Innovzs Empowerment Services

Empowering Healthcare Industries By Providing Specialized Manpower And Logistic Services
Innovzs Empowerment Services: Empowering Healthcare Industries By Providing Specialized Manpower And Logistic Services

Innovzs Empowerment Services: Empowering Healthcare Industries By Providing Specialized Manpower And Logistic Services

Zafar Khan, Founder & Director, Innovzs Empowerment Services

In the past decade, the staffing, recruiting, consulting, and workforce solutions industry has been on the rise in the Indian market. The industry provides outstanding job and career opportunities which, as a result, makes a vital contribution to the Indian economy.

At a time when finding the right talent and the right fit for a position has become extremely difficult, the scenario even worse in the healthcare industry, Innovzs Empowerment Services Pvt Ltd has emerged as a trusted partner for many organisations in the diagnostic industry for providing the best workforce management.

Innovzs Empowerment Services, established in 2016 by Mr Zafar Khan, is about making an organisation grow by providing expert professionals to meet the challenges of an organisation and deliberately help them to achieve the goals of their organisation.

With customer centricity at the core of Innovzs, Mr Zafar, a dynamic leader and mentor, acts as the guiding force for the team of Innovzs and propels them forward to provide the best workforce management to the diagnostic industry to help businesses reach new heights.

The vision of Innovzs is to be Pioneer in Workforce Management Service Provider in the Diagnostic & Logistics Industries.

The team at Innovzs is working towards their mission to ensure meeting up the expectation of their clients with Cost Effective Services within the stipulated time to help fulfil their dreams to grow the business.

Mr Zafar Khan, Founder & Director, Innovzs Empowerment Services

The brain behind Innovzs Empowerment Services, the key founder of Innovzs Group and an innovative leader, Mr Zafar Khan, comes with decades of extensive experience in Workforce Management and Logistics Operation Management of Diagnostic Industries.

With unparalleled skills and expertise, Mr Zafar had a successful track record in optimising investments, ensuring quality delivery of large-scale initiatives, and bridging the gap between technology and business objectives.

An entrepreneur at heart, Mr Zafar Khan, with his in-depth understanding of the healthcare industry, has successfully co-founded four companies since 2016.

  • Innovzs Swift Logistics

  • Global Healthcare


  • Innovzs Empowerment Services Pvt. Ltd.

As a passionate leader, Zafar Khan always motivates his team and drives them to achieve their objectives through dedication, integrity, and hard work.

He has always displayed a strong customer-focused approach, which has led his firm to achieve tremendous success and gain client’s trust in such a short span in this challenging Diagnostic industry.

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The Inception Of Innovzs Group

Mr Zafar Khan spent decades in the healthcare industry working in healthcare recruitment and logistics. During his time in the industry, he understood that any business or company needs efficient resources to run the organisation successfully.

While working in the industry, he also came face to face with a huge gap in the services in terms of turnaround time and quality of manpower.

Understanding the gap and the requirement of organisations, Mr Zafar decided to join the healthcare industry, and that’s what led to the foundation of Innovzs Group.

With his extensive experience in healthcare recruitment and logistics operations, he started his entrepreneurial journey with the goal of providing good workforce management services, which play a vital role in shaping any organisation.

His perseverance led to the inception of Innovzs as a private limited company, a self-sustained business with no outside investments.

Innovzs itself means ‘The Name You Trust.’ Under his esteemed guidance, the team at Innovzs is committed to helping client’s take their businesses to new heights of success by providing the best workforce management services to them.

Innovzs makes an unmatchable contribution to the healthcare industry by providing resources and logistic services to Diagnostic labs and other healthcare sectors with the right talent mix and improved speed to hire.

They offer a full range of solutions for skilled and unskilled resources along with higher retention rates and employee satisfaction with minimised capital investment and fixed costs.

Innovzs Group Comprises of four companies

ZS Global Services: Established in the year 2016, ZS Global Services was operational in Maharashtra Region, which includes Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad, Latur and Solapur.

Global Healthcare: Founded in 2017, the team expanded their services in other cities with Global Healthcare.

Innovzs Empowerment Services: Established in 2018, when the group started to offer its services in pan India with a strong network.

Innovzs Swift Logistics: Founded in 2020, Innovzs Swift Logistics was Mr Zafar’s initiative to grow their services to serve their clients better in pan India.

A Gamut Of Workforce Management Services

The workforce of an organisation is its most important asset. To ensure the overall productivity and profitability of the entire organisation, it is essential for them to hire the right number of employees with the right skills in the right roles.

Understanding the importance of the workforce system for any organisation, the team at Innovzs as the Workforce Management Service provider, help them to attain the goal of their organisation.

With a strong database of capable candidates with the right professional skills and the expertise to select the right candidates, Innovzs Empowerment Services efficiently meet the requirements of its clients.

Backed by a team of trained professionals which comprises more than 100+ professionally Qualified Employees all over India, which includes ‘Phlebotomists & Bikers’, Innovzs provide Contract Staffing, Temporary Staffing .

The services offered by Innovzs services help organisations execute strategies, plans, and processes to make their Business Successful.

The team at Innovzs provide workforce management services to the Diagnostics industry.

Their expertise lies in providing Mobile phlebotomists, Laboratory staff and Rider’s for biological sample collection and transportation. They also offer Air/Surface Services for biological sample transportation across India.

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Innovzs Differentiating Factors

Providing complete workforce management services in the most cost-effective manner with client’s needs at its core is what gives Innovzs an upper hand over their competitors.

The business landscape is fast evolving. With better opportunities in the market, it has become very difficult for employers to retain employees. With high attrition rates, organisations are on the lookout for retainable skilled talent that matches their needs.

With its customer-centric approach, Innovzs Empowerment Services is focused on providing a positive customer experience. The team at Innovzs works to provide quality resources in the shortest time frame possible to drive profit for their client’s and to help them attain a competitive edge.

Recognitions And Achievements

Founded in 2016, the Innovzs group has achieved several milestones and recognitions within a short span of time.

To date, the team of Innovzs has worked with some of the leading brands in the Diagnostics industry, like Reliance Life Science, Pharmeasy (API Holdings), Apollo Diagnostic, Strand Life Sciences, and SRL Diagnostic, to name a few.

Apart from that, Innovzs has been bestowed with several awards and accolades for their contribution to the healthcare industry, including

For the year 2020-21, Mr Zafar Khan was awarded Indian Achiever Award in the category of outstanding professional achievement & contribution to nation-building.

In the year 2022, Innovzs was awarded a Global Healthcare Award for the most promising workforce management service provider in diagnostic and pathology.

In the year 2022, Innovzs was awarded Indian Achiever Award for Promising Company & In Recognition of Outstanding Professional Achievement & Contribution towards Nation Building.

“We don’t think anything as a failure. We see it as a learning experience.”

- Innovzs Team

Like Carrie Chapman Catt famously said, “If we learn from the experience, there is no failure, only delayed victory,” the team at Innovzs doesn’t consider anything as a failure but instead as a learning experience.

“Clients are in constant need of quality resources, so,at times, it’s challenging to control resource costs due to demand in the market. It was then that we decided that the only way to solve this was to provide Workforce Management Service alongwith Logistics Service which enhanced efficiency by ensuring that only the most essential and required personnel were hired. Our team also offers client consultation on various retention methods and ways to increase productivity by matching resources with required skills.”

Mr Zafar

Innovzs’ Take On The Pandemic

The Covid 19 pandemic was something the world was not prepared for. The pandemic struck unexpectedly, and the whole world went into a crisis. Almost every vertical in the business industry suffered, but the demand in the Healthcare and Diagnostic sector skyrocketed.

However, the uncertainty and fear among the population made it very difficult to recruit and run the logistic operations. To overcome this setback, Innovzs Empowerment Services trained their recruitment team & logistic team to go beyond the job posts.

Taking candidate’s perspectives into account, Innovzs also provided insights on how to build trust and engagement through clarity and consistency in post-application communications in uncertain times.

At a time when the entire nation was relying on the healthcare industry, Innovzs helped their clients find the right workforce and fulfil their requirements.

Understanding the need of the hour, the Phlebotomists and Logistics Teams of Innovzs helped to collect and deliver covid samples timely to the labs for testing.

The Phlebotomists and Logistics Teams supported and managed the client’s of Innovzs to cater the services effectively in pan India.

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Customer Satisfaction At The Foremost

The groundwork for a business future lays heavily on finding the right talent for an open position. Mr Zafar shares, "finding the right fit for your organisation ensures overall growth and success of the candidate and the organisation. Understanding this need, we at Innovzs started to understand the requirement of our client’s and then put all the effort into finding the right talent that could lead towards the success of their business.”

The team at Innovzs is known for their client-oriented service. With their commitment to total client satisfaction, they always attempt to deliver more than what is anticipated from their clients.

“The pandemic has made us learn to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”- Mr Zafar Khan

Discussing his role as the leader in the post-covid era, Mr Zafar Khan explains, “When a crisis occurs, the fundamental elements are magnified. In the time of the pandemic, the recruitment and logistics teams at Innovzs faced challenges in terms of incorporating a higher level of human-centric communication that drives compassion, provides stability and gives hope. The new reality of Workforce Management Services is to first understand the human mindset.”

Understanding the human mindset, the team at Innovzs developed a customised sourcing strategy that takes the right recruitment marketing approach and includes the targeted message campaign to attract, engage and hire the ‘ideal’ candidates faster and more effectively.

Present Scenarios At Innovzs

Remote working has been in existence for decades. But it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that the world witnessed the remote work-related phenomenon gaining popularity among workers.

With the remote working or work-from-home trend, E-presenteeism is on the rise, with workers feeling they should be available for the company as much as possible even when they don’t function and perform to their full capacity.

“Working from a home setting encourages E-presenteeism, which is the main issue we have been working on at present. We are trying to tackle the over-connectedness and availability issue. It is the process that ensures employees are not overworked and overwhelmed.”

Mr Zafar shares

Future Outlook

Working as per the requirements of their clients, Innovzs is dedicated to helping them attain their goals. Choosing quality over quantity, the team at Innovzs look forward to serving their existing clients in the best possible manner by constantly monitoring the performance of their employees.

Talking about the future of Innovzs, Mr Zafar shares, “Innovzs first started its operations from its corporate office in Mumbai, soon opening a branch office in Bangalore. The company currently networks in 17 major cities across the country. With our presence in pan India, we are planning to reach out to more potential clients.”

Words Of Wisdom

Being an entrepreneur himself, Mr Zafar advises young entrepreneurs to ‘believe in themselves and take action’.

He shares,

“As aspiring entrepreneurs, you should know that business cannot flourish without taking action. Nobody is going to do the work for you. You are an entrepreneur because you want to be, and you need to take full responsibility for your venture. The journey is going to be one big learning curve. Turn setbacks into opportunities to strengthen yourself. The industry is ever-evolving, and you need to keep up with those changes as best you can.”

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