DATANIUM LLP: AI-Based Classroom Management System

Mohammed Ghouse

Mohammed Ghouse

Founder & Director - DATANIUM LLP

Founded in 2020, DATANIUM LLP, a Bengaluru-based startup, is revolutionising the education industry globally with their AI-based Classroom Management System.

The business segment of the organisation is dedicated to providing Technology products and strategic and project consultation to Edtech clients. Their Research Unit is dedicated to developing AI (Artificial Intelligence)- based Classroom Management Solutions underneath the brands TRACKZON and CLASSMINT.

In this era, Computers, Interactive panels are major modes to enhance the educational experience. Understanding their need, the Government spends substantial money every year to supply desktops/laptops to schools and colleges.

Still, there aren’t any meaningful statistics on the effective usage of these devices at schools, and physical check-ins are not an option due to the vast geography and remoteness of villages.

Understanding this gap, the team at DATANIUM, through their flagship solution TRACKZON, tracks, monitors, and analyses classroom and lab devices such as Interactive Panels, Desktops, Laptops, and Tablets to provide statistical data to the Education Department or School Management.

This aims to assist them in making important decisions, such as introducing additional devices in response to demand. CLASSMINT, another brand of DATANIUM, offers an inventive range of products for schools, including hardware and software for classroom teachers.

Their vast expertise, breakthrough innovation and successful concept transformation into a business distinguish DATANIUM from others. They are not just resolving a social issue with their major focus on government schools, but they have also secured projects for a Lakh and many more devices deployed in thousands of classrooms for their solutions.

Mohammed Ghouse, Founder & Director, DATANIUM LLP

“You don’t have to lie to persuade someone; simply present the facts convincingly and intelligently” – Mohammed Ghouse.

Mohammed Ghouse, a seasoned professional with expertise in government projects, has more than 16 +years of leadership experience with worldwide technology firms.

He represented a global firm for a vast international territory encompassing South and Western Asia regions ranging from Indian Ocean Countries, the Middle East, and extended countries like Egypt and Turkey.

Working with international teams and extensive international travel was a plus for him. He closed high-value opportunities in a complex, technical environment.

Mr Ghouse’s core strengths are Strategic consulting, including developing business plans and sales strategies, and Business Growth. Apart from government projects in various countries, he has established a global business network and enrolled many prestigious institutions as customers.

He has won many large-scale Edtech/ICT/Smart class Government projects in India, including the well-known Gyan Kunj and many Smart City Projects.

“People will go to any length for their benefits during their career or early business days, and it will come back to annoy them later since we live in a connected world. The same clients could very well be your future buyers. Prepare to go the extra mile for your customers’ retention,”

Mr Ghouse

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“All through my extensive experience, it has frequently been on my mind how to ensure that the technology products we provide are utilised efficiently; is there a way we can track the usage? Is there some method for obtaining these data? Is there any way to acknowledge the class/school with the maximum utilisation? Furthermore, how can we collect classroom and school data with minimal or no manual intervention?As a founder, I have chosen to take a keen interest in giving structure from the commencement. My greater customer interactions have been incredibly beneficial, and being a domain expert magnifies us from a purely technological firm with a customer-focused approach.”

Mr Ghouse

Core Values At DATANIUM Labs

  • Commitment: They succeed in making every effort to adhere to all of their promises.

  • Product quality: They never compromise on product quality.

  • Ethics: DATANIUM chooses to live with it.

  • Accountable: DATANIUM takes responsibility for its actions and solutions.

  • Happiness: Happy employees contribute significantly, and Happy Customers contribute to brand building.

  • Pride: We, DATANIUM is delighted to be socially responsible.

Strategising AI Classroom Management Program

With a strategy to transform Smart Classrooms into AI-enabled Classrooms, DATANIUM’s technology Solutions will collect data on classroom practises and student performances assisting Education Department/School Management while making strategic decisions such as mid-meal or any distribution programme.

In the AI-based classrooms, Teachers will continue to be in charge of the classroom, but with active participation and feedback from the technology around them. With a plan to take their solution worldwide, the team is already in talks with international clients.

Diversification Helped DATANIUM Survive The Pandemic

The Covid 19 pandemic was something that no one in the world was prepared for. The social and economic disruption it caused was devastating. When the pandemic first hit, DATANIUM Labs was in its early phases.

The team was doing pilot runs for the AI Facial Program at institutions and had gathered vital information for shaping the solution and feeding the algorithm.

The virus breakout caused the entire world and operations to go on an indefinite pause, and so did DATANIUM Labs. However, the team managed to overcome it through diversification.,

“We revamped our business model and modified our product line accordingly; as a result, we are advancing.”

Mr Ghouse

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Betterment of the education sector in India: Definition Of Success For DATANIUM

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

- Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa.

Inspired heavily by the above saying, the DATANIUM team is working towards improving the education sector in India with a major emphasis on government schools.

“Instead of focusing on our individual success, our company focuses on nurturing the community we live in. The fact that we are doing something for the betterment of society is the driving factor for the entire team. And while doing so, we are registering business growth. We are extremely thankful for it.”

Mr Ghouse

Milestones DATANIUM Have Achieved So Far

  • DATANIUM labs have secured projects for over 1,50,000 - One Lakh Fifty Thousand devices, which will be implemented in thousands of classrooms.

  • They have won the ICT Project and the Popular Gyan Kunj Project and have a couple more wins on the way.

  • Besides customer acquisition, their product line serves to make DATANIUM proud.

Overcoming Challenges

Every business, no matter how big or small, goes through ups and downs, and DATANIUM Labs was no exception. The concept of an AI Classroom Management System was entirely new, and persuading departments and management at schools to believe in the idea was a challenge in itself.

The team then had to convince the associated project companies to provide their solutions. Moreover, once the ideas are accomplished, there is no shortage of people in the market trying to duplicate them.

“Challenges come and go; the beauty is in how one deals with it. We believe that most problems can be solved by breaking them down and tackling them one at a time. The challenges have, in fact, adequately prepared us. Else what would be the excitement of winning without a challenging task and a contender?”

Mr Ghouse

Future Outlook

In the future, DATANIUM will focus on providing Better Classroom Management through its AI Solutions. Driven by a long-term strategy, the team at DATANIUM is adaptable enough to change course guided by their ethical compass. They endeavour to strengthen their business and research segments in the coming five years.

Advising young entrepreneurs,

“Gather enough experience before embarking on your dream ship since you will also be responsible for the team sailing with you. Always choose a team based on their skill set and respect them.”

Mr Ghouse

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