Vertex Global Services, A Novel Start-up Synonymous with Market Leader in Business Optimization Solutions

Mr. Gagan Arora, Founder, Vertex Global Services
Mr. Gagan Arora, Founder, Vertex Global Services

A Novel Start-up Synonymous with Market Leader in Business Optimization Solutions

Vertex Global Services, A Novel Start-up Synonymous with Market Leader in Business Optimization Solutions

Headquartered in Times Square New York, Vertex Global Service is a leading business optimization provider, The Best Place to Work, and the fastest-growing Business Optimization Solutions provider globally.

It savours the 19th rank amongst the 500 most innovative companies across the globe with a presence in 6 countries in just 5 years. Along with its technology partners, Vertex Global Services has 1000+ employees, serves more than 3000 Clients via its delivery network and operations globally.

With a mission to make Vertex a preferred business optimization partner in all channels by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation, and exceptional customers experiences, they are ready to be consistently fulfilling the “Expect More and Affordable Brand Promise”.

Their vision is to be a customer-focused and quality-driven organization that builds digital solutions using innovative technologies while maintaining the highest ethical standards towards customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

“I started my entrepreneurial journey from being a torchbearer to an entrepreneur and leader. After spearheading various departments and working with several brands for close to two decades, I left the corporate job and launched Vertex with just 2 people from a small garage in Florida.

I faced immense challenges and my initial ventures did not flourish, shared by the founder of Vertex Global Services.

Hiccups on the Way

With an unstoppable team, Vertex ensures the recognition and overcoming of the common pitfalls that are associated with the growth to grow and thrive.

There remain a lot of unknowns to explore. Having experience with various industries, inculcating a vision, and motivating people towards it is quite a task and is equally important.

One of the few challenges include consistently updating and adapting to market transformations along with technological innovations which aren’t easy at scale, but they surmounted the same.

The unparalleled, innovative, and strive for perfection with the single window services, Vertex offers managed services, AI, ML, Performance Marketing & its E-Learning Platform, Vertex Digital Academy.

With milestone success of five years in the industry, they have expanded further towards the Middle East marking global footprints with the verticals Vertex Next and Vertex Cosmos.

Their experience is reflected in results-oriented services, which are a balanced combination of digital channels and PR and ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

The Industry Challenges

Adapting to market transformations and technological innovations are not easy at scale. Another challenge in a fast-paced technology world is integrating the applications as technology sits at the intersection of management and operations.

At Vertex Global Services, they ensure the recognition and overcome significant challenges that are associated with the consistent technological advancements and develop the best-in-class solutions and services by updating the GTM plans regularly to suit the needs.

The Vertex’s Biggest USP

Technology has proven to be the key integrator in the current pandemic. Vertex Global Services is one of the global players investing heavily in technology. They have planned to develop a very clear technically agile system reaching the digital pinnacle.

Led by growth, they direct the strategies based on providing customer-centric business solutions acting as the USP and strengthening their hold in the industry as leading pioneers.

The Vertex Team and Leader’s Motivation Mantra

At Vertex, each employee's input is valuable as each mind possesses the capacity to change the course of an organization with their skills and ideas. The team of “Unstoppables” who have conquered the impossible is created the same way.

With a passion for work and understanding and defining the goals that drives the decisions and choices that a leader makes, he believes, one of the best ways to keep making consistent progress is to keep the fires of inspiration stoked and encourage the team at Vertex to consistently push their personal growth and learn new skills.

Key Technological Transformation

With a robust belief that the new infinity of work has opened more opportunities for especially abled people and BPO industries, Vertex’s leader views the Work from Home/Remote model to be gone through a universal uptake in some sectors because of the pandemic, opening doors for organizations to create an inclusive workplace for, especially abled people.

Vertex offers a stage to such especially- abled people along with implementing a growth strategy with Vertex BPO to increase the market share.

Mr. Gagan Arora, Founder, Vertex Global Services
Building a Dream Team for a Start-up

Feathers in the Cap

Certified as Best Place to Work in India 2020 with ESAT at 94% and a Global score of 92%, Vertex has been awarded as “Best Company of the Year 2020” by Berkshire Media.

The hard work of my professional journey has been honoured with prestigious titles like “CNBC 40 under 40 Top influential corporate Leaders Award 2020’, ‘CEO of the year award 2020- Indian Achievers Forum’, ‘Best people managers award 2020- Great Manager Institute and Forbes India’.

Among these, is also an achievement, the leader takes the most pride in, the team and culture he has built.

What is Success?

“Success comes to those who dare to dream, to people who truly want to succeed. It does not come easy and requires a lot many sacrifices. As a leader, I define success in two ways. First, helping the company achieve its larger goals, allowing for the creation of bolder ones.

Second, enhancing employee engagement and spurring their commitment to greater growth. There is no shortcut to success and that is the only mantra everyone must know,” shared the man at the helm.

The Pandemic Lessons

Growth is an integral part of the Vertex team which translates into offering consistent deliverables to consumers with a continuous process. Developing a growth strategy involves penetrating new markets and new segments, which aids the business to scale new heights.

Moving forward, Vetex will recourse their strengths to reinstate the services that ascertain quality of human lives too by reskilling especially-abled people and create an opportunity of employment for them.

Vertex currently has 1000+ employees across 6 countries and planning to expand in the Middle East and Africa with their new ventures V Cosmos and Vertex Next adding 1500+ employees by the end of 2021.

Words of Wisdom

“Never stop building meaningful relationships with customers and other people in the industry. Do everything in your power to build a lean solution for your customers and only spend money on the essentials now you need them.

Choose to view competitors as potential partners and collaborations to positively impact your brand. Being a successful entrepreneur requires a focused vision, grit, and a lot of perseverance,” shares the leader.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Vertex Global Services’ monthly CSR activities connect people across the board to come together for the community. A pinch of happiness initiative is a happiness project simply focused on imparting a pinch of happiness because they believe that even the slightest of their effort can make someone extremely happy.

Sowing Green is a Vertex initiative driven by a strong belief in protecting the environment and engage employees with this initiative for better productivity and creativity.

In the “Each 1 Teach 1” initiative, Vertex employees engage themselves with a student to give out their knowledge and skills to create future leaders. Their pandemic career support platform is an initiative designed to integrate job seekers and employers to find their best match at no cost.

Mr. Gagan Arora, Founder, Vertex Global Services
Mr. Gagan Arora, Founder, Vertex Global Services
Mr. Gagan Arora, Founder, Vertex Global Services
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