How To Social Media Content Calendar 2021?

How To Social Media Content Calendar 2021?
How To Social Media Content Calendar 2021?

How To Social Media Content Calendar 2021?

It is no news 2020 was a bittersweet year. With feelings of not being control, loss, pain, depression to feeling growth in terms of leadership of your business, family, or self. Yet, as it ended for YouTubers and Social Media Influencers, creators have all sorts of resolutions and creating better content has been on top. Thus, we have the perfect New Year's gift for you, Social Media Content Calendar 2021.

Well, January 2021 can indeed be treated as just another month battling with the pandemic and mere change of dates on the calendar or it can be a new set of 365 days, each with own opportunities and choices. To set that though in the pace with the action, well the content calendar for 2021 has should be planned keeping in mind your current goals to achieve those long term goals that you can check off your list by December 2021.

How To Social Media Content Calendar 2021?
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As a social media creator, you cannot risk losing time. Remember views, comments and engagement on your social media are secondary, creating and posting the content on the right time is paramount. Right time being the keyword if you don't want to fail on the very basis of successful content creation relevance and consistency.

Hence, a Social Media content calendar is essentially a plan made in advance on editorial calenders or apps with scheduled social media posts. Focusing on major areas of:

1: Organising Content and Date of Posting

2. Managing Campaigns

3. Tracking Deadlines

How To Social Media Content Calendar 2021?
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Well, if you are a content creator, there are ways in which you can plan your content, but the best way has to be spreadsheets because it is not as old-school as marking on the paper calendar and not costly as software with professional automation capabilities.


Keep the working seamlessly flowing throughout your year without wondering on what's next especially when you are managing multiple social media accounts.


With flexible or non-existent deadlines, procrastination is an easy follow-up. A clear social media content calendar 2021 will allow you to hold your teams accountable much easily.


The key to moving ahead and getting better is measuring your results and working on the required areas. So, when you are at, get better while you are getting faster.

How To Social Media Content Calendar 2021?
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Well, it is obvious why content creators need a content calendar, but who exactly can be the "content creators" likely to sort their lives out with a clean and organized spreadsheet for this year. Let's find out:

  • THE MARKETING TEAM: If you are in the marketing team of a company, well, it is indeed not news to your years that you work with a marketing calendar to float through the mountains of campaigns with various things in action including the social components. A calendar I great for you to define the timeline of the pre and post-production of a campaign.

  • SMALL BUSINESS: Starting a business is never a weak move and businessman know that as they make calculations and timings into consideration before starting anything. Well, save and maintain not only sanity but also the limited resources with a social media content calendar 2021.

  • CONSULTANTS: Make this year your best year with a content calendar worsted for your various clients with different requirements.                                                                                                      

  • MEDIA COMPANIES: An organised editorial department can set as a base to smooth functioning of your entire company. Hence, be it your offline editorial content or online promotional content, keep it all managed with your Social Media Content Calendar 2021.

  • BLOGGERS, PODCASTERS, AND VLOGGERS: Yes, in the world of creating online content, bloggers and vloggers usually YouTubers don't have time to waste their time on tools and content which is outdated. You might figure out some content every week while some like important dates will always be on your calendar.


THE BASICS: These are something that you must start pre-production of your Social Media Calendar For 2021:

Get Started with the type of content you will be creating i.e. images, videos, text, or audio.

How To Social Media Content Calendar 2021?
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  • Get rid of the outdated profiles.

  • Focus on defining the targeted audience and your goals.

  • Defining who is accountable for what action on your team.

  • The social media channels you will be using to promote your content.

  • Key metrics for measuring future success on each platform.

STRATEGISE: Here's what your social media content calendar has to be able to track and in which format should you strategize your content:

The key things that should be on your Social media content calendar 2021 include the platform, date, time, copy, visuals, and links of the published post.

Now you can manage different campaigns based on the advanced details like platform-specific creations and its analytics, geo-targeted creations and their analytics, paid or organic creations and their analytics, etc.

CONTENT LIBRARY: Yes, you heard it right, each of your creation, whether it was a client-based deal or something that you have just created, each of them shouldn't be filling your mobile memory.

So, focus on using platforms that can act as your social media content library like Dropbox, Google Drive, company's internal network, etc. This allows you to have:

  • More accessible content.

  • More easily sharable content

  • Less searching needed

  • Seamless management of content.

How To Social Media Content Calendar 2021?
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THE WORKFLOW: Well, this is indeed last but not the least important point in the list of how to create a Social Media Calendar 2021, as once you have your social media workflow outlined, you can easily understand and set:

  • How often you want to post on each channel?

  • Best time to post on each platform.

  • The content ratio.

  • The post-approval.


Well, get your hands on this mission today to sort out the rest of your year better.

How To Social Media Content Calendar 2021?
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How To Social Media Content Calendar 2021?
How To Social Media Content Calendar 2021?
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