Leading Architects & Designers Decode Freedom to Design & Innovate Independence Day 2023

Leading Architects & Designers decode Freedom to Design & Innovate Independence Day 2023

Leading Architects & Designers decode Freedom to Design & Innovate Independence Day 2023

As the nation prepares to celebrate 77 Independence Day, architects and designers across the country are embracing the spirit of freedom to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in their respective fields.

This year, our creative minds are channeling the essence of independence into our projects, redefining the ways we interact with spaces and objects.

The concept of freedom has always been closely intertwined with the worlds of architecture and design.

From iconic landmarks that stand as symbols of a nation's identity to cutting-edge interior designs that facilitate human interaction, architects and designers have continually shaped and reshaped the physical and visual landscapes around us.

The role of an architect in society is ever-changing. With the growing need for capital & the building industries, Architects & Designers need to evolve with time.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Ar. Jerry Meshach J, Principle Architect, Dwellion Architects &amp; Interior Designers</p></div>

Ar. Jerry Meshach J, Principle Architect, Dwellion Architects & Interior Designers

Falling in love with design freedom

Our firm, Dwellion Architects is known for its sustainable designs, conceptualizing a revolutionary structure that exemplifies the idea of freedom.

The structure utilizes sustainable materials and innovative construction techniques, showcasing how design can contribute to both aesthetics and environmental preservation.

I am inspired by the famous words of a renowned architect, "Freedom is not just about political independence. It's also about the freedom to express, create, and innovate” Seamless blending of architectural beauty with ecology is the essence of freedom without the shackles of personal biases and practices.

Interior designers are also making their mark this Independence Day by reimagining spaces that celebrate personal freedoms and individuality. The trend of "Freedom Interiors" has gained traction, with designers opting for open layouts that encourage fluid movement and self-expression.

This departure from traditional designs is aimed at fostering a sense of liberation within living spaces.

Our firm, Dwellion has strived to move further away from rigid, predefined spaces. Instead, the firm focuses on creating environments that adapt to the needs and desires of the occupants and this perfectly aligns with the concept and values of independence.

Keeping this in mind I along with two other Directors started another company Beyondinfra Private Limited which encompasses all stakeholders like the client, vendors, and statutory partners with the idea of creating an environment of creative freedom within the scope of client requirements.

The company provides a one-stop solution strategy right from real estate solutions to Architectural & Interior Design and execution for a client who would otherwise have to appoint their own team for project management.

This solution has helped extend the idea of freedom to both Dwellion and Beyondinfra in seamless & innovative projects for the client. 

The celebration of freedom in design isn't limited to physical spaces. Graphic designers and artists are using their talents to convey powerful messages that reflect the spirit of independence.

Murals, posters, and digital artwork have become mediums through which these creators are exploring themes of unity, diversity, and the journey toward a more inclusive society.

As we approach Independence Day, it's evident that we, architects and designers are utilizing our expertise to decode and reinterpret the concept of freedom.

Through innovative projects, we are demonstrating that freedom extends beyond politics and permeates all aspects of life, including the spaces we inhabit and the objects we interact with.

In a world that's constantly evolving, we have successfully evolved new strategies through Dwellion the architectural & interior design entity, and Beyondinfra the real estate one-stop solution providing entity for clients.

We are constantly proving that the true essence of freedom lies in the ability to think beyond boundaries, challenge norms, and create something truly extraordinary.

This Independence Day, let us not only celebrate the historical struggles that led to our nation's freedom but also recognize the ongoing efforts of architects and designers to translate that freedom into tangible, inspiring designs that shape our future.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Mr. Nitin Kohli, Founder, and Principal Designer of Nitin Kohli Home</p></div>

Mr. Nitin Kohli, Founder, and Principal Designer of Nitin Kohli Home

A Glimpse into Nitin Kohli's Design Journey

As I reflect upon the journey that has led me to where I stand today, the upcoming Independence Day holds a special significance. Just like the spirit of freedom that courses through our nation, my personal journey as a designer has been marked by the exhilarating freedom to explore, create, and innovate.

This Independence Day, I, Nitin Kohli, founder and principal designer of Nitin Kohli Home, am delighted to share my story - a story that encapsulates my humble beginnings, boundless inspirations, and unwavering commitment to designing spaces that resonate with individuality.

My initial entry into the business world occurred right after I completed my formal education. However, it was through my journeys and explorations around the world that my business gradually transformed into my passion.

Notably, it wasn't until I reached the age of 28 that I embarked on my first journey abroad, a voyage that would set the stage for my deep connection with design. These travels acted as the spark that ignited my fervor for design.

Witnessing diverse cultures, varied architecture, and captivating aesthetics during my explorations opened up an entire realm of possibilities before me. Each new encounter, every unique landscape, and every distinct experience etched an indelible mark on the canvas of my creativity. 

I am often asked about my design style, to which I reply with a smile - I don't confine myself to a particular style. Why should I restrict my growth by imposing boundaries on my creativity? After all, design is not about right or wrong; it's about transcending the boundaries of imagination.

One core principle that defines my approach is placing my clients at the epicenter of my designs. Each project is a unique journey, a collaboration between their aspirations and my creative vision.

I take pride in crafting exclusive designs that seamlessly blend their desires with my expertise. This synergy births creation that stands apart, a testament to the power of personalized design.

Balance and practicality are two values that resonate deeply with me, and you can witness their echoes in my creations.

A balanced design is like a symphony - each element harmonizes with the others, creating a composition that is both soothing and invigorating.

My designs mirror this philosophy, infusing sophistication with vibrancy, and grandeur with practicality.

As I delve into various projects, I find myself drawn to the modern spirit of India. It's a nation on the move, a dynamic blend of tradition and progress.

My designs endeavor to capture this essence, to weave the tapestry of contemporary India into spaces that breathe life. Nitin Kohli Home isn't just a brand; it's a platform where I can voice my aspirations for the modern India I envision.

This Independence Day, as the tricolor unfurls, I am reminded of the immense freedom I have to express, create, and transform spaces. Just as our nation forges ahead, I too am driven by the exhilarating potential of design.

With Nitin Kohli Home, I have found my canvas to paint the strokes of confidence, power, and attitude that define today's design ethos.

So, as we celebrate the spirit of independence, let's also celebrate the freedom to design - to let our imagination run wild, to dissolve boundaries, and to craft spaces that are a reflection of our times and aspirations.

This is my journey, and I invite you to witness the magic of unbridled creativity that unfolds at Nitin Kohli Home.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Ar. Aquin Noel, CEO &amp; Principal Architect at Aquin Noel Design Commune</p></div>

Ar. Aquin Noel, CEO & Principal Architect at Aquin Noel Design Commune

Freedom to Innovate & Experiment

In my personal opinion, freedom is a state of mind. Being surrounded by opportunity and having the ability to realise it is blocked, is a terrible thing that could happen to an entrepreneur.

Similarly, being surrounded by constraints and yet, being able to find the opportunity to perform, impress and grow is the biggest superpower that could be mastered by an entrepreneur.

In the initial days of my career, there have been multiple situations where as a younger professional, our ability to convince a much more experienced generation to trust in what we do is herculean.

Mostly, rejection of ideas causes a dilemma, fear of losing opportunity pushes us into acceptance of whatever is being imposed on us. 

Later on, we could get trapped in a web wherein we consistently get to do what we may not like. Sometimes, the alarming of one's self is what is required to set the tracks straight.

Understanding and reminding ourselves that the freedom of an entrepreneur entails having the autonomy to make independent decisions, take risks, and pursue opportunities purely determine our own goals, and shape our own professional lives not bound by the need to be tied up helped us to stand strong on our ground and let go of certain projects which resulted in getting us better projects with a more accepting clientele.

Our firm is dedicated to experimentation, innovation, and creating intricate spectacles. Every design we create balances functionality and form perfectly.

The freedom to design revolves around making the building speak for itself visually rather than theoretically. Each of my projects over the years started with a thorough understanding of the client's news, kinaesthetic, and extensive research.

The design of a space evokes the client's identity by taking into account their lifestyle and necessities. As I move forward, my goal is to keep designing veritable projects and affirming the importance of innovation and the quality of the work.

 However, with freedom comes responsibility, and as professionals, understanding the needs of our clients and offering services without disrupting their core values, and handling their projects to our ideology has always helped us grow and receive appreciation.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Leading Architects &amp; Designers decode Freedom to Design &amp; Innovate Independence Day 2023</p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Leading Architects &amp; Designers decode Freedom to Design &amp; Innovate Independence Day 2023</p></div>
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