures do not have lessons to teach. We at Applycup take failures with the same grace as we take success. We learn from the lessons that failure teaches us and keep trying until our goals are accomplished.”

Mr Nikhil

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Navigating The Pandemic

When the pandemic hit, businesses resorted to reducing hiring or implementing hiring freezes due to economic uncertainty; as a result, the recruitment industry suffered.

The transition to remote work has also disrupted traditional hiring processes, presenting challenges for recruitment strategies. However, Applycup managed to overcome these challenges by prioritising effective communication with clients and candidates.

The company has been able to understand their needs during these uncertain times and adapt accordingly. Every cloud has a silver lining, and while the Pandemic caused the troubles that it did, Applycup is now even better prepared for potential future disruptions. 

The remote recruitment and virtual hiring processes have now become the new normal, and Applycup has been at the forefront of incorporating these changes into their daily operations.

As an industry leader, it is now essential for Applycup to be agile and adaptable to respond effectively to the changing circumstances, and it has been successful in implementing innovative technologies and processes, building strong relationships with clients and candidates, and developing innovative solutions to cater to the changing needs of clients and candidates alike.

Success & Milestones

For Applycup, the key indicator of success is client satisfaction. Mr Nikhil shares, “The better we are able to stand up to their expectations, the higher we consider our success ratio to be”.   

Applycup has been recognised as a top recruitment firm in India, with titles such as the “Top 10 Most Promising Companies In The Industry” by The CEO Magazine 2021 edition.

Their team has placed thousands of candidates in various industries and sectors, demonstrating their expertise in matching qualified candidates with the right job opportunities.

Since its establishment, Applycup has experienced steady revenue growth, indicating a strong demand for its recruitment services. With the belief that quality services ought to attract growth in terms of revenue, they focus on improving and upgrading their services. 

Applycup has established partnerships and collaborations with various organisations worldwide, including startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and multinational corporations (MNCs).

They have expanded their team of recruiters and support staff over the past years, starting from a team of 8 people to over 120+ people today, with continued growth year on year as they progress.

Emerging Horizons

Applycup is experiencing growth in terms of new clients and recruitment models and aims to double its team size by the end of the current fiscal year.

At present, they are focusing on providing high-quality recruitment services to clients and candidates through the development of new virtual recruitment strategies and tools, investment in technology to support remote recruitment, and providing support and resources to employees to help them adapt to new working conditions.

The company also plans to implement HR analytics processes to help make informed decisions for clients and encourage further improvement in processes.

“Our aim is to become the ultimate choice of corporates worldwide for their hiring solutions. We have already gained the trust of various big names across industries, but we are constantly striving to improve. Our team’s major ambition is to become a publicly listed company in India, and we are working hard to make that happen through perseverance and efficiency.”   

Mr Nikhil

Words Of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs, Mr. Nikhil shares,

“The most important things are to stay persistent and resilient and to be willing to take risks and try new things. Surround yourself with a strong support network, including mentors, advisors, and other entrepreneurs who can provide guidance, feedback, and support. Always be open to constructive criticism, and make the best usage of it by improvising and aiming for perfection.”

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