We are presently living in a generation where each day the market gets new innovative technology-powered products. In such a fast-paced world, every decade can be compared to a generation, with new ideas and new technology at hand.


While we have shifted from telephones to smartphones and from PCs to sleek laptops, the education industry has also witnessed the change that is a result of the technology revolution. For the last decade, various such technology makers have created platforms that seem to turn the imagination into reality. In the past decade, computer algorithms have been designed to offer to differentiate instructions to each student creating a personalised experience which can lead to an efficient and significant positive achievement.

With the power of digitalisation, it is not only the traditional forms or ways through which everyone is learning. The trend of e-learning is boosting today as educational technology has been gaining popularity across the world. The well-equipped e-learning platforms with available information on a vast variety of topics are being used from the elementary schools to the colleges.

In this transforming environment, getting the best information is not dependent on the traditional colleges, one can gain the knowledge anytime and anywhere without depending on teachers, or waiting for specific hours for getting their queries solved. The age-old, uni-dimensional, chalk and board methods of learning are outdated today as the education seekers and providers are focused on online facilities. Some of these trendy solutions are:

Virtual Education

Going to college and seeking knowledge in the class from the professors is not essentially the only way to learn today. With virtual learning, the distance between the teacher and student becomes immaterial. Electronically aided learning is something that has been useful and depicts the ease provided by the internet. To make sure that the student's surfing is useful, there are e-learning sites which can cater to learning to an extent, the virtual schools and universities are excellent examples of educational technology for those who can't study on campus for whatever reason.

Gadget-Based Learning

Replacing boards and chalks is fine but what about the notebooks, textbooks, and even whiteboards? Well, the e-learning solutions have empowered the learning without any of the mentioned above essentials. In the present day classrooms, a tablet or laptop and an audiovisual system are enough to match a load of books and notes everyone had to carry around.


Yes, a very common platform for entertainment today, is also a platform with the same benefits allowing the students to learn efficiently. Getting access to the educators and administrators, podcasts ranging from teaching to institutional innovation, university educators and leaders have a lot to choose from for professional listening.This platform is a great way for students to learn from insightful interviews with the faculty and staff from various universities who are experts on different topics.

Online Libraries

Libraries have been an integral part of the research of college students who use to spend a lot of their time in the silent rooms filled with books. Today, online libraries are a beneficial study resource for college students. Modern digital libraries are a collection of documents such as magazine articles, book, papers, images, sound files and videos organized in an electronic form and available on the internet or digital support. With no physical boundaries, round the clock availability, multiple assesses, information retrieval, better preservation of data, there are various reasons to answer the question of "Why digital/online libraries?".

The Mass Media

Reaching the mass audience at a single point of time effectively and efficiently; TV, newspapers, video games, radio, and the internet are the mass media gadgets which have become the primary source of socialization for individuals.

While it has been used for decades for entertainment purposes, the digital, social, and mainstream media sources cannot be underestimated. Extending outside the conventional classroom and having a powerful and lasting impact on everybody, the mass media channels have been positively helping the students learn things with better engagement, improved content dissemination and improved pedagogy and information sharing.


With the digital revolution and these most powerful technologies in the education industry are responsible for massive social changes among students. The relevant technology trends in today's education system are not only time-efficient, but they also help students learn outside the classroom environment.

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