HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions Aims To Become The Leading Data & Technology Enabled Growth Advisory Firm And Provide Strategic Solutions To Multifarious Global Companies

Vijayashree Venkat
Vijayashree VenkatFounder & MD - HumanAlpha

The global digital boom surrounding the world has duly affected businesses and industries worldwide. In these changing times, every business needs to be assisted in the transition, from small to big and new to old.

HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions is a Strategic Advisory & Consulting firm founded in 2019. Under the leadership of two highly experienced business leaders, Vijayashree Venkat and Mahesh Sheshadri, the firm has earned many awards and recognitions.

HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions uses a blend of Strategic Thinkers and Implementation Specialists and decades of experience in delivering winning strategic solutions devised through the convergence of People, Process, Culture, Technology & Data.

In Japanese culture, ‘Ikigai’ stands for the value or purpose of being. HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions believes in practising its Ikigai, by the convergence of driving the transformation of brands and holistic growth of Organisations, by implementing top notch People, Process, Culture and Technology Practices. They wish to spread a positive influence and implement best practices among brands of all stature.

With over 2 decades of corporate experience, Vijayashree Venkat has seen many businesses rise from startup phase to large scale growth as Corporations, and has worked with the finest corporate leaders. By 2018, Ms.

Venkat was already moving toward a greater purpose of giving back to the society and being part of positive cultural changes across Brands. In early 2019, She met Mahesh Sheshadri through LinkedIn. Coming from a Technology & Project Management background, Mahesh brings to the table his professional blend of experiences of working with renowned names like Bosch, Misys & DRDO.

Catalysed by their complementary capabilities and alignment of Values, their mutual collaboration went on to form HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions.

Core Solutions Offered By HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions

HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions focuses on all emerging brands, including StartUp to Medium-sized enterprises.

HumanAlpha is a process and data driven company, and their engagements are based on Clear Strategic Planning & Execution Roadmap. In addition they are focused on building the core capabilities that span across Leadership Capabilities, Functional & Behavioural Capabilities for gaining a competitive advantage in the Brand’s ecosystem.

C-level and business leaders are the key target audience for the Advisory & Consulting industry, and HumanAlpha, thus, takes a great inclination in the performance coaching and Mentoring of Business Leaders.

They are also involved in brands’ digital and cultural transformation, infusing a blend of both worlds. They look to transform every Brand into a Great Place to Work, by building Best in Class Strategic HR practices along with developing robust leadership.

Focusing on their goal of enhancing their clients’ brand growth, HumanAlpha’s revenue model is aligned with the firm’s business requirements. They are always keen on providing 2-3 years of Long Term Transformational Engagement and brand scaling related to employee size, market presence and revenue. Apart from Bangalore, it has a virtual presence across the country.

Know The Prominent Executives Of The HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions

HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions was founded by Vijayashree Venkat and Mahesh Sheshadri in 2019. Vijayashree Venkat comes from a rich corporate background and experience of over 23 years in HR leadership roles. She has contributed to established brands like Reliance, Mahindra, Arvind Brands, and Landmark Group (SPAR Hypermarkets).

With Years in the Retail Industry as a Business HR leader, she has learned so much from every level of Store Staff to the Corporate C-Suite. During this time, Ms. Vijayashree Venkat learned to pay attention to aspects like financial numbers, customer success, cultural alignment and people practices. She brings all this knowledge and experience to HumanAlpha, building a team that shares the same empathy towards their client’s problems.

HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions is considered as a Team of Advisors, Mentors, Coaches and Enablers who come together in enabling the growth of business leaders (and their Brands) who have partnered with them. Each client is so precious to them that they value their brand’s culture and intent.

Vijayashree Venkat and Mahesh Sheshadri were the first to execute the idea of developing HumanAlpha. “Lethal Combination” and “Wholesome Twosome” are two CEO terms that are apt for describing the bond between the two.

HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions Riding High On Success

There are two specific factors that the firm is driven about: Growth in Client base Globally and Building a Great Team of Specialists & Strategic Thinkers. It is an all-women team except for Mahesh Sheshadri. They also have a nationwide virtual team with an overall happy group of employees serving on all fronts.

Since the origin of HumanAlpha, they have been recognised for many of their services. Consultants Review named them among its 10 Most Promising Human Capital Management Consultants – 2020.

The White Page International, in association with CNN-News 18 & Forbes India, recognised the firm as India’s Most Admired Brand 2020 and Vijayashree Venkat & Mahesh Sheshadri as Inspirational Leader 2020.

Among the 100 Global Thought Leaders of 2021, Vijayashree Venkat was noted by peopleHum (A Coviam Company). On one occasion, she was recognised by The CEO magazine among their list of 30 Women Entrepreneurs to watch in 2021. And on another occasion, they were again called to the spotlight, being positioned among the ‘CEOs of the Year 2021’ by Business Connect India.

The StartUp City (SiliconIndia) listed them among the 10 Best Bangalore Women Startups – 2021. Lastly, they acquired a prestigious place among the 20 Most Inspiring Women Leaders in India 2022, presented by TradeFlock Magazine.

Ms Vijayashree Venkat’s Journey To Becoming An Entrepreneur

For Vijayashree Venkat and all her friends and acquaintances, transitioning from corporate HR to becoming entrepreneurs was quite difficult initially. Those who stayed till the end tend to believe in their resilience in the face of adversity.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit when the company was just beginning its journey. HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions renewed its focus on organically building a strong brand presence.

After 3 years of the company being founded, they have consistently come up with innovative ideas, upscaling its capabilities and aligning with changing dynamics of technology.

They have sensed the immense potential behind the medium-sized and startup companies in the Indian ecosystem, so they are working to add value to this target Business ecosystem where there is dearth of support and guidance for the Business Leaders of Startups and MSMEs.

Current Clientele & Employee Count Of HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions

The journey so far has been fruitful, influencing over 35 brands to where HumanAlpha has influenced positive changes.

Some of them are Stylumia, Unique Designs, Muthoot Finance, Machani Group, Innoviti, Chai Point, Ashirvad Pipes, Sumadhura Group, Siel Bleu India, Doctor Alliance, etc.

They have served various industries such as Healthcare, Fashion, Jewellery, Wellness, Retail, Manufacturing, and Tech Startups.

At this point, HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions has a team of 7 core Team Members delivering as Management Consultants & Advisors. Simultaneously, they have Facilitators, Coaches and Implementation Consultants taking care of other services.

HumanAlpha Strategic Solutions’ Big Wins

As a self-funded organisation, HumanAlpha has formed a Blue Ocean.

Rather than being competitive, they tend to focus more on coexisting and building an ecosystem of partners such as Technology Partners, HRIS Partners, Recruitment Partners, and Statutory HR Compliance Partners.

In April 2019, when the company was still forming, it had already acquired its first-ever client.

HumanAlpha’s recognitions began from January 2020 onwards with Consultants Review recognizing them among its 10 Most Promising Human Capital Management Consultants – 2020. It was the beginning of many.

On 26th Feb 2020, they were featured on a primetime show “Bangalore Brains” by FM Rainbow 101.3.

HumanAlpha Learning Academy was introduced in June 2020 for HR certification.

The unique thing was the formation of the all-women team, which was built in 2021 and it continues to grow.

How Is HumanAlpha Impacting The Industry?

Execution Excellence, Ingenuity & Passion, Integrity & Accountability, Respect & Trust and Inclusivity & Communication are the five core values of the firm with which they have worked so far and wish to make a difference in the future.

Starting with their primary purpose of enabling the growth & transformation of Startups / MSMEs under their advisory & guidance, the following are some of the other opportunity areas that Human Alpha wishes to touch upon.;

Developing a growth & transformation strategy and seeing it manifest into desired outcomes through seamless Strategy execution;

Enabling Brand Transformation by the combination of Cultural Transformation and Digital Transformation

Instituting people & cultural practices to develop Great Places to Work

An Exciting Future Ahead for HumanAlpha

Currently, HumanAlpha has partnered with 3 global brands in US & Europe, enhancing their international reach. The firm is well aware of trends like Digital Transformation, Big Data and Virtual Working and delivers solutions based on these inputs.

The next 2-5 years are crucial for HumanAlpha to become a Tech-enabled Advisory Firm and gradually expand their presence in global space in the next decade.

Vijayashree Venkat
Jaaji Technologies, 2013 Founded Leaders in Manufacturing Industry centric Data Analytics and Digitalisation Technologies
Vijayashree Venkat
Vijayashree Venkat

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