“Our uniqueness is the capacity to provide the projected ROI to our clients”, says Kajal Sinha, Co-Founder & Business Head of Media Conversion

“Our uniqueness is the capacity to provide the projected ROI to our clients”, says Kajal Sinha, Co-Founder & Business Head of Media Conversion

"Our uniqueness is the capacity to provide the projected ROI to our clients", says Kajal Sinha, Co-Founder & Business Head of Media Conversion

Kajal Sinha, a result oriented leader and strategic thinker, is among those handfuls who have emerged as an influence not only on domestic but also on international sphere. Her profound internet expertise, a sound understanding of digital marketing industry and proven business development ability have contributed in scripting down her success story in the corporate world. She is co-founder & Business Head of Media Conversion. Incorporated in 2014, Media Conversion's journey began with the inception of the idea much before the company emerged as a palpable entity. The focus was to do away with several vertical specific lacunas with adequate synchronization of technical as well as operational processes of the business. Their innovative work-model is a result of this brainwork.

The CEO Magazine spoke with Kajal Sinha, on a host of issues related to Media Conversion. Here are the excerpts….

Digital Ad Industry is a highly competitive land for the new entrants; how Media Conversion created a niche for itself?

Proper planning and foresightedness are the imperatives to the execution of anything. The long-term impacts of any decision are the right things to ponder. However, this also requires discipline in time-management. To be a forerunner in any vertical, it requires both holistic and specialized insights. Our uniqueness is the capacity to provide the projected ROI to our clients. We have created our operational processes in such a way that there are always avenues to deliver without any constraints. We have created multiple platforms to strengthen our operation. Our primary approach, in this aspect, is to utilize in-hand as well as futuristic technologies.

and the offerings….

At present we are offering pure branding campaigns such as Promotion of TVCs, Influencer marketing, communication planning and inventory selling. Apart from this, we forayed into Proximity Marketing through beacons as well as advertisement and brand recall using Augmented Reality.

Being a business head, how would you define the client relationship with the organization?

We are still growing, and I see a lot of potential in the domain. It is necessary to keep on increasing the ambit to encompass new verticals, from client's perspective. We have customized operation model for clients from diverse verticals. Innovation has been our benchmark of operations. We are not without failures, but we have learned well, and I am glad that most of our innovations emerged as standards for us with further scopes of development.

Can you name a few corporate vertices associated with you?

Of course! We have been delivering our expertise to clients from diversified industry verticals; Banking, Insurance, Electronics, Automobile, Communication, Travel, e Commerce, Real Estate, Education, FMCG and so on.We customize our deliverables per the requirement of specific industry verticals. Both our experience and expertise have increased considerably working with clients from different business verticals.

Talking about the future, what route map has been laid out for the company's journey ahead?

We have been open to technology so far and have been successful in this strategy. Our roadmap further is to contribute to the holistic growth of Digital Advertisement industry following the best practices. Our endeavor is to bring better transparency into the industry through technology. We are developing systems to tackle the systematic drawbacks and complications like Ad Fraud and Ad blockers.

It is necessary to bring around an ecosystem that is sustainable enough. While there are specific facets within the industry that needs to be done away, there are certain other aspects that require better focus.Ad-Tech industry is a collective whole in contrast to other verticals. Media Conversion is committed to contribute into the holistic development of this industry, both within the country and globally. We are looking forward to work with this very zeal of proactive involvement.

Thank you for this lovely session, your piece of advice for the budding young entrepreneurs…

 Disruption is a new trend in the current market scenario. We should accept the fact rather as an enjoyment to solve problems than approaching them as challenges. Entrepreneurs should not hesitate to take risks, but they should also be careful enough to calculate them adequately.

Walking the mile through digital landscape

Media Conversion is successful to establish itself as a notable brand in the Ad Tech landscape of the country. In a short time, the organization turned into a profitable venture with fair growth in revenue. Also, the growing portfolio of the client base is a strong subject to rejoice. Media Converse stands among the "Top 10 Most promising Ad Serving & Retargeting Software provider 2017," as listed by a leading business magazine.

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