Entrepreneurship: The driver of change in the Indian economy

Entrepreneurship: The driver of change in the Indian economy

Entrepreneurship: The driver of change in the Indian economy

Entrepreneurs are an important asset to global economies. They help create new systems and ways of functioning that can drive productivity and innovation and contribute to nation-building. India has always been a breeding ground for entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. Right from the local grocer and milkman to a conglomerate leader, one will find entrepreneurs in different spheres of the economy. Each one of them is engaged in various business activities that keep the wheels ofthe economy turning.

As India and the rest of the world steps forward into a new era ruled by digitalisation, innovation and social safety, especially in light of COVID-19, new economic models and change drivers are being sought after. Entrepreneurship offers real solutions to the challenges created by the global pandemic, as budding entrepreneurs are innovating new products and services that address these issues. While most of the world was locked down and in despair, entrepreneurs have been constantly working to bring out new tools for national health, safety and overall well being. They have been driving job creation, production and consumption of products and services, and economic growth despite all the odds thrown at them. Entrepreneurs have been crucial in helping the country get out of the slump slowly and steadily and move forward towards an Aatma Nirbhar Bharat.

It is important that we as a country recognise and applaudentrepreneurs and business leaders for their sustained achievements. Awards and accolades not only help the society and our industries;they helpus as people. They helpus stay positive, engaged and motivated to continue working hard and contributing to economic and social progress.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Entrepreneurship: The driver of change in the Indian economy</p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Dr. Pravin Parmar Founder VyapaarJagat</p></div>

Dr. Pravin Parmar Founder VyapaarJagat

Dr. Pravin Parmar Founder VyapaarJagat.com

Vyapaar Jagat Convention & Awards is a prestigious platform that intends to recognise and honour talented and innovative new entrepreneurs who are visionaries in their respective fields. The brain child of Dr. Pravin Parmar, VyapaarJagat.com is spearheading Vyapaar Jagat Convention & Awards to not only award budding entrepreneurs but also initiate meaningful dialogues to motivate and encourage new business talent that will shape the future of our country. Stalwarts from across industries will be identified, acknowledged, and celebrated, with investors, global leaders, government officials, and the entire business ecosystem in attendance. The prestige of winning a Vyapaar Jagat award along with the mentorship and expertise that the Vyapaar Jagat group has to offer is the best steppingstone for an entrepreneur in today's day and age.  

Key Attractions:

  • Keynotes

  • Entrepreneurs sharing their journey

  • Fireside Chat

  • Panel Discussions

  • Ask the Expert Sessions

  • Networking Lounge

  • Virtual Exhibitions

  • Gala Awards Night

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Entrepreneurship: The driver of change in the Indian economy</p></div>
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Ecosystem, community & Supporting Partners

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