Delhi today witnessed the series of unfortunate events; the loopholes of the judicial system came to an end. The four convicts in the 'Delhi Gangrape 2012' case hanged for the brutal rape and murder of the 23-year-old.

The mother of the gangrape victim, Asha Devi shared that she will be looking forward to appealing to the Supreme Court to ensure that there are guidelines ensured to prevent any such case delaying in the shadow of the loopholes in the Indian judiciary system like those in her daughters' case.

"Justice was delayed but not denied" and dedicated the day to the daughters of the country. There is a hearing on March 23. We will appeal to the Supreme Court to lay down guidelines so that the delay tactics used in her case are not repeated in other cases. The process of availing legal remedies by death row convicts should be time-bound," Asha Devi stated to sources.

The overwhelmed mother in the last 8 years has struggled to put the pieces together one by one to gain justice for her daughter, and finally the day did come for her but is this not the time to sit back and reiterate on the situation. It took our judiciary 8 years to convict the accused, the pace has proven to unfairly slow in this case.

The mother feels that in cases of rape, brutal of any degree, the convicts should be permitted legally to file their curative petition and mercy pleas and else, collectively and not separately.

  "It was delayed but we got justice. Today, she got justice and girls of the country got justice. I want to thank everyone – the judiciary, the government, every citizen – for this," she announced to the reporters after the hanging.

Though the idea could have been to put across the message to the country that justice will have prevailed, sooner or later, the circus around it has at some level dampened the idea of it. The hope remains that the country, the mothers, the sons, the men will realize that the time has come to take a lesson or few from this case and start to practice morality on grounds.

Asha Devi on the other hand has clarified that her fight is not over yet, she will keep fighting for justice for all the girls who faced this gruesome wrath and are subjected to these crimes. She shared that the pulled her daughter's picture closer when the supreme court rejected the last plea of the convicts.

"Our daughter is no more and won't return. We started this fight after she left us. This struggle was for her, but we will continue this fight in future for our daughters," asserted the mother of the victim, who attended every possible hearing of her daughter's case in all these years. She exclaimed how it made her proud to be known by her daughter's name.

  "If she would have been here today, then I would have been known as a doctor's mother, but now I am known as her mother… My dharma as a mother has been fulfilled today," Asha Devi added.

The four men, along with two others and a juvenile, had raped and pitilessly tortured the student of the paramedic in South Delhi on a moving bus on the night of December 16, 2012. In 2013, Ram Singh, one of the accused committed suicide and another accused was released from the juvenile house after serving a correction period of 3 years.

The heinous crime created havoc in the capital and across the country, thousands of people took to the road demanding justice for the victim. The outrage in people amplified after the reports of her death was such that there were laws passed against the violence of sexual abuse, and the death penalty for rape cases. But today with the convicts being hanged at the capital, a series of judicial loopholes has come to an end hopefully, or until next time.

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