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Spearheading The Landscape Of Financial Consulting
Arun Kumar Krishnan : MD, Sinhoi Advisory Pvt. Ltd.

Arun Kumar Krishnan : MD, Sinhoi Advisory Pvt. Ltd.

MD, Sinhoi Advisory Pvt. Ltd.

The brainchild of Arun Kumar Krishnan, Sinhoi Advisory Services Pvt Ltd is a firm offering strategic advisory on aspects such as finance, taxes, cash flows, mergers, operations and market expansion to the world’s most prominent corporations, governments, individuals and institutions.

Since its inception in 2016, the company has showcased continual evolution with their ability to provide innovative solutions and tailored approaches.

The key aspect has always been to give impetus to the necessities of our clients and embed solutions around such needs. The team at Sinhoi currently engage with more than 100 companies & 2500 individuals.

From obtaining specific expertise to playing the role of catalyst to drive businesses towards success, the firm has evolved immensely with changing times.

The company witnessed phenomenal growth in both the number of clients and the revenue making it one of the fastest-growing financial companies leveraging technology as a medium of engagement.

Arun Kumar Krishnan, Managing Director, Sinhoi Advisory Pvt. Ltd.

A series of small dreams, a series of small business ventures…

Entrepreneurship was always in the cards for Mr Arun Kumar Krishnan. After successfully launching several small ventures, driven by a sense of purpose and a spirit of challenge, he incepted Sinhoi in 2019.

The initial days were considerably difficult. However, with his perseverance, he overcame everything. He found people who believed in his business model and like-minded people willing to work to build the company from the ground up.

Over the next three years, Mr Arun and the team worked hard and steadily built the business. Having attained success and credibility, the next part of their journey was to leverage innovative power technology to develop research-driven cutting-edge solutions that address the relatively unmet needs of their clients.

Backed with 16+ years of experience, Mr Arun Kumar Krishnan comes with a vast knowledge and skill set in all aspects of business management and operations.

Having experience working with a start-up to one of the Big Four accounting organisations, Mr Arun showcased an impressive track record of career progression. Even now, he is instrumental in establishing Sinohi as one of the best financial consulting firms.

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Leveraging Innovation To Deliver Excellence

Advocating a structured approach and uncompromising commitment to quality, Sinhoi’s financial consulting services range from Structured Finance, Capital Budgeting, Debt & Equity Funding, Financial Book Keeping, IFRS, and RTA to Investment Services.

Adopting a progressive approach the team at Sinhoi adopts a progressive approach to technology and marketing techniques.

With a strong sense of identification with clients’ projects, they are constantly striving to provide value-added solutions. Valuing and promoting seamless interaction with clients’ teams, investing a tremendous amount of time and effort in understanding clients’ business, Sinhoi delivers the best value as per the client’s budget.

Their enthusiasm, energy, and drive for excellence keep Sinhoi’s team committed to developing strong client relationships, engaging capable and dedicated professionals and investing in technology.

Conquering Challenges With A Growth Mindset

With the onset of each day, there is a new change which brings forth a new challenge and with each challenge comes numerous opportunities to learn, adapt and evolve.

The team processes perceive and interpret each challenge as a positive change and remain focused. Other factors contributing to their focused approach to every challenge include

  • Strong value-based experience and humility are at the forefront

  • Building platforms of trust and cooperation

  • Learn fast & Learn right

  • Turning adversities into opportunities

  • Helicopter Approach- Dive down deep and quickly come up to the top

  • Attention to detail, as well as the larger objective in focus

  • Managing the emotional portfolio

  • Managing the stakeholders

  • Generating tremendous goodwill from trust and transparency.

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Sinhoi Advisory Services Differentiators

In the era of unprecedented disruption, most firms succumb to integrated digital services. This transformation, however, is so obsolete for any business to thrive now that clients across the globe are likely to encounter newer challenges irrespective of the innovation in the technology space.

Moreover, the concept being nascent, most firms find it difficult to understand the trepidation that exists to deliver effective solutions.

Sinhoi follows a different approach than others, to have developed a deep, practical implementation experience with cost-reduction initiatives in many environments.

Well-rehearsed in providing advice and solutions grounded in empirical data and proven practices, the team at Sinhoi delivers measurable, meaningful results.

Further, most companies today only focus on the process’s Automation. Sinhoi, on the other hand, has been doing it more traditionally, integrating it into digital aesthetics. Their deliverables are routed through enhanced manual efforts, drastically eradicating assumption errors.

Sustaining The Challenges

Sustaining and simultaneously growing as an entrepreneur in an extremely difficult and imbalanced market condition is a challenge. Mr Arun shares, “Planning resources, strategising operations, delivering on clients, projecting cash flows and maintaining a balance; all require a huge amount of energy.

But it has also been a wonderful learning curve; each day has provided me with an invaluable experience. This journey as an entrepreneur has taught me to face adversity as an opportunity and the key driving factor for me to sustain.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Arun Kumar Krishnan :&nbsp;MD, Sinhoi Advisory Pvt. Ltd.</p></div>
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Achievements In The Journey

  • Creation of a digital platform that services nearly 5000 individuals and corporations across the lengths and breadths of the country; in little over five years.

  • Mr Arun was invited to participate in the G20 YEA in 2022, held in Hamburg, Germany.

  • Economic Times recognised Mr Arun as the Most Promising Entrepreneur of the country in 2020.

  • Team Sinhoi was invited to be a part of a small delegation to meet with Hon. Home Minister of India to discuss small firms’ key challenges post Covid in 2022.

Future Outlook

India’s eternal hunt for significant value and its young and talented aspirations are fast converging. Sinhoi aims to leverage this convergence with technology-based business models to drive its growth in this decade, focusing on establishing an efficient internal structure and creating a pool of resources that could quickly & efficiently process ideas and design solutions.

Mr Arun shares, “India, today is at an inflexion point. In the next few years, there will be a dramatic positive shift in India’s economic might and its role on the world stage. At Sinhoi, we are focused on using this opportunity to build a stronger presence while creating value for our clients and stakeholders.”

To be an institution in perpetuity that will build entrepreneurial individuals making a difference in society by creating value, it is paramount to have a strong governance mechanism.

The core purpose and values at Sinhoi align with their ambitious long-term vision as an organisation- to be a global client-focused consulting firm by the year 2025.

Words Of Wisdom

As an entrepreneur, Mr Arun has first-hand experience with how challenging the journey can be. He actively participates in various events and shows conducted by institutions, NGOs, Government organisations and other such entities to share his experiences and promote an entrepreneurial mindset among youngsters.

His advice to young entrepreneurs is, “As a founder, never forget that the business is between you and your customer, irrespective of any number of investors or stakeholders. Don’t just be transactional.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Arun Kumar Krishnan :&nbsp;MD, Sinhoi Advisory Pvt. Ltd.</p></div>
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