An Initiative Of Siddhant Kumar Dixit Creating A Safe Space for Digital Art Creators
WallHippo: An Initiative Of Siddhant Kumar Dixit Creating A Safe Space for Digital Art Creators

WallHippo: An Initiative Of Siddhant Kumar Dixit Creating A Safe Space for Digital Art Creators

In the past few decades, the world has undergone a significant transformation with evolving technology. It has not just influenced the way we work but also how we play and interact with each other.

With the surge of online communities and social networks, people all over the world can now connect, collaborate and create together by means of the internet. 

Even the art world is experiencing a tremendous transformation with the increase of digitalisation. The rise of digital art has given way to new social media platforms, which cater specifically to digital artists and designers. WallHippo is one such unique social network that focuses on sharing digital artwork in the form of wallpapers.

By providing a platform for photographers and digital art creators to showcase and share their work, WallHippo has played a crucial role in enabling artists to gain exposure and connect with other like-minded individuals.

WallHippo is a unique social network that focuses on sharing digital artwork in the form of wallpapers. Developed by CRASS Infotech Pvt. Ltd. and founded by Siddhant Kumar Dixit in 2016, WallHippo has quickly gained popularity among digital art enthusiasts and designers.

Siddhant Kumar Dixit, Founder & CEO, WallHippo

The entrepreneurial spirit was evident in Siddhant from a young age. Having a passion for new advancements in the tech space and his interest in computer programming, Siddhant gained skills in C, C++ and Javascript at a very young age.

His desire to create video games and innovative software to make a positive impact in the tech industry was what led him to entrepreneurship. After identifying a gap in the Indian gaming and game development market, he started his first company CRASS Infotech Pvt Ltd, in 2016, at the young age of 18 

CRASS Studio, a game development studio, released multiple video games and artistic projects, partnering with art studios around the world, making a name for themselves within just two years.

Through collaborations with other studios, the company released several mobile apps and video games, gaining recognition and experience in the industry.

Recognising the massive potential of the Digital Art/Creative Industry, the company entered the space with a focus on Digital Art Creation. Siddhant recognised the opportunity to create a Digital Art Sharing Platform, WallHippo, inspired by the new Blockchain Revolution in the tech space. 

WallHippo developed as a part of CRASS Infotech, was created with a targeted niche in mind - to bring photographers, artists, creators, enthusiasts, and masses together to share awesome digital artwork.

The platform enables creators to share their artwork, expand their reach, and gain followers. WallHippo is expanding its reach by creating utility apps that enable users to set artwork directly from the platform to their desktops as wallpapers.

WallHippo: A Social Network Connecting Digital Art Creators and Photographers

WallHippo is a social network that provides a platform for photographers and digital art creators to showcase and share their work, allowing them to gain exposure and connect with other artists.

What sets WallHippo apart from other social networks is its innovative tech utilities, such as apps for desktop and mobile that enable users to apply digital artwork as their wallpapers directly from their feeds.

Additionally, WallHippo offers PC customisation tools, which has attracted the attention of the gaming industry. WallHippo was initially released in early alpha v0.0.7 on August 8th, 2022, following a two-year development cycle. Currently, WallHippo is in its active Early Beta Stage, with plans to release its apps soon.

Mission & Vision

WallHippo aims to create a platform that connects individuals from all over the world and empowers them to share their creations, ideas, and experiences in a safe and inclusive environment.

The focus is on fostering meaningful connections and quality content that enables individuals and communities to thrive. WallHippo strives to bring photographers, artists, creators, enthusiasts, and masses together to share their awesome work and inspire each other.

WallHippo’s vision is to create a world where artists of all backgrounds and cultures can connect and break down barriers to build bridges of understanding.

Their platform catalyses positive change, empowering individuals to share and improve their creativity for the betterment of their communities and beyond.

WallHippo aims to drive social impact and constantly innovate to meet the evolving needs of its users. Their ultimate goal is to remain a force for good in the world and to promote creativity and inclusivity.

Upholding Values

Serving as the cornerstone of the company’s culture, WallHippo’s values guide its actions in creating a platform for digital art creators. The company is committed to inclusivity, creating an environment that welcomes and respects artists of all backgrounds, cultures, and identities.

WallHippo focuses on promoting authenticity, encouraging genuine content, interactions, and conversations between users while discouraging spam, bots, and fake accounts. 

Privacy and security are also top priorities for WallHippo, with a dedication to protecting users’ data and information from unauthorised access or misuse.

The company provides transparency about how user data is collected, stored, and used to ensure users’ trust and confidence in the platform.

What Sets Them Apart?

WallHippo sets itself apart from the competition by offering a robust platform specifically designed for modern digital creators and PC customisers.

The platform also includes desktop apps that seamlessly integrate with the social network, enabling users to customise their desktop PCs using the content available on the platform.

Furthermore, WallHippo isn’t limiting itself to the photography or digital art industry but expanding its horizons to PC customisation and beyond. 

The company plans to enter the AI space by researching data sets used in Stable Diffusion to generate digital art through artificial intelligence. This will enable creators and enthusiasts to produce art with just a few words describing the scene and share it with others on the social network.

This unique approach to the social network space is expected to be a game-changer, and WallHippo is ideally positioned to serve this innovation with its focus on the wallpaper niche.

Leadership Qualities For Continuous Improvement and Adaptability

Siddhant believes that a successful business leader should possess various important qualities.

These include having a clear and compelling vision for the company, being able to think strategically and make decisions that align with the vision and goals, adapting to changes in market conditions, and having the emotional intelligence to understand and manage their own emotions as well as those of employees and customers, effective communication skills, leading by example with honesty, ethics and trustworthiness, having confidence in their abilities and decisions, being creative to come up with innovative solutions to problems, taking responsibility for their own actions and those of their employees, and having the resilience to bounce back from setbacks and failures while using them as opportunities for growth and learning.

Siddhant also believes in cultivating these qualities through continuous learning and self-improvement. Siddhant is a strong believer in the quote,


According to him, growth is a continuous process that requires a mindset of constant improvement.

Siddhant believes in learning from every experience, staying calm and analysing every person, conversation, success, failure and setback.

He emphasises the importance of passion for learning, staying focused on his vision and mission, and being accountable for his responsibilities. Siddhant understands the constantly changing business landscape and is always ready to adapt to remain successful.

Rising To The Challenge

Siddhant faced significant challenges in his career, more so because of his young age and lack of experience in handling responsibilities.

Building connections and gaining recognition from other companies was a major obstacle for him, especially when he wanted to collaborate on large-scale projects. Despite being initially dismissed and not taken seriously, Siddhant remained focused and persistent. He shares, 

“I had to stay focused, and it took a few years and a few successful projects to prove my worth to the industry. My first breakthrough was to work with Marty Howe (an Australian Game Dev, formerly known for his work in Max Payne) on Heavily Armed, an FPS shooter third-person AA PC Game; that’s when the industry recognised me as a worthy competitor and business person.”

Success Beyond Financial Gains To Positive Impact And Personal Fulfilment

Siddhant shares, “My definition of success is a holistic one that takes into account multiple factors, including financial success, positive impact on the community or industry, and personal fulfilment.

Although financial success plays a big role in success, including achieving a certain level of profitability, securing funding for growth, or achieving a certain market share, it is not the only measure of success.

Making a positive impact on the community, industry or the world at large is also an integral part of what I strive to achieve through my business.

This includes creating jobs, developing innovative products or services, and promoting sustainable and socially responsible practices. In doing so, I aim to leave a positive legacy that extends beyond my own personal gain. 

Another important aspect defining success for me is personal fulfilment. This involves finding purpose and meaning in my work, feeling a sense of satisfaction from my accomplishments, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

By prioritising personal fulfilment, I believe that I can sustain my motivation and passion for the work I do as a leader, which will ultimately lead to greater success for myself and my business.”

Keeping Up With The Trends

As an entrepreneur, Siddhant identifies emerging trends and technologies that have the potential to disrupt his industry through various means.

These include reading news articles and publications relevant to his industry, attending industry conferences and events, following thought leaders and experts on social media, conducting market research, and engaging with customers to gather feedback. 

After identifying any upcoming trends, Siddhant and his team conduct theoretical research to determine the scope, reach, financial benefits, and available resources.

They carefully evaluate if the trend aligns with their platform and audience before deciding whether to pursue it or not. Siddhant recognises that while trends can bring instant growth, jumping from trend to trend can sideline them from their long-term targets and core audience, so it is crucial to make informed decisions.

Words Of Wisdom

Siddhant, an active learner himself, consistently seeks knowledge and learns from interacting with and observing numerous successful entrepreneurs. Based on his experience, he shares some valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Develop a well-thought-out plan: Having a solid plan that outlines your goals, objectives, and strategies is crucial. A comprehensive business plan can help you identify potential risks and opportunities and guide your decision-making. 

·         Know Your Target Audience: Conduct thorough market research to understand your target audience’s needs, preferences, and pain points. This knowledge will help you develop products or services that meet their specific needs. 

·         Build a Strong Network: Networking can help you gain valuable insights, partnerships, and potential clients. Attend industry conferences, join online communities, and network with other entrepreneurs in your field. 

·         Embrace Failure: Accept that failure is a natural part of entrepreneurship and learn from your mistakes to improve your future business decisions. 

·         Stay Flexible: The business landscape can change quickly, so it’s crucial to remain adaptable and open to new ideas. Remain flexible and be prepared to pivot your business strategies if necessary. 

Prioritise Customer Satisfaction: Happy customers are the foundation of any successful business. Make sure to prioritise customer service and use their feedback to improve your product or service offerings.

Manage Your Finances Wisely: Keep track of your finances from the start and set a budget for your business. Seek advice from financial experts if necessary to help manage cash flow and avoid common pitfalls. 

“Starting a business can be challenging, but by following these tips, you can increase your chances of success. Remember to stay focused on your goals and keep working hard. Pick something that excites you in life, and turn it into capital, so you can keep doing more of it,”

adds Siddhant.

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