5 Interior Designing Mistakes that you cannot Ignore

5 Interior Designing Mistakes that you cannot Ignore

5 Interior Designing Mistakes that you cannot Ignore

5 Interior Designing Mistakes that you cannot Ignore

5 Interior Designing Mistakes that you cannot Ignore

A house becomes a home only when you put the right ingredients together, in the right combination. Which is why, interior designing is such a buzzword these days. Modern homeowners understand that it is not something to be taken casually and often requires professional expertise. Still, if you want to put together a beautiful, functional and cosy home together on your own, it’s important to know what to do and what not to do. In this blog, we will cover the common interior designing mistakes Bigham & Associates Property Management says you need to avoid if you are tackling the project on your own.

1. Ignoring money matters

Having a budget is essential for any interior designing project to go smoothly. You can budget for a lavish home with marble floors, teak furniture and chandeliers or something modest and simple with clean lines and lots of space. But whatever you wish for, you need to make sure that you have enough money for it. If you are doing the project by yourself, you need to research and compare multiple contractors and vendors to get to a practical figure. Or you can take the easy way out by hiring professional designers who can calculate the cost for you.

2. Choosing furniture that is too big or small

This is one of the biggest interior designing mistakes. Big pieces can overwhelm a small room while tiny pieces look absurd in a large, spacious hall. So, make sure your furniture goes well with the room’s dimensions. Remember to factor in this too – everything should be at least 4 inches away from any wall. Also keep the kind of traffic you are likely to get in mind. Your furniture size and arrangement should be such that people don’t bump into things or fall.

3. Not having a focal point

Any room looks dull and without personality if it doesn’t have a focal point. It is basically something that is of visual interest and grabs eyeballs the moment someone steps inside the room. It can be a massive floor to ceiling glass window, a large painting, or even a big, classy sofa. Zeroing in on a focal point will help you plan the rest of the room too, like where other pieces of furniture will go, where the lights will go, and so on.

4. Not thinking of organisation and things you don’t need

This is one of the most common interior designing mistakes people make and regret. No matter how beautiful your house turns out to be finally, clutter can make it look shoddy and unimpressive. And clutter happens, no matter how much you try. So, you need to come up with smart organisation hacks to avoid future clutter.

For instance, a coffee table with inbuilt drawers or cubbies, ottomans with inbuilt storage space, beds with drawers, and floor to ceiling closets can do wonders. If you are short on floor area, you can go for floating shelves or cubbies, wall-mounted TV units, floating bedside tables, foldable workstation and so on.

Also, don’t let old things that you don’t need anymore add to the clutter. It might be a chair with a broken arm, a wobbly table, once-fashionable paintings with heavy frames or huge, clumsy vases that a family member gifted. If something can be recycled and refurbished to match your current interior style, go ahead. Otherwise, give it away.

5. Not having a plan for lights

Ideally, during the day, your interiors should get as much sunlight as possible. But you cannot ignore the importance of artificial lights after sunset or on a gloomy day. And if you thought putting up a single bright light will be enough for a room, think again.

A combination of task, accent and ambient lights is what you need to make a room appealing in every way. While ambient lights set the mood of a room, accent lights are great for highlighting its best features, like a false ceiling, a sculpture, or your favourite decorative plates in a shelf.

And task lights are essential for activities like cooking, reading, sewing, working on your laptop, and such. Also, one of the major interior designing mistakes is not using different kinds of lights or not layering them. Try to combine embedded ceiling lights or recessed light with wall sconces, table lamps and floor lamps for an interesting look.

Apart from the interior designing mistakes mentioned above, it is also easy to blunder when it comes to colours, fabrics, and materials. Plus, leaving wires and cords exposed is another mistake and dangerous too.

Even simple errors like hanging your drapes too low can mess up the look of your interiors or make it appear smaller than it is. So, if you think the task is too much for you, consult reputed interior designers to help you out. They can handle everything from start to finish seamlessly and give you the peace of mind you need.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>5 Interior Designing Mistakes that you cannot Ignore</p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>5 Interior Designing Mistakes that you cannot Ignore</p></div>
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