Amrut Dog Guru Services Pvt. Ltd.

Pioneers in Canine Psychology and Training in India
Amrut Dog Guru Services Pvt. Ltd

Amrut Dog Guru Services Pvt. Ltd

Amrut Dog Guru Services Pvt Ltd, a psychological dog training centre, is the only ISO-certified Private Limited dog squad supply company.

Their unique approach to psychological dog training has set them apart as a leading centre in the country, capable of effectively training dogs of any age or breed for various purposes.

What sets them apart is their ability to utilise the expertise of other dogs with similar breeds to ensure that every dog is trained to the best of its ability.

Established in 2009 by Amrut S Hiranya, famously known as the Dogguru, the Dog Guru Company is centred on the idea that the owner, rather than the dog, needs to be trained.

Their vision is to elevate the country’s security standards to a world-class level, with a focus on deterring illegal activities such as bombs and drug-related crimes. To achieve this, they provide a highly trained dog and handler squad at an affordable price.

Research shows that one trained dog is equivalent to having thirty guards, making it an effective and efficient security measure. Dog Guru Company offers a trained dog with a handler at a cost that is only equivalent to that of three to four security guards.

This means that businesses and individuals can have peace of mind knowing that they are getting the best value for their money while enhancing their security.

At Dog Guru Company, they understand that each dog is unique and requires a tailored training approach. Their trainers work with each dog individually to understand its personality and create a training plan that suits its specific needs. Their goal is to ensure that each dog they train is well-behaved, obedient, and can perform its duties effectively.

Range Of Services

Dog Guru offers a unique training program that sets them apart from other dog training centres in India. They have the capability to train dogs of all ages and breeds by utilising the expertise of other dogs with similar breeds. This method has proven highly effective, ensuring that each dog is trained to the best of its ability.               

In addition to their exceptional training services, Dog Guru also supplies trained dogs and handlers to large corporations for various security-related tasks such as bomb detection, drug detection, and security patrolling.

This has helped businesses improve their security measures significantly and deter illegal activities, ensuring the safety of their employees and assets.

Dog Guru’s revenue model is based on providing dog training services to both the government and private sectors.

They have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including JSW, Tata Titan Tanishq, World Trade Center, Prestige Tech park, Cisco Security System, Vedanta Mines, Lalit Ashok, Radisson blu, ACC cement, Dalmia Cements Embassy tech park, Cessna Business park, State Police, Central Reserve Police, and Railway Protection Force.

This impressive clientele showcases their expertise and reputation in the industry, making them a trusted choice for businesses of all sizes.      

Currently, Dog Guru has a team of 75 employees who operate out of their corporate office in Mission Road, Bangalore, and their training centre in Kengeri, Bangalore.

Their team comprises highly skilled and experienced trainers who are passionate about their work and dedicated to providing the best services to their clients.       

Dog Guru’s commitment to providing exceptional dog training services and supplying highly trained dogs and handlers to businesses is commendable.

Their unique approach to training dogs, coupled with their impressive clientele and skilled team, makes them one of the leading dog training centres in India.

Amrut S Hiranya, Founder, Amrut Dog Guru

Amrut S Hiranya, the founder of Amrut Dog Guru Services Pvt Ltd, is a renowned figure in the field of canine behaviour and psychology in India. He holds a degree from Unitec, New Zealand, making him the country’s first canine behaviourist with a University certification in this field.     

Amrut has a wealth of experience and knowledge, having served as an advisor to the Karnataka state police dog squad and as a consultant to the railway protection at the central reserve police force dog squad.

His expertise in the field has helped him develop a unique approach to dog training, which sets his brand, Dog Guru, apart from other dog training centres in India.

Amrut’s education sets him apart from others in the canine behaviour and psychology industry, making him one of the few individuals with a University certification in this field.

His knowledge and expertise have helped him develop innovative training programs that cater to the specific needs of each dog and client, making him an influential figure in the industry.    

Under Amrut’s leadership, Dog Guru has become a well-known name in the canine industry in India. The brand has earned a reputation for its unique training programs and the supply of highly trained dogs and handlers to large corporations.

Amrut’s vision for Dog Guru is to elevate the country’s security standards to a world-class level. His commitment to this vision is reflected in the quality of services his brand provides.

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How It All Began

Amrut’s love for pets began at an early age, with a deep fascination with understanding the behaviour of dogs. During his school days, he sold a few puppies to earn some pocket money, which he used to feed stray dogs. After completing his studies in canine behaviour in New Zealand, he ventured into the dog show business.

He established India’s only dog psychological training institute, which offers training to dogs of all ages using other dogs of the same or similar breed.

Later, he took on the mission of increasing the nation’s security by advising the Karnataka State Police, consulting for the Railways, and the Central police dog squad.

Today, Amrut Dog Guru Services has provided trained dogs and handlers to secure most IT companies and tech parks in Bengaluru for bomb squad purposes, establishing the company as a prominent name in the industry.

Employee Engagement, Customer Education, & Strategic Pricing Decisions

Amrut shares, “Making careful decisions about pricing and costs is an important factor in taking care of the business and employees.”

Understanding the importance of making informed decisions that benefit the company and its employees, Amrut approach to pricing and costs has helped his business to maintain financial stability while ensuring that employees are well-compensated for their work.

One of the ways that Amrut ensures customer satisfaction is by educating them on canine behaviour. This helps establish a balanced relationship between customers and the company, as it provides them with a better understanding of the training process and what to expect from their dogs.

By doing this, the company can deliver a more personalised service that meets each customer’s specific needs. Another key aspect of Amrut’s approach to business is his focus on positive reinforcement methods.

Similar to the way that dogs are trained using positive reinforcement, Amrut believes that employees should be rewarded for their hard work and dedication. This helps foster a motivated and engaged workforce, which is essential for maintaining a strong company culture.

Challenges Along The Journey

As a canine behaviourist, Amrut faced the challenge of helping pet owners understand that a dog’s behaviour is a response to their behaviour. To overcome this, he started owner training and trained other canine enthusiasts.     

As a leader in the industry, Amrut also had to make some difficult decisions, including deploying his best canine friend under severe conditions to protect the nation and its citizens.

He had to balance his emotional attachment to the dog with his responsibility to provide trained dogs to fulfil the country’s security needs. Amrut decided to continue his breeding programs to ensure that future generations of dogs could serve as great working partners.

Through this difficult decision-making process, Amrut demonstrated his commitment to providing the best-trained dogs while upholding his leadership values.

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Success & Achievements

According to Amrut, successful business leaders possess qualities of integrity and passion towards their work. His work with canines has taught him the values of consistency and patience, which are also important qualities for a successful business leader.      

Success for Amrut is when his competitors recommend his services to clients. This serves as a testament to his integrity and consistency in delivering quality services.

In addition, he has achieved several milestones in his journey, including being the first in Asia to receive The Australian dog whisperer award, being a TEDx speaker on canine behaviour, and receiving The Icon of Indian Business award.

Future Outlook

In the future, Amrut envisions his organisation continues to play a crucial role in safeguarding the nation from any illegal activities through highly trained canine squads.

He sees his company expanding its reach and influence in the industry while maintaining its commitment to excellence and integrity. Dog Guru also has started providing courses for aspiring canine enthusiasts who aim to pursue a career in the industry.

This is in response to the growing demand for skilled professionals globally. Additionally, Amrut hopes to continue to innovate and improve his training programs and services to stay ahead of emerging trends and technologies.

“Sharing the knowledge and experience being our main objective, We are coming up with the world’s 1st and only canine infotainment park that caters to all k9 related information not only for dog lovers and pet owners it is also for people who fear dogs to understand healthy coexistence at Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra.”


Words Of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs,

"Start small and focus on giving 100% of your integrity and consistency in your work. Steady growth is the best business practice in the long run. Don’t be too hasty to expand too quickly or take on too many projects at once. Instead, focus on building a solid foundation for your business and consistently delivering quality work. Over time, you will establish a reputation for reliability and excellence, attracting more customers and growth opportunities. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!”


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