Fruit Slot Machine Cheats that Work

Fruit Slot Machine Cheats that Work

Who doesn't love a spin of the old fruity? They bring back a surge of nostalgia and remind of the good old days before the age of the internet to a much simpler time when slot machines weren't digital and didn't use microprocessors but were mechanical and players had to pull a lever to physically spin the reels. However, the days of the "one-armed bandit" became a thing of the past when microprocessors became common in the 80s which are essentially computers inside the slot machines with a different probability to be assigned to each symbol on the reels. Microprocessors utilised multiple features which ensure the pay-outs of the slot bonuses are controlled stringently and fairly within the limits of current gambling legislation.

There were many players who tried to cheat slot machines when they were mechanically operated, however, video slot machines soon became popular as technology advanced which don't have mechanical reels and instead utilised graphic reels on a computerized screen. This made them even more difficult for slot cheats and technology now used today has meant that slot machines tricks and cheats of the past no longer work! Here are some of the classic fruit slot machines cheated that used to work in days gone by.

Shaved Coins

Did you know, the reason why pound coins have line ridges on the outside is so that you will be able to tell when a coin has been shaved down? This is something criminals used to do to melt down the excess to make more coins and casino slot cheats also used to love shaved coins to cheat slot machines. Slot machines which used to have a light senor to register when a coin was inserted and often the light sensor was not connected to the physical compartment where the coins were stores so essentially if a shaved coin was inserted at the same time as a similar shaped and sized object the slot would spit back out the shaved coin and the machine would play. This meant cheaters could play without spending their money.

Fake Coins

Fake coins were used to cheat by infamous slot cheat Louis Colavecchio who used fake coins to cheat casinos for years until he was finally arrested for his crimes in the late 90s. He didn't learn his lesson and once again started to cheat in 2006 when he was released from prison. Of course, he was soon found out once again!


Back when slot machines used to have magnetic components, it was possible for players to try and used magnets to cheat on older slot machines. Cheats would spin the reels and then use a very strong magnet to manipulate the reels and get them to stop spinning when a winning combination came up then remove the magnet to release the prize money.

Of course, none of these methods work on modern day machines, so you'll just have to win fair and square! Plus, where is the fun in cheating? The good news is, if you love retro slots and fruit machine style slots, there are plenty to be found in online casinos.

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