Building a Dream Team for a Start-up

Dr. Nalli Ramya is an Author, a Motivational Speaker, and Founder /CEO at RAMICOS.
Dr. Nalli Ramya
Dr. Nalli Ramya

Building a Dream Team for a Start-up

A Dream Team in any business requires an amalgamation and a perfect balance of technical skills and character traits to achieve success. Diversity has always been the key to attaining the organization’s goals. We need to build a group of both men and women who can view the challenges through similar perspectives. To build a dream team, we need to focus on 11 traits –


We all start with a team of one, which is ourselves. We need to make ourselves the best version so that we can inspire others to join us.

2.Always associate yourself with people more than yourself

It is important because this helps in building a skilful team with experience that is superior to your own expertise. This definitely leads to a better outcome.

3.Talents may win games but teamwork intelligence warrants championships.

The main goal is that every member of the team knows how to get the job done autonomously, without requiring any micromanagement.

4.A Resilient Team

A start-up success is the result of a resilient team that is capable of overcoming disappointments and moving on with a positive spirit. We need to know when to hold on and when to walk away, as well as being aware when we need to run.

Dr. Nalli Ramya

5.Every business needs a creature story

Bring out something creative and challenging. The challenging stories reveal how the company responded to these challenges whether big or small.

6.Engage with the customers

If companies are serious about strengthening their brand then they need to connect and engage with customers and employees in more effective ways. Getting serious about brand and storytelling is not easy and definitely not quid. However, if done right and done authentically, it has the potential to create long-lasting brand loyalty.

7.Never ignore your greatest marketing tool that costs nothing.

There are multiple benefits from sharing stories about your company’s endeavours with corporate responsibility. This not only makes your current employees feel proud but they also build brand loyalty with your existing customers. So, you should share stories about what your company is doing to support your community. Share stories of your employees doing good deeds in the community. Use a variety of channels to share these stories.

Dr. Nalli Ramya
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8.Danger of “That’s the way it is always done”

The question that is imposed here is, what’s the value of us doing it this way to the customers. Being rigid and unnecessarily holding on to bureaucracies like “That’s the policy, and that’s the way it’s always done” often costs money through loss of productive time. What successful companies do: They never stop looking for ways to enhance the value that they add by removing the layers of unnecessary actuary.

And by ensuring that their people understand that they are empowered too. This motivates its people towards working smarter and harder, equipping them with better decision-making and faster delivery of value. Leaders always manage this process firmly and empathetically.

9.It is no wonder that covid-19 has increased the level of anxiety and burnout in our lives.

In the US alone there has been an increase of more than 40% of adults reporting symptoms of depression. A global study by Asana indicated that nearly 8 in 10 knowledge workers in Australia and 9 in 10, in the US were feeling burned out.

They clearly indicate that 29% of the time is spent on meaningful work and the remaining time is spent working on that work. To avoid a long-term mental health crisis from the workforce, first, provide social support to avoid anxiety. Regularly check in with your team so that you know how they are feeling. Validate their personal emotional experience and help them.

10. Be accurate and facilitate but don’t dominate the conversation.

If people (employees) feel that they can, tell the truth that you understand them well and that they can gain a sense of control. They will more likely feel that they can manage the situation. Listen to your employees by maintaining eye contact. This is one powerful way to show you are listening.

11. Finally, celebrate the good things

Especially when times are tough, the celebration and positive reviews help in responding with real enthusiasm. It amplifies their happiness and yours. Don’t let the crises take hold, prioritize social support and work productively to avoid deficits.

Dr. Nalli Ramya

Dr. Nalli Ramya Profile

An Otorhinolaryngologist and Head and Neck Surgeon (JIPMER) from Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, Dr. Nalli Ramya is an Author, a Motivational Speaker, and Founder /CEO at RAMICOS. She has been a proud panellist and guest speaker at numerous national and international webinars on topics related to Medicine and Motivation. She has given motivational speeches at prestigious institutes like NIT and IIT.

An esteemed winner of titles ‘The Best Columnist of the year 2020’ and ‘The Best Literary Critic of the year 2020’ in Lit Fest 2020, she has also been featured in various media houses like Deccan Chronicle, Hindustan Times, The Dispatch, etc. Winner of Hope International awards as ‘Popular Women of Universe Award 2021’ and ‘India Prime Award 2021’, she is presently working on her second novel and excitedly looks forward to bringing it to the light of the readers very soon.

Having identified some of the key success factors for beauty brands, her company RAMOCOS aims to focus on consumer experience, price-points that are potentially below that of premium brands in the market. The products of the company rely on dermatological results and credentials and aims at a strong digital presence as well as direct-to-customer marketing.

Dr. Nalli Ramya
Dr. Nalli Ramya
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Dr. Nalli Ramya
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