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Felix Pilot Training Institute

Felix Pilot Training Institute

Gokul Sudarsan, CEO - Felix Pilot Training Institute

There was a time when flight travels were a luxury only affordable to the rich. However, the times have changed, and today even common people are using flights to travel.

With the increased number of people using flights for travel, the aviation industry in India is growing at a rapid pace. More airlines are emerging, and existing airlines are investing in new aircraft.

The growth in the sector increased the demand for trained commercial pilots, and there is a need for more quality pilot training institutes within the country.

One of the leading pilot training institutions, comprising highly experienced professionals from the aviation industry, is Felix Pilot Training Institute in Chennai, India. Felix is an institution that caters to all types of training needs for people from various backgrounds.

They have tied up with the best flight schools in the world to ensure their students become the world’s best pilots. Their training covers all aspects of pilot training, from technical to soft skills training.

With a vision to provide the best pilot training program, Felix is a one-stop solution for becoming a pilot. The specialised trainers at Felix take care of them all, right from ground class to placements. For the past seven years, Felix has been sending well-trained professionals into the aviation sector who fulfil the needs required by the companies and meet their demands.

The team at Felix is on a mission to transform ambitious aviation enthusiasts into top-notch professionals by pointing them in the proper direction. They have successfully trained 25+ Pilots and assisted 900+ people to be placed as ground staff.

Gokul Sudarsan, CEO, Felix Pilot Training Institute

“We don’t just believe in making a difference, but we make a difference.”

- Gokul Sudarsan

Mr Gokul Sudarsan was a flight dispatcher and flight operations and ground handling instructor himself. Being from the industry, he understood the high potential and massive growth the aviation industry is going through.

Grabbing the opportunity, he founded Felix Pilot Training Institute in 2016. With more than 12 years of experience in this industry, Mr Gokul is well-connected with airlines and other aviation-based companies.

In his career, he has trained more than 1500 professionals in the aviation industry across the country and is well-versed in taking pilot ground classes.

“It is never too late to learn” - Felix Pilot Training Institute

Firm believers of the fact - “It is never too late to learn”, the team at Felix acts as a bridge between the students and their goals with a clear understanding of the aviation industry and the type of training and professionalism required to succeed.

The team of professionals at Felix start with assessing the students, helping them understand their needs clearly, and assisting them in staying on the right path to reach their goals.

The team helps students pick a course from Flying to Non-Flying and promises to stand behind all their students at every step in achieving their goals.

“Right from assisting the students in picking a course to job placement – We will do whatever it takes to ensure growth and success.”

Mr Gokul

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One-Stop Solution For All Aviation-Based Needs

Instead of going to different places to acquire multiple training, Felix offers a one-stop solution for all the necessary training and placement needs. They offer several key courses, including Pilot training, drone training, aircraft maintenance engineering, flight dispatcher, aero modelling, flight safety programs, and cabin crew training, among others.

The differentiating factor lies in the fact that they offer ground-class training in India and flying training abroad. To provide the best in class pilot training, Felix Pilot Training Institute has partnered with some of the best flight schools and aviation-based education providers worldwide. Some of them include

  • Aviation junctions – South Africa

  • IAANZ - New Zealand

  • Flyby - Spain

  • Green flight academy - Sweden

  • V-Fly air – North Africa

  • Amber aviation academy - Australia

  • Nexus - Saudi Arabia

Recognitions Along The Journey

  • Felix’s all aviation-based courses, excluding Pilot training, are approved by NCVTE (National centre for vocational and technical education).

  • Academic insights ranked Felix 4th in India for best Pilot training and aviation institute for the year 2022.

  • Australian Government placed Felix as one of the key players from 2022-2030 for pilot training.

  • In the Educational counsellor’s meet, Vijay Info media awarded Felix the best aviation training institute for the year 2022.

Core Values Of Felix Pilot Training Institute

The team at Felix follows a unique process of screening students and filtering them according to their capacity to undergo a suitable training process.

Providing quality education and job-oriented training instead of focusing on book-based learning are the fundamental values at Felix. The team is developing and upgrading the module with the current industry standards regularly.

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Turning Setbacks Into Opportunities

Starting an institute from the ground up, the journey was far from easy for Mr Gokul Sudarsan. He shares that the past few years have been more challenging with the covid. The pandemic disrupted the aviation industry, and Felix, too, took a huge hit.

However, the team at Felix managed to turn the situation to their advantage and started online training classes. Now, students around the world are attending their classes.

Since Felix’s students are going out to different parts of the world, specifying their training according to each country’s norms is another challenge for the team of Felix.

Future Outlook

Sharing their plans for the future, Gokul Sudarsan says, “The team is working on bringing up crash courses for 3 and 6 months. We are also working on 3-year degree programs related to aviation and an integrated degree program with pilot training.”

They also have plans to establish a Flight Training Organization in South India. The Flight Training Organisations that are already in India take three years to finish the training, but Felix intends to finish it in less than two years times. It will eventually make a lot of people’s dreams of becoming a pilot much more affordable.

Parting Words

Aviation is a lucrative field that is not understood by everyone. Aviation doesn’t just end with Pilots; there are ground staff, air hostesses, maintenance engineers, and so on.

At Felix, instead of focusing on just one area, they give out options to the students right from their schooling to understand the significance of this industry and have a wider vision for their future goals.

“If you trust in yourself and work on your dreams, you can become an employer instead of an employee.”

- Gokul Sudarsan

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