UEDC, A leading Engineering Consulting Firm Led By Vevaik Mahajan Transforming The Indian Engineering Realm

UEDC, A leading Engineering Consulting Firm Led By Vevaik Mahajan Transforming The Indian Engineering Realm
Vevaik Mahajan, Director, UEDC

UEDC, A leading Engineering Consulting Firm Led By Vevaik Mahajan Transforming The Indian Engineering Realm

“The engineer has been, and is, a maker of history.”

- James Kip Finch, American Engineer and Educator

With UEDC, an incredible brand in his own right, Vevaik Mahajan leads the sustainable and high performing building systems space. Boasting engineering design, energy stimulation and high-performance building, commissioning, and green certification, UEDC offers comprehensive trailblazing engineering consulting solutions in healthcare, higher education, K-12, commercial, hospitality, residential, government, sports, and recreational and industrial buildings Pan-India.

The man at helm, Vevaik is an engineer with 2 decades of industrial experience working at US and Indian firms, diverse knowledge, and skill base. The fierce, forward-looking, visionary, Vevaik has left no stone unturned to make the international design and talent of Indian artisans translate into UEDC’s body of work.

In parallel, the diverse group of individuals, known as the UEDC team, ensures that the clientele benefits in every aspect of the business solution they offer. To get an exclusive insight into his journey, leadership, post-pandemic transformations, future, etc Purnima Narang, Editor, The CEO Magazine conversed with Vevaik Mahajan. Here are the edited excerpts:

TCM: Tell us about your professional journey till now.

Vevaik: I started my career in 2002 in India. After working in India, I took the opportunity to work in USA for a couple of years where I discovered the different standards of engineering. I gained knowledge in the healthcare, institutional, industrial, and commercial sectors along with key understanding of International Codes and Standards. In this journey, I worked at several international engineering firms across the world.

Eventually, I witnessed the gap in Indian solutions and the international standards. I decided to craft a one-of-its-kind solution to bridge international design and local construction realities in India. I have and continue to work with architects and clients for timely deliveries of projects and deliver excellent designs.

Over the years, I have gained expertise in passive design strategies and integration of the same with modern active systems to engineer some of the most renowned energy-efficient designs. I boast of being one of the few initiators of DEVAPs, PDEC, Radiant cooling in India. I continue to learn and talk about Energy efficiency, Net zero strategies and Innovative design concepts for buildings and similar subjects to students, corporate offices to awaken an awareness for saving energy for long term benefits.

TCM: What are solutions that you are extending to your clientele today?

Vevaik: UEDC offers comprehensive engineering consulting solutions under one roof. These include:

Engineering Design: This includes Mechanical (HVAC), Electrical, Technology, Plumbing, Fire Protection, BIM (Revit), Building Management System, and Architectural Lighting

Energy Simulation & High-Performance Building: This includes sustainability, Net Zero Solutions, Energy Modelling & Building, Simulations, and Renewable Energy Solution.

Commissioning: Energy Audits, Energy Analytics, Building System Commissioning, HVAC Audit, Indoor Air Quality Enhancement, And HVAC System Enhancement

Green Certification: UEDC is recognised with LEED, GRIHA, IGBC, and GEM certifications.

TCM: Tell us about the challenges and how did you overcome them?

Vevaik: Indeed, challenges are part and parcel of our lives. I initially faced a lot of challenges especially in terms of acceptance from Indian clients. Like any start-up, I aimed at bringing something different to the table in terms of engineering solutions which matched American and European standards.

However, it was difficult for some clients to accept that these solutions can be engineered in India. Today, the tables have turned, people are looking for diversity and they find me through the net or references from our clientele for the solutions in deliver.

TCM: Tell us about Success? To whom would you credit the success?

Vevaik: It is indeed a grateful experience to witness success. After deploying the passion, hard work, and everything you have into an idea, the feeling of success is good to take back home. Every successful project and happy client become a part of our definition of success.

Given the pan-India nature of our clientele, I work out 24-25 days a month, which is difficult for my family. They have been a key pillar of strength for me in this journey. My team, from top-level professionals to manpower who make our engineering dreams come true, the success belongs to them as well.

TCM: How has the firm technology adapted to the latest needs of the market?

Vevaik: I started my career in 2002-2003. In the past 2 decades, there has been a lot of technological transformation. Especially today, the digital transformation has been helping many brands in my industry shape better solutions. I robustly believe that being technologically equipped is the only formula to survive and be ahead of the curve today.

TCM: 2020 has created hostile situations for many brands, what are the challenges you are facing and how do you aim to overcome them?

Vevaik: Well, the pandemic personally affected me, like millions of people across the world. I was admitted to the hospital in the early months of the pandemic in 2020. It was difficult because I was away from my work. I requested the doctor and the hospital staff to allow me to bring my laptop, to which they were shocked. They suggested that I took proper rest even though I did not have extreme symptoms.

My work is my passion. Hence, it was indeed difficult. At the same time, pandemic induced remote working was a challenge. A huge part of my team has their hometown in rural India. I believe it is high time that we ensure that they are equipped with the same facilities in terms of electricity to ensure they have the same opportunities.

TCM: What are the fundamental values of the firm that remained constant over the years?

Vevaik: UEDC aligns strong values of honesty, dedication, transparency, and collaboration to reach beyond the status quo through innovation. We built our relationships on trust with a focus on transparency, ethics, integrity, and respect. As problem solvers, we look ahead and explore new ideas to find well researched new-age solutions.

TCM: What does the future hold for the company in the next five years?

Vevaik: We set our 5 years goals and every 2 years; we revisit them. In my recent revisit, I realised that my team has made us reach the milestone and beyond. We are currently 80% ahead of the goals in the 2nd year. We set an x number goal and reached a 180x milestone. This is a testament to our focus and efforts. Currently, we aim at the Best Place to Work milestone and are working towards the same.

In the next 3 years, we are eyeing to open branch offices each in Western India, Southern India and Mid East as we have got wonderful opportunities in these regions and owners appreciate our efforts and thinking towards the design.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email: onlinead@theceo.in

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