Vari Pontoons: Pioneers In The Floating Infrastructure Industry With Their Innovative Solutions

Vari Pontoons: Pioneers In The Floating Infrastructure Industry With Their Innovative Solutions

Vari Pontoons: Pioneers In The Floating Infrastructure Industry With Their Innovative Solutions

The floating structures or pontoons industry is a rapidly growing industry that specialises in designing and developing floating systems.

One of the leading players that have established themselves in this industry is Vari Pontoons, a company based in India that specialises in designing and developing floating systems, particularly Floating Pumping Stations or Pontoon Pumping Systems.

With over ten years of experience in the industry, Vari Pontoons has earned the distinction of having the largest and most unique credentials in India for this type of technology. 

The company has achieved ISO 9001-2015 certification and is known for providing customised, innovative, and cost-effective solutions that delight its customers.

Vari Pontoons envisions becoming India’s leading recognised brand in floating technology solutions, aiming to build a world-class pontoons/floating structures company that maintains impeccable standards of quality, safety, and timely completion.

The company values being a system-driven organisation that prioritises customer delight. They have a highly motivated team willing to go the extra mile to meet customer expectations, with a belief in the “Work is Worship” philosophy. Aware of their duty to conserve natural resources, the team at Vari Pontoons build trust as their identity.

Floating Solutions By Vari Pontoons

Founded in 2017 by Vijaykumar Kakade, a visionary with a mission to build through innovation and integrity while maintaining the highest standards of quality Vari Pontoons offers a range of products and services, including turnkey projects for floating pump houses, Floating solar panels, Floating cottages, Pontoon pumps, Floating Fish culture, Floating Restaurant, Floating walkways and Floating Trash Collector, Barge, and Jetty.

Their revenue model is based on turnkey projects that involve the design, manufacturing, supply, installation, and commissioning of projects.

Located in Pune, Maharashtra, the 20 members team at Vari Pontoons serves prominent names, including GVPR Engineers Ltd, Kalptaru Ltd, Vishnu Prakash R Pungalia Ltd, Shri Mohangarh Construction Ltd, TATA Power, Kirloskar Brothers Ltd, BGR Energy Systems Ltd, and Phouladi Construction and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

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Vijaykumar A. Kakade, Founder & CEO, Vari Pontoons

A mechanical engineer with 20+ years of diverse industrial experience, Vijaykumar started his career in Design Domain and went on to establish a business that covered major industrial machines and tools.

However, it was the floating technology industry that captured his interest and led him to establish Vari Pontoons Pvt. Ltd. 

The journey for Vijaykumar in this industry began in 2012 when he got the opportunity to design a pontoon for a vendor of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. This development put Vari Pontoons at the forefront of the industry as the first company in India to develop a pontoon for a VT pump.

The company’s unique and robust design made it possible to run VT pumps successfully on pontoons, a feat that other pump OEMs were not confident about.

The Tale Of Inception: From Inspiration To Innovation

Vijaykumar’s passion for entrepreneurship was inspired by his interest in reading history books, particularly the life and achievements of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

He was motivated to establish his own Swarajya, a term that means self-rule or autonomy. For him, it meant making his business people-friendly, with values and ethics that favoured the people.

Looking to the future, Vijaykumar is optimistic about Vari Pontoons’ growth prospects, which he sees as being exponential in the next five years.

The company’s team is also expanding, with the addition of a Director - Technical, a Director - Sales & Marketing, and a Director - Projects. The Vari Pontoons brand is already widely accepted by pump OEMs in India and abroad, setting the stage for continued success in the industry.

Pushing Past Limits

Building a company thriving in its niche from the ground up was not easy for Vijaykumar. He shares,

“As it is with other companies, one of the biggest challenges was cash flow. To overcome this, I learnt about finance-related subjects such as balance sheets, P&L statements, and cash flow statements, despite having a technical background and no prior knowledge of finance.”

Another challenging situation for Vijaykumar was when he had to dilute shares to new directors in order to build a strong team and ensure the company’s growth. Although it was a tough decision, he realised that it was necessary for his own peace of mind and ultimately made the decision to move forward.

“A successful business leader is one who has the ability to inspire and cultivate leadership qualities in others through his vision, values,actions, and character”.


<div class="paragraphs"><p><strong>Vari Pontoons:</strong> Pioneers In The Floating Infrastructure Industry With Their Innovative Solutions</p></div>
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Disrupting The Status Quo

Thinking ahead and being on the lookout for emerging trends and technologies is what helps the team at Vari Pontoons always stay ahead of the curve. 

“What we offer to our customers is unparalleled in the market, and no other company can offer the same. It is the uniqueness of our products and services that makes Vari Pontoons stand out in the market. Each of our products sets a benchmark in the industry,”


Over the years, the company has achieved numerous milestones and recognitions, with each passing year being a new milestone in terms of doubling revenue. Vari Pontoons’ team aims to maintain this momentum and continue to grow exponentially in the future.

A Culture Of Care

At Vari Pontoons, they believe in providing value-added advantages to all stakeholders by maintaining a mindset of going beyond the basic requirements and ensuring that all parties are satisfied.

“Success for Vari Pontoons is in the moments when employees, customers, and vendors smile and are happy.”


To maintain a strong company culture and motivate employees to perform their best, the organisation provides personal mentoring, fosters a friendly work environment, celebrates small successes, and involves all employees in the mission.

Future Outlook

In floating technology, the company is currently exploring the potential of floating solar panels and floating restaurants in the tourism sector.

To determine whether to pursue these opportunities or not, they conduct extensive research and analysis on the feasibility, potential impact, and benefits of such innovations and evaluate the risks and benefits associated before making a final decision.

Words Of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs, Vijaykumar shares, “Be honest in life, never compromise on quality, and build a winning team to build    your empire.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p><strong>Vari Pontoons:</strong> Pioneers In The Floating Infrastructure Industry With Their Innovative Solutions</p></div>
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