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Like Saint Augustine famously said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

Today people are living very busy life with hectic schedules. Running to and fro between office and home, managing daily chores, while trying to achieve a work-life balance, is not an easy feat.

The stress one’s body and mind go through every day eventually take a toll on their health. In order to avoid a breakdown, it is essential to take a break every once in a while to unwind, and what better than a trip to someplace peaceful and serene?

Travelling is a great way to break out of your daily routine and reset your mind and body. However, even planning the trip itself can be a task. From booking tickets to accommodation, it can all get very confusing.

That is where Tour and Travel companies come into the picture. They take care of every aspect of travel plans, from making bookings to arranging transportation, making travelling a hassle-free experience.

MMJ Tour and Travel Pvt Ltd is one such company providing unforgettable travel experiences to customers. The story of MMJ began when Chandigarh-based Deepika and Kashmir-based Mr Idris Mir came together to lay the foundation of a travel agency driven by their idea of making dreams come true and contributing to society.

Registered in 2019 under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, MMJ Tour and Travel is based in Punjab and Chandigarh. The foundation stone for the company was laid in the year 2012 when it was registered in J&K state tourism and then turned into a Pvt Ltd entity. Since its commencement in 2019, the company has catered to around 500 tours in 4 years.

The main objective of MMJ Tour and Travel is to provide the best competitive rates to the clients so that everyone can travel, connecting the locals with urban to get the best out of a location in terms of food, sightseeing, photogenic places and other activities. The plans offered by MMJ Tour and Travel bundle a lifetime memory in a span of seven days.

Inception Of MMJ Tour And Travel

“What is earned should be given back,” -Deepika.

An avid traveller herself, having visited many places, Deepika was well aware of the loopholes in the hospitality industry. The lack of awareness about amenities and processes made her wary of trying out new places.

She shares, “Being a solo-soul traveller, the issues I faced while travelling, including safety, food, accessibility to budget-friendly hotels and taxis, all drove me towards this industry.

The lack of guidance, my own fear of adjusting to new local culture and worries related to my food habits made me avoid distant places in the early days of my travelling.”

MMJ Tour and Travel is Deepika’s way of trying to fill in the gap she felt years ago by providing the best at less cost to fellow travellers. Her idea of providing the best travel experience and Mr Idris’s idea of serving society with entertainment led to the inception of MMJ Tour and Travel.

With a Master’s in Business and experience in working as an HR in the IT sector, Deepika always gravitated towards the hospitality industry. She shares,

“I felt there was always an opportunity in the hospitality industry for me. I was meant to provide travellers with a single window to meet their small to big requirements of travelling around, enjoying the trip and having fun, food and adventure-filled memories for life long.”

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Services Offered By MMJ Tour and Travel

One of the major impacts of the pandemic was on the tourism industry. It left people wary of travelling. Even today, when the restrictions are minimal, travelling still takes a backseat.

Deepika shares, “At MMJ Tour and Travel, our main aim is to make people realise travelling is as easy as gulping hot Kahwa in low temperatures or sky walking in Sikkim.”

MMJ Tour and Travel aims to provide an awesome travel experience to customers with end-to-end services from basic accommodations to web check-ins, local taxis to guide, ticketing, visas, local food, and top-notch restaurant suggestions.

The USP of MMJ Tour and Travel is webbing together all services in a single package.

Their travel packages vary from guided adventure tours, medical tours, off-beat destinations, winter or summer treks, honey-mooning to baby-mooning packages and many more, targeting every traveller who wants to enjoy activities like sky diving, camping, rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding etc., with colleagues, family members, friends or solo trips.

MMJ Tour and Travel have their offices in Srinagar, Ladakh and Chandigarh.

Success Over The Years

With 24X7 availability, Customised packages, Local ground support, and private vehicle, considering privacy and safety measures due to Covid prevalence, MMJ Tour and Travel Pvt Ltd have established itself as a brand. Their speciality lies in providing Kashmir tours.

Deepika shares, “One of the winning aspects in the hospitality industry is word-of-mouth publicity. The referrals from our visitors are a tell-tale sign of the quality of services we offer.” Instead of doing big marketing campaigns, MMJ Tour and Travel managed to stay afloat during the tough times of Covid 19 pandemic with customer satisfaction.

Overcoming Challenges

TThe inception year of MMJ Tour and Travel turned out to be a major challenge for them. At the start of 2020, the world was hit with the pandemic, and almost the entire world went into lockdown.

However, the team at MMJ Tour and Travel kept their heads high and customised the quarantine packages, providing medical assistance and support to their clients who were struck at home due to work-from-home or government-imposed restrictions.

“The effects of Covid-19 are and will always be the major challenge we ever faced. But with great will and sheer resistance, we managed to overcome it and out-grow.”


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