How to Impress Your CEO- Unique Strategies to Impress Your CEO

How to Impress Your CEO- Unique Strategies to Impress Your CEO

A CEO can come from any background but they all generally have in common is that; they prefer smart work to smart talk. They like people who have the courage to take responsibility, understand things quickly. Complete their work on time, figure out what to do next, and take action without a lot of prompting. The CEO's day-to-day job involves monitoring a dizzying number of ideas, so their attention span is quite short. In this article, we will learn, Strategies to Impress Your CEO.

There was a time when success was rewarded to the hard-working underdog who retains their dignity and exercises; a modicum of restraints. But now the time has changed and the work environment has evolved a lot. Today, hard work is not enough; you need to be smart in your work.

If you have just started in the corporate world or hold a year of experience. And you are not able to come to your CEO's notice; even after a lot of hard work, these tips can be helpful for you. They are effective whether you are meeting for the very first time, passing in the elevator, or giving a presentation.

Keep in mind that there is a fine line between being eager to impress; and coming across as an unapologetic sycophant. Just be careful not to take your efforts too far.

Leave an Impactful Impression in Introduction

See, most CEOs welcome the opportunity to get acquainted with people at all levels of the organization. When you are meeting your CEO first time, try to be brief, specific and positive in your introduction.

Like, I don't remember if we have met. I'm Riyan and I have been a graphic designer here for one month. I am excited to work with you.

In case, you have met the CEO before, but you are not sure he has remembered your name or face, you can provide him with a bit of context and a topic to talk about.

Some points to keep in mind: don't talk so rapidly that it takes a minute to register his response like okay, nice to meet you. Also, avoid introducing yourself or getting into creepy/stalker territory.

Take Up Projects

It's a fact that CEOs tend to have far more unique ideas and concepts than they have people to execute on those ideas. If you are attending a meeting, and a project opportunity comes that you are able to handle, raise your hand. Even if you have to work at the weekend.

It is a great opportunity to come in the notice of the CEO!

Some points to keep in mind: You are a writer volunteering to take on social media content. Make sure you are capable to finish this task. Also, you should be careful here not to over volunteer- to the point that you are elbowing your colleagues out of the way. You do not want to attend the CEO's eye in a way that makes everyone else dislike you.

Reach Early and Leave Late

If you are one of those who show up at 10:00 am and leave at 7:05 p.m. every day, you are going to disappear into the crowd. To be noticed, be the one who is at your desk working by 9:45 a.m. every now and then.

When you are only one present when the boss arrives, he is more likely to notice you and possibly even stop by your desk to ask about your ongoing projects.

Staying after work hours can have the same effect, as long as you have legitimate work purpose for being there.

Some points to keep in mind: Here, you need to be careful as well as smart enough. You do not want to get caught pretending to burn the midnight oil while actually watching prank videos.

Ask your seniors for Help

When you good terms in relationship with your manager, do hesitate to ask directly. Most of the top executives in your company who are secure in their own positions will have no problem in answering your answers.

Some points to keep in mind: If your manager fined that you are trying to leapfrog over him. Always remember that your seniors have the same need to be noticed and valued by the CEO as you do, so never to take advantages at their expense. And, be mindful of your proper place when you are in that meeting. If you steal all the attention and your manager fades into the background, he is not likely to support you again.

Stay in Your Limits

No doubt, impressing your CEO and catching his attention can be a great boost for your professional goals as long as you are not noticed for the wrong reasons.

Don't be breeze into the CEOs office unannounced for a spontaneous chat. Avoid asking for an office your first week on the job, even if there is one just sitting there empty, mainly if employees with greater seniority are occupying cubicles also.

Some points to keep in mind: If your CEO ignores your raised hand and again ask for an opinion. It is a bad sign and you need to be careful from here.

Learning is the Key

Regardless of your functional reaps of expertise; learning will help you to confidently present your ideas. Before pitching anything, first, learn to write about that and then present it. You CEO may sit through a half-dozen presentations every week. If you are more prepared, articulate and convincing than average PPT narrator, the CEO will remember you.

Some points to keep in mind: You should not use this chance to show off your vocal or your deep knowledge about company history. Be brief and express yourself clearly and coherently.

Additional Guidance

  • Most CEOs or your seniors probably do not know about your job. Suppose, the CEO of an IT company may not be able to create a graphic that means they probably do not fully understand the realities of the company's 3D animators. Like, when you are involved in a meeting with your CEO, you need to show your talents in a way that is relevant to their perspective.
  • When you are following all the tips on how to impress a CEO, take it easy and relax. The role of a CEO is to think of the big picture for the company. To grab his attention, show how your talents translate into the big picture view for the company will likely serve you best.
  • Nothing can make your manager o CEO happier than when you take the initiative to perform a task without being asked to do it. It demonstrates autonomy, leadership, and a keen willingness to further the company's objectives. If as an employee, you can demonstrate to senior management that you have the ability to think independently and in a way that improves business, you are actually putting yourself in a position to be recognized.
  • It may look unappealing but the further you grow in your career, the harder you will have to work. And the more you are likely to care about the work you are doing. It is easy for your CEO to see you are passionate about your work and top executives always think that those who are more emotionally invested are those who tend to get recognized and rewarded for their work.

Wrap Up

Impressing your CEO in the right way, at the right time, and for the reasons is more than just a good way to gain a powerful ally. It also lets you observe him and learn valuable things for succeeding in the corporate environment.

Be sensitive when you want to know how to impress your CEO. CEOs are surrounded by constant chatter, and they have highly developed listening skills that help them discern when to chime in. let the CEO have as much airtime as they want, and show that you are a tactful person who knows when to add value to their conversation.

Means always try to leave a hook when you finish speaking. Make sure in your discussion, the CEO should have the last word, not you.

Hope you get your answer to the question, how to impress your CEO, and you have learned more about the Strategies to Impress Your CEO. Take advantage of opportunities as they arise, and be eager and willing without overstepping the boundaries of good taste, you will surely find yourself on a path to promotion.

These tips are directed at people in the workplace. However, do not exclude yourself if you do not currently have a job. Having practice working with mentors at companies that are looking to hire can really help you to get your confidence up when it comes to talking to people in higher positions.

This is just like everything else, the more practice you have; the better you will get at it.

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