Group Cyber ID Technology: Pioneering Cyber Security Solutions

K. S. Santosh Kumar

K. S. Santosh Kumar

CEO & Founder - Group Cyber ID Technology (GCID)

Cyber-attack has grown to be an imminent threat to companies and institutions. It’s no longer a question of “if” it will happen but rather “when”.

Group Cyber ID Technology Pvt Ltd is a futuristic and professional Cyber Crime, Cyber Security and Digital Forensic Solution Centre providing a wide range of services from business process management, quality management, and cyber armour to auditing and assessment services.

Group Cyber ID is the only company in India to be listed in the top 10 Cyber Security companies in Asia Pacific. They provide cyber security and digital forensic solutions to empower organisations to efficiently hunt threats with unique expertise.

GCID provide professional guidance and consultancy to institutes and organisations to develop and implement a business process and quality management system that meets or exceeds internationally-recognised standards and best practices in Homeland Security services, Crime Scene Investigation, Fingerprinting & Questioned Documents Analysis, digital security, eDiscovery, and Cyber Defence.

Mr K. S. Santosh Kumar, CEO and Founder, Group Cyber ID Technology (GCID)

A visionary and a passionate leader, Mr Santosh is a man donning many hats. Besides GCID, he is also the CEO and founder of Building Communities Initiative (BCI), co-founder of Geekonomy and Geek Studio and a partner in NYX Lounge Cafe. A highly qualified professional, Mr Santosh is certified with CEH, CHFI, ACE, CCNA, and MCP.

For his commendable leadership along multiple ventures, Mr Santosh has been featured in some prominent publications, including Deccan Herald, Times of India, The NEW INDIAN EXPRESS, THE ECONOMIC TIMES, DECCAN Chronicle, BangaloreMirror and CIOL Bureau.

Inception Of GCID

Understanding the importance of Cybersecurity, Mr Santosh laid the foundation of GCID in 2018.

What started as a small team has grown up to a team of experts who administer a multi-layer security strategy of technologies, procedures & practices in Digital Forensics, eDiscovery and Cyber Defense by authenticating the digital composition of an organisation and identifying the vulnerabilities and risks in internal & external data to secure networks, devices, programs & data from a range of malicious attacks or unauthorised access which exposes a system to cyber criminals.

From adding technological enhancements to its array of solutions and delivering them to multiple organisations worldwide to expanding its reach to the markets of Israel and Dubai, the team at GCID is focused on growth.

Their team comprising experts from all domains of Forensic Science and Law, not only work alongside and aids Police officials in investigations but also provides court standard reports supported by sound scientific principles to ensure the criminal is convicted.

All processes utilise sound forensic techniques to ensure the findings are admissible in court and help the law enforcement agency to find the culprit and other loopholes in the Case. As forensic scientists, the GCID team plays an important role in solving crimes, keeping people safe and aiding the justice system to arrive at a relevant conclusion about a crime.

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Geekonomy and Geek Studio

Another venture of Mr Santosh, Geekonomy, provides branding services, Website services, Marketing services, and Application services, from marketing a product to creating a timeless brand image.

“At Geekonomy, we think that in today’s world, digital marketing is a way of life. We don’t just accept change; we look forward to new chances and seize them to flourish. We are marketing and branding nerds. Our mission extends beyond simply increasing marketing performance. Our team has the confidence to push boundaries and change as a result of the culture we are creating, which celebrates trust and fosters growth. We use provocative insights and learnings to help brands challenge the “normal” and evolve their marketing to the next level.”

Mr Santosh

Geekonomy is now starting its services as Geek Studio in Dubai.

Core Values Of GCID

Integrity and ethics, respect, innovation, and drive are the core values that are the four pillars of strength for GCID. Core values create a repeatable, scalable system which aids businesses to rise from one level of success to another.

Achievements For GCID

Talking about the achievements, Mr Santosh shares, “Within a couple of years, GCID has accomplished a recognition across pan India as a Digital Forensic Lab and is trusted by the state Police department for all their normal to high-profile cases.”

Mr Santosh was involved in many Cyber and Forensic Investigations over his 19-year career in a wide range of domains such as Digital Security Solutions, DATA Centre Solutions, Mobile & Data Forensics, Network Forensics, Audio & Video Forensics, Server Forensics, and Data Centre Security.

He has worked with Fortune 500 clients and other global organisations and acquired expert guidance on developing and implementing business processes, quality management systems and best practices in Digital Security, e-Discovery, Cyber Defence, Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism services.

“Navigating one’s way through challenges helps build resilience capacity” - Mr K S Santosh Kumar.

In the initial days at GCID, there were issues like attrition, customer relationship and the Covid pandemic. However, they managed to provide on-time results with teamwork.

They believe challenges help shift focus from a static scale to progress in a different area and increase engagement to plan strategy and track progress.

“Problem-solving is the essence of what leaders exist to do. We must be resilient in our quest to create and sustain momentum for the organisation and people we serve. But in reality, we also have to deal with workplace politics, power plays and ploys, and envy. The key to overcoming such issues and strategising the business comes with experience.”

Mr Santosh

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GCID’s Take On The Pandemic

Even during the pandemic, GCID was operational full-time, providing necessary support to law enforcement agencies. There were challenges, including following the social distancing norms, working with limited team members, and monitoring and maintaining team health. However, with team effort and support, they made the best out of the lockdown.

Mr Santosh defines success as a leader’s ability to fulfil their roles. He says, “Having a goal gives you something bigger than yourself to work towards; it can be anything, and that helps you stay motivated even when things get tough because you know what’s at stake if you don’t do well at your job.”

Future Outlook

Under the specialised guidance of the founder and the backbone of the company Mr Santosh Kumar, GCID, is working towards expanding the customer base and the in-house team for cyber security training. In the long run, they plan to grow within the country and reach the markets of Israel and Dubai.

The business strategy of GCID consists of investing in technologies, enhancing its applications, improving its services by fulfilment capacity, R&D activities in the Forensic and Cyber Department, and experimenting with other Ed-Tech to implement new online courses.

They are also working on their expansion in the Education sector to share knowledge and experience with upcoming forensic students and those who want to learn about cyber and digital forensics with real exposure to cases and tools.

Visionaries’ Advice

According to Mr Santosh, volunteering at nonprofits is the best way to give back to society. GCID helps the government sectors in many cases to hunt threats with unique expertise and provide cyber security, digital forensics and other forensic solutions.

“It is not about doing something new but something different. Coming up with an original idea is not easy, but utilising your experience, perseverance, and brainstorming should do the trick. Your idea should be profitable and in line with your interests.”

Mr Santosh

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